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Did you notice any lag when opening apps or were you even able to do that? I ask because one reviewer that wore it a week said it was sometimes slow to respond. Curious to see what others that have used it thought. I'm also assuming there will be lots of software updates by the time it actually reaches people.
Far better than LOTR in my opinion, and not just because of the nudity.
No it's not. It's a blog and you can post porn if you wish. A lot of people do but there's also tons of stuff on there that's not porn.
Uh, then don't watch it. But don't tell other people what they should watch.
I'm a guy but I'm leaning towards getting the smaller one.  I don't have large wrists and these things look too large and clunky on the guys the photos.
This article is all over the place as far as a release date.
You guys that think this is a possibility are really drinking the kool aid. I realize you love Apple and so do I, but come on. It makes no sense from a business perspective.
What's so amusing? You can look at her and tell she's an athlete. She is phenomenally gorgeous.
I agree. I've used a UE Boom for awhile and think it's great...especially for $90. Holds a charge for a long time too. Accidentally left it in my trunk one day during the summer and the heat didn't affect it at all. I pro ally used it at the pool and it's nice to have something rigged and that doesn't cost $200. If you were only going to use it inside the Bose might be better.Had to laugh at the review though...of course he HAD to listen to some Bob Dylan. It's funny how...
Xbox? I they've sold around 15 million of the latest gen and the 360 was wildly successful. You can't discount that just because Apple isn't involved in console gaming. Also not sure where you're getting your numbers. While I much prefer OSX, Windows still dominates market share.
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