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Too bad we can't get people like Steve Jobs in in government ... Steve would do the following: 1. Immediately eliminate a few big departments which do mostly nothing except employ government employees and pay their benefits, followed by eliminating most all of the waste. 2. Implement technology across the entire government that actually works making the government 40% more efficient. Just how long are we going to borrow $1 of every $3 spent and how long are we...
I have zero interest in Facebook integration and frankly, hope they make this type of thing optional. Facebook is evil as far as I'm concerned.
Looks like new licensing revenue to me.
Dear AT&T: I will take advantage of this only if you offer a dataplan that spans 2 more devices. It is RIDICULOUS to pay for separate dataplans because I have an iPhone and an iPad. Signed Very disgruntled AT&T User who will change the minute Verizon offers a device spanning plan
I am, beyond a shadow of doubt, utterly and completely ... underwhelmed.
This requires Windows ... sorry, not interested.
iPod, iPhone and iPad = Game Over Microsoft Microsoft could have innovated with TV, but again ... they will follow Apple and lose. If I were shareholders and board members, I would say it's time to think about replacing a few top executives. This all comes down to leadership and vision; two thing MS has been lacking for a long time.
Why would anyone be excited about this? Google has the same issue as Microsoft ... they don't control hardware as tightly as required to deliver a seamless product. It's also very easy to say ... just 6 more months and we'll have this or that. Dear Google ... how about focusing on making your search engine better. Just saying.
I expect most of the people who complain about this do not give to charity themselves.
"[Wang] expects Apple platform growth will start weakening in the next two years and the major driver will be replaced by rapid growth of Wintel," Revised for honesty ... "[Wang] GUESSES Apple platform growth MIGHT start weakening in the next SEVERAL years and A MINOR driver will be replaced by SLUGGISH growth of Wintel HOPING TO CATCH UP WITH THE APPLE JUGGERNAUT"
New Posts  All Forums: