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It's great they have a patent and demonstrated it in the past. But some of these patents need to be scrutinized more ... and so should the lawsuits brought by holders who had no intention of ever actually producing a product. The USPO is not capable of dealing with the patents today and needs to be reformed significantly.
The money is insignificant compared to the carriers revenue stream. ATT better roll out 3G in areas in need of it first ... oh ya, that's right, they can't make commitments to customers since THEY NEVER SEEM TO KEEP THEM! I digress ... I just hope Apple does the right thing and offers ATT some competition. If they do, ATT will either get off their 20th century behinds and fix the issues, or customer's will be dropping away like flies. Dear ATT ... customers come...
[QUOTE=Quadra 610;1489491]Here's the pic - might as well show it: And may I add some additional video footage from a speech on energy by Al. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESxvY1tQHTo
I wonder how green Greenpeace actually is?
MS is not competing with Apple, but with Best Buy, Walmart and everyone else selling their wares. This is a futile effort and will cost shareholders millions ... bad idea, but then it's not surprising. Apple has been firing on all cylinders for many years while Microsoft has failed in a number of areas, not the least of which is Zune. Any employee which moves to MS for an extra few $ is probably not an employee Apple needs or wants in it's retail locations.
Ebert writes "ItÂ’s stupid of insurance companies to insist on an inferior device costing 10 times as much." Of course it is ... and the government is much worse, paying far more for inexpensive items. On the other hand, Ebert makes enough money to afford the iPhone, so why should the insurance company pay for it in the first place? Oh, that's right ... he was paying premiums for years, like many others. Sometimes the simple approach is the best, and Ebert has for...
Steve B. - Microsoft needs to embrace the iPhone and iPod rather than mock it and treat it like dirt. Microsoft has failed with Zune and though they may try again with Zune II, the iPod and iTunes are the clear market leaders by a very large margin. Though MS has a large presence with Windows Mobile on other phones, consumers make the choice that is most desirable for them. The App Store has been used 1.8 billion times so far to download software applications to...
Perhaps we should also expect in depth research into the backgrounds and history of book authors and self proclaimed technology journalists ... you know, to make sure we have the whole story when reading their output on their targets of interest. I realize Apple is a public company, but then so are all these media companies.
Totally unrelated to what? My comment was responding to the last paragraph in the article.
The Google Voice rejection is most very likely an AT&T root cause. AT&T is still living and operating in the last century and has too much revenue and profit at stake to allow Google Voice over their network. This is precisely why Apple must offer a second or third carrier choice. However, Google Voice should be allowed to operate over the WIFI connection without limitation at the very least.
New Posts  All Forums: