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Apparently not clear enough since you seem to have misinterpreted them.... when the iPhone 4 was used with a case.True.False. The only time it will be enough is if you are holding a bare iPhone 4 and the 24dBm would bottom out the signal below ~113dBM. So, let's say you have an 90dBM signalon iPhone 4 bare hand it goes from 90dBM (5 bars) -> 114dBm (dropped call, 0 bars)on iPhone 3GS bare hand it goes from 90dBM (5 bars)-> 104dBm (no dropped call, 2 bars)True.but not to...
this patent's been around http://hrmpf.com/wordpress/113/iphon...ctive-charging
It's not a "secret" subsidy. It's an actual subsidy. If you buy an AT&T subsidized phone, you have 14 days to return it, sure. (I don't know if there are any limitations associated with that to prevent people from repeating that multiple times.) But, if you keep that subsidized phone for > 14 days, then you won't be eligible for a second subsidized phone until you've held that 1st phone for 24 months.
http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/0...ref=technologyNote the "lock in" is typical for any subsidized phone.also from AT&T Memohttp://www.boygeniusreport.com/2008/...anted-to-know/
this is not true. Current iPhone owners can buy the new iPhone for the $199 price.What the other guy described won't work. If he buys a subsidized phone in June and then plans on buying the iPhone 3G, he'll run into problems.
plus building in support into an SDK for future features just makes sense. Apple built in full color support into the Newton SDK, yet there was never a color Newton.
how do you know the February press release wasn't reporting on December data?
9to5mac has proven they have their own sources (photos of the fat nano). So, just say it outright if its true: You really don't believe that Gene Munster whose job it is to follow Apple products and releases does not read any of the rumor sites, who have accurately predicted many new releases?
So where did Munster get the "unique trackpad" rumor? 9to5mac was the first and only one to report that. It's obvious to everyone else that Munster got it from 9to5mac or from the rumor summary.
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