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Looks like new licensing revenue to me.
Dear AT&T: I will take advantage of this only if you offer a dataplan that spans 2 more devices. It is RIDICULOUS to pay for separate dataplans because I have an iPhone and an iPad. Signed Very disgruntled AT&T User who will change the minute Verizon offers a device spanning plan
I am, beyond a shadow of doubt, utterly and completely ... underwhelmed.
This requires Windows ... sorry, not interested.
iPod, iPhone and iPad = Game Over Microsoft Microsoft could have innovated with TV, but again ... they will follow Apple and lose. If I were shareholders and board members, I would say it's time to think about replacing a few top executives. This all comes down to leadership and vision; two thing MS has been lacking for a long time.
Why would anyone be excited about this? Google has the same issue as Microsoft ... they don't control hardware as tightly as required to deliver a seamless product. It's also very easy to say ... just 6 more months and we'll have this or that. Dear Google ... how about focusing on making your search engine better. Just saying.
I expect most of the people who complain about this do not give to charity themselves.
"[Wang] expects Apple platform growth will start weakening in the next two years and the major driver will be replaced by rapid growth of Wintel," Revised for honesty ... "[Wang] GUESSES Apple platform growth MIGHT start weakening in the next SEVERAL years and A MINOR driver will be replaced by SLUGGISH growth of Wintel HOPING TO CATCH UP WITH THE APPLE JUGGERNAUT"
The protestors accomplished nothing, other than making Time's Person of the Year. I though the photo cover picture of this was quite interesting.
Has Eric Schmidt ever predicted anything accurately?
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