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A table, with other results too: http://www.chaosmint.com/benchmarks/...c-g5-ps7bench/
I agree. But there's a huge difference between not knowing stuff vs. not knowing stuff and claiming you do know things. That's why people get so pissed off at MacWhispers and MacOSRumors - they claim to know stuff they don't. btw, ThinkSecret gave us a drawing of the new iPods 2.5 weeks before they were released.
Two points. 1) Yes, they don't often post things they are confident about. The things they are confident about tend to come true, though. 2) You asked why everyone was switching to 15.2" predictions... I gave the answer. MacRumors says it is so... and says it with confidence. That is why people are posting 15.2" predictions. Like I said, meet me back here when the 15" PowerBooks are released. Considering that the 15.4" rumor is pervasive... this is a good test. since...
MacRumors says it is so.http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2003/...22013250.shtmlwhen they are confident about things, it's usually correct. And I know someone's gonna say "oh, but what about this or that". Seriously, when they say "reliable" and bold it, it comes true. meet back here whenever the 15"s do get released.
they changed/clarified it
This is very wrong. He may just not be clear with this... but he's really talking about PowerMac 970s. (As OS 9/X couldn't run on a PowerPC 970 in isolation). ALL new hardware from Apple has required tweaked OS's to allow them to run... in the old days, called "enablers"... because there are slight changes to the hardware. With these machines, not only is the Processor new, but the subsystems are new. You will not be able to run OS 10.2.0 on the new PowerMacs.
Os News article pulled (same reference to Appleinsider) http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3735
http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2003/...07162426.shtml Story pulled on MacRumors
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