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[quote]Originally posted by Bodhi: Was anyone able to snag a pic before the FCC site went down?
yourdailymac.com has a shot of the powerbook image. [ 11-02-2002: Message edited by: joek ]

http://www.macrumors.com [quote] In a April 28, 2002 letter to the FCC from Apple Computer: Apple Computer wishes to apply for a Limited Modular Approval of a 2.4 GHz BlueTooth Module. The module is to be used only in Apple manufactured computers including the Apple ibook and Apple Titanium. Two unique antennas are included in this application because of unique enclosure restrictions between the computers. Where...
I think irumors.net is currently the bottom of the barrel amongst all rumor sites.
[quote]Originally posted by Bodhi: This is from an article at SiliconValley.com I think he has a good point. There should be something unique (other than actually having a real theater) in the flagship stores. Also, I like Jobs' sarcastic comment.
Re the "switch" station... been under consideration...
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