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I wouldn't mind the $50 (actually $60) games if they didn't also require another $40 in DLC. The prices for controllers are ridiculous though.
To say weight/resistance training does not burn many calories is ridiculous and completely false. If you take 5 minute breaks between sets then you will not burn as many calories, but the same is true of cardio - it all depends on the intensity. Are you walking at 3mph or jogging at 6mph? Almost all physical trainers will tell you that you need to do both. Ian's if it doesn't lend itself to heart rate training then why would you wear a Bluetooth chest strap? Because it's...
. See my other reply. Apple's support page describes it a little bit if you google it you'll see some people give very specific examples.
You're correct on the first part...most devoces that measure your HR on the wrist have that problem. My issue is that Apple never mentioned that in all their advertising. They made it seem as though they had fixed that issue. They now how a support page admiring it may not be accurate for non-rythmic activities. That's putting it mildly. I generally when my HR would be 160BPM it was saying around 100BPM.As to your second part, strength training burns more calories per...
Unless it has an update to fix heart rate monitoring for lifting weights and other "non-rythmic" exercises then I'm still not interested.
I won't be popular for speaking the truth here but I will as I'd like to help you out. I just got my Apple Watch yesterday - sold it today. The reason being how inaccurate the heart rate monitor was at the gym. I always wear a chest strap so I know what my HR is doing certain exercises. The Apple Watch wasn't even close. For example, when my HR would normally be 160 BPM, the Apple Watch would normally reflect anywhere between 90 - 134 BPM. I did some research and found...
Did you notice any lag when opening apps or were you even able to do that? I ask because one reviewer that wore it a week said it was sometimes slow to respond. Curious to see what others that have used it thought. I'm also assuming there will be lots of software updates by the time it actually reaches people.
Far better than LOTR in my opinion, and not just because of the nudity.
No it's not. It's a blog and you can post porn if you wish. A lot of people do but there's also tons of stuff on there that's not porn.
Uh, then don't watch it. But don't tell other people what they should watch.
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