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A perfect portion of properly prepared scrambled eggs with correct moisture content is also difficult to produce. Of course, I can't make a call with my breakfast, so I suppose the iPhone 5 is a bit more challenging.
Must be a slow news day.
All software is released with bugs. Maps is no different.
As usual, an emotional response by traders and computers ... I could care less since I'm in Apple for the long term.
Guess they aren't aware of iPhone cases ... you know, the one's that come in dozens of colors and designs?
Or ... a better camera and photographers who don't understand light.
So there's a 5s now? I think not.
Version 1.0 people ... but if you don't like it, assign some of the blame to Google who really did mess up a decent relationship with Apple.
Memo To: Scott Forstall, Jonny Ive Scott, you're wrong. Jonny, you're right. Consistent UI design theme ... please. Sincerely, Joe Average iOS User
Sort of like all those movies you act in Bruce ... we all pay, but we don't own them.
New Posts  All Forums: