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Microsoft ... as thick as a whale omelet. Wonder how many Corps will move from XP to Windows 8?
I could not care less.
The innovative design is so far out ahead of ... err wait. Never mind.
I just don't care about this.
I enter a contact on my phone and it shows up on my MacBook Pro and my iPad nearly instantaneously. I buy a song or download an app on my iPad and it shows up in iTunes and on my iPhone. Just two of many.
"Developer survey finds iPad domination, growing interest in Kindle Fire" Thank you Captain Obvious.
It appears more and more people are choosing quality over just price. Though some would argue Apple products like the MacBook Air are overpriced, the market would suggest otherwise.
I am tired of hearing Eric whine ... he needs to focus on Google. If I were him, I would take the advice Steve Jobs gave him. Do fewer things better. Google is trying to be everything to everyone. I expect them to be the next Microsoft in that respect and they may end up being a mediocre company. Is that what Eric wants?
Cables ... we don't need no stinking cables.
Once again ... we see Apple being Apple and thinking different. Of course people matter, and Steve giving Ive this freedom shows just how close they must have been in their thinking. Good for them ... perhaps we'll see Ive up on stage with the iPhone 5.
New Posts  All Forums: