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IActually, I just saw a preview for a news story about how they were doing well. Profits and stock were up. I could google it but I'm being lazy
Save it for a feminist blog please.
Who hasn't been rumored to star in this? Also, to the first poster, Dumb & Dumber is a classic comedy.
This has been an issue for so long I honestly believe Apple doesn't want to fix it. It brings in too much revenue for them. One of the biggest offenders is the game developer "King", the people who make that annoying Candy Crush Saga crap. I've refused to ever download it bc I will not support their practices. But they're usually near the top of top grossing apps. I have to think that's why Apple lets them do it.Yes! I've had to use so much LTE data because wifi drops so...
Too bad it's done nothing to remedy the fact that iTunes never transfers all my music to my iPhone 6. Multiple support threads and no one has an answer. Seems like maybe they'd fix that before offering "new" features.
Using Yosemite and have an iPhone 6...they don't seem to like each other when it comes to syncing music. I've tried turning iTunes Match on and off on both my phone and my Mac but it makes no difference. It only transfers about half the songs but thinks it's transferred everything. I don't know if it's related to cloud issues or not but it's frustrating.
I prefer the iPhone to all other "smart" phones. However, if I was getting paid by Microsoft, even on a contract basis, I would use a Windows phone. This was a very unprofessional move on her part. Any other company thinking of hiring her will think twice.
I love all the "let your child become accustomed to uncomfortable environments, it will benefit them in the future...I'm a badass no nonsense parent" comments. That's silly. Look, a baby cries for two reasons: to communicate something it can't in words and just because. If one of those reasons happens to be that it gets hot in there around 11pm and you had no idea precious to this device then great! It may have saved you having to check on them dozens of nights. No harm in...
How do you mean? That the 3rd is better or worse? Or was that a joke about the space time tearing that what's her name does lol.
This is my favorite game of all time. Loved it on the 360 I used to tell myself I'd play it for just a half hour then go to bed...3 hours later I'd finally look at the time and realize I had to get up in 4 hours. Rapture was so immersive and you wanted to see what was going to happen next. That being said, I can't see this being very enjoyable on an iPad or iPhone. Even if you used a controller the screen is too small to really appreciate the grandeur of the vast...
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