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Totally unrelated to what? My comment was responding to the last paragraph in the article.
The Google Voice rejection is most very likely an AT&T root cause. AT&T is still living and operating in the last century and has too much revenue and profit at stake to allow Google Voice over their network. This is precisely why Apple must offer a second or third carrier choice. However, Google Voice should be allowed to operate over the WIFI connection without limitation at the very least.
Well, now we know that the iSteve did not really have a liver transplant but has been working feverishly on this whole tablet thing to get it out by November in time for that iHoliday spirit. All the medical stuff has been a ruse to confuse the rumor makers ... or perhaps, wait, it's not a tablet after all but suite of new iOrgans including a new iLiver with synchronization to the iOrgans store (iSpleen and iPancreas coming soon).
Bing! You get what you pay for.
Perhaps I'm missing something, but what does Microsoft have to sell of value? Just wondering.
This proves the following: MS building stuff that doesn't work well = poor financial results Apple building great stuff = great financial results Steve Ballmer ... it's a VERY VERY SIMPLE EQUATION.
Microsoft and Ballmer have become caricatures of themselves; and if they are not careful, they will lose in a major major way. Ballmer forgets there are still millions of people out there like my mother who don't care how slick the Aero interface is or how innovative the browser can be. They just want their computers to work and not have to spend so much time patching, keeping up with security updates, trying figure out why their Hotmail works differently now than...
MS does not get it ... the hardware is important, but the entire experience is more important. MS has failed to deliver this and will continue to lose ground, no matter how good Zune is.
MS and the new Zune ... finally ... and they can look forward to selling tens of dozens of these things. So, where is the Phune?
Okay, okay ... I've come up with something here ... I've converted the letters in Charlie to their sequence number in the alphabet. Adding these up equals 56. Divide this number by the number of letters in Charlie and you get 8. This just amazingly happens to be 2 the 3rd power. Hmm, the power of 3? Three iPhones perhaps? Yes, YES ... and the number two coincidentally has the same number of letters as the word JOBS .. IF ... you subtract the result by taking the...
New Posts  All Forums: