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Read this published by Munster today:Read this summary of rumors published on MacRumors last weekIt's obvious they do troll the rumor sites.
these analyst stories are lame.
\\ one thing to point out is that AI's timeout is at 30 minutes... the default vbulletin timeout is 15 minutes. so it inflates the numbers a little. the timeout might have been lower during the previous record.
there's no quicktime webcast but there will be live text transcripts of the keynote as its happening. MacRumors.com is offering one, and several other sites usually do to.
um....it's here iTunes Music Store Selling Videos Now
I think they've just realized they can make money on ads. Notice they are placing like 10 ads per page and spliting stories over multiple pages to increase pageviews
NOT true. MOSR makes up stuff to fit their needs
strange logic. Because MacMinute links to a CNet article doesn't make it more true. The fact that CNet reports it stands a little more on its own than random site... but even so, it looks like CNet just copied it from the microprocessor report guy http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=38155 The big news appears to be IBM's announcement.
everyone was saying it. macrumors reports other site's rumors too from the February archivehttp://www.macrumors.com/site.php?mo=2&yr=2003Page 2MacWhispersMacOSRumorsLoopRumorsThinkSecretKodawarisanMacRumors
as mentioned by others... when macrumors does have an "original" rumor... it's usually pretty accurate. but yeah... mostly it tracks the most interesting rumors... and is pretty level headed overall.
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