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Guess they aren't aware of iPhone cases ... you know, the one's that come in dozens of colors and designs?
Or ... a better camera and photographers who don't understand light.
So there's a 5s now? I think not.
Version 1.0 people ... but if you don't like it, assign some of the blame to Google who really did mess up a decent relationship with Apple.
Memo To: Scott Forstall, Jonny Ive Scott, you're wrong. Jonny, you're right. Consistent UI design theme ... please. Sincerely, Joe Average iOS User
Sort of like all those movies you act in Bruce ... we all pay, but we don't own them.
"NCKU claims it has suffered monetary damages"   Step 1: Attract students to university and charge high tuition paid for by parents and government backed loans paid for by taxpayers Step 2: Let students invent things Step 3: Hire lawyers to file patents Step 4: Wait for successful company to actually build a real product that purports to use that patent Step 5: Hire more lawyers to check potential patent infringement Step 6: Claim "damages" including above...
"Gigaom that he believes its "really tough" for smaller, independent application developers to be discovered in the current App Store structure"   Really?  Thank you Captain Obvious for that penetrating research and analysis.    There is only so much physical screen space to display apps in the store, and it's hardly effective to cycle through 600,000 apps in some sort of rotation.    The App store is not only method to promote one's app.  
I'll say it again ... this is Zune II  
"I feel like they've noticed that Apple doesn't enter a market with every feature possible ..."   Amazingly though, Apple actually has a real product when they announce it.   I have a feeling Surface will be Zune II.  If a hundred other manufactures can't get it right, why does Microsoft think they can?  
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