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I'd be happy if it is that size. Same overall design we know and love with a bigger screen and thinner bezel. Perfect. But I'll take black
I hope your joking about it being able to play Titanfall. People are pointing out Apple dropped the ball because one, this is an Apple centric site and two, Apple has tons and tons of cash but decided to do nothing to improve a very popular product.Frankly, since Amazon Prime started offering free shows and movies I have stopped using my ATV as much. I have so much content available through Amazon and have their app on all three of my game consoles and my TV. I don't...
It's impressive but not as impressive as Al's discovery and continued fight against Manbearpig. I'm cereal guys
That type of transparency would be nice. And while I don't fault Apple at all for lobbying, I do fault out government for allowing it to happen. I mean, deduct this woman's salary and travel expenses and you're still left with at least $2 million dollars. Where does that go? It ain't for taking politicians out to dinner. It's goes in te politicians pockets. I'm bit sure how they do it but it's shameful that it's allowed to take place. So much for a government "of the...
Apple definitely knew about this. It's great for them but I'm not she how good it will be for the average consumer. We have Time Warner where I live and they are not very good compared to satellite. I've heard many, many bad things about Comcast being the worst provider out there. My only hope is that this causes the satellite cos to partner with Apple as well. No way I'm going back to cable.
Haha, I was going to say the same about fascism.
Haven't visited here in awhile. I see nothing has changed. You guys should really get together with the Sony PS4 fanboys. Anyway, I think it's kind of cool if they name it Cortana and use her voice. I hope they do it.
Take it easy man. You're going to give yourself a heart attack. You sound like me arguing with people about the recent government shutdown
I'd love a gold iPad Mini w/ retina. I'm sure that one will be hard to get though.
You have far too much time on your hands and a peculiar way in which you use it. Your retort is a little excessive and unnecessarily harsh (not that that's anything new.)
New Posts  All Forums: