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This is just a way for this critic to focus on himself ... sad.
What century are we in?
It's amazing Comcast and others are not working on the real answer and desire of most customers; and Steve Jobs has given them the blueprint with iCloud and iTunes. The TV has to be demoted to just another device (like the computer will be with iCloud), and I can stream and view from any device (TV, laptop, tablet, phone, watch, refrigerator, whatever). Second, as with iTunes, Jobs and Apple convinced content providers to break up albums. Why can't I break up my...
This is an adjustment indicating the iPad 3 is close to being released. Given the initial shortages of the iPad 2, and delays in the retina display for the iPad 3, this is not that surprising (though for many analysts who never get things right to begin with, it is surprising).
Not only was it Jobs innovation and ideas that drove products, but the way that Apple operates internally (which is not like other companies) that helped propel it to astonishing success. Other companies should look seriously at how Apple grew into the largest company in the world, in short order, at the helm of Steve Jobs. Memo to CEOs: Think Different was not just a marketing slogan.
Another way of putting this is Republicans are looking to move the middle class to a higher tax bracket. The Democrats are looking to move the middle class to a lower tax bracket. Which is why we need a single tax bracket (a flat rate for everyone).
Just what I need ... a tablet connected to a keyboard so I can use Notepad. What will MS think of next? I have a name for this ... the ZuneTab.
I should be able to subscribe to a channel for about $4 a month and get to see everything. That's more than those channels receive from cable and satellite providers. That way I could get the 6 channels or networks I actually want and not have to pay the ridiculous cable fees I do today for 500 channels, 494 of which I could care less about.
Should anyone care about this critic or his criticism? I think not.
I don't ... nor too many of these rumors.
New Posts  All Forums: