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Has Eric Schmidt ever predicted anything accurately?
May I be the first to say that Dell (like HP) is in trouble.
These numbers are mostly meaningless except to AT&T marketing people. It's a phone first, and AT&T does not deliver the same level of performance for basic phone calls. If I have to wait 3 seconds for my email to load, I just don't care. But dropped calls, poor quality calls do make a difference. I'll my iPad for browsing data intensive websites.
Assad just doesn't like the fact that Apple chose the name "Siri" instead of "Syria" for the 4GS.
Microsoft ... as thick as a whale omelet. Wonder how many Corps will move from XP to Windows 8?
I could not care less.
The innovative design is so far out ahead of ... err wait. Never mind.
I just don't care about this.
I enter a contact on my phone and it shows up on my MacBook Pro and my iPad nearly instantaneously. I buy a song or download an app on my iPad and it shows up in iTunes and on my iPhone. Just two of many.
"Developer survey finds iPad domination, growing interest in Kindle Fire" Thank you Captain Obvious.
New Posts  All Forums: