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macrumors was the first, if you don't count an anonymous slashdot post from last year.http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2003/...26195649.shtml
http://page2.macrumors.com/ concept ad
actually it's not macbidouille stuff... it's a ref to this article:http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2002/...24221123.shtml
try:MacRumors.com not macOSrumors
Actually, if you read the actual thread and article (macrumors.com): 1) This is not a mock up. It's a photo of an Apple Banner. 2) The USB ports reportedly do come out the back next to the keyboard cord.
er... MacRumors... big difference.
pretty sure that wasn't thinksecret
yep - MacRumors doesn't have tons of original rumors... but the ones they do have seem to be pretty accurate 17, 12 inch powerbooks they were the first to post about the Apple music service - which now seems to be talked about eveywhere and other specs along the way (superdrive powerbook) which makes the most recent 'communicating device' rumor more interesting. looprumors and macwhipsers seem to be the bottom of the barrel. macosrumors, of course in tail end.
Apple Remote desktop takes over the computer it controls. This would not (presumably). In other words -- if someone uses your machine with Apple Remote Desktop, you can't. If someone uses it via this multiple-simultaneous logins, you could also be sitting at the computer using it.
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