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I'll say it again ... this is Zune II  
"I feel like they've noticed that Apple doesn't enter a market with every feature possible ..."   Amazingly though, Apple actually has a real product when they announce it.   I have a feeling Surface will be Zune II.  If a hundred other manufactures can't get it right, why does Microsoft think they can?  
PC makers are correct ...the iPad is delaying purchases of Apple notebooks.  What's a PC maker to do?  
So dozens upon dozens of Wintel hardware manufacturers are unable to compete ... and now MS, builder of mice expects to be able to build a device to compete?  This, I want to see.  
I will pay Discovery Networks $15 a month for their channels (far more than they get from me now through Comcast), and I'll pay Comcast $40 bucks for the pipe (including broadband).   I don't care about any other channels, or Comcast.   I consider Comcast the plumber in all this, not the content provider.   And indeed, I am willing to cancel my Cable TV at this point because I am sick of paying $95 a month for a scant few channels I actually...
Eliminate two thirds of the crap you sell, and reduce the size of your stores. Do you really need to offer 9 models of a dishwasher? Do you think that offering 30 digital cameras is a great idea? How about stock the top three sellers and dispense with the others. Give me a break. The iPad is very least of your problems. Best Buy is living in the last century like most big box retailers.
Poor carriers ... they really have it bad. Verizon did a $106 billion in revenue last year and a $10 billion dollar profit. Poor Verizon. Apple should just consume Sprint and offer their own network to customers, and let's see what Verizon and ATT do.
Path changes name to Facebook II ... this error is breathtaking.
Turn the iPad upside down.
The million who signed the petition will line up to buy the new iPad 3, the new iPhone 5, the new Macbook Air, the new Apple TV ...
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