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The SEC? The same SEC that never caught on to Maddoff even though they had been warned on numerous occassions that he was committing fraud? I think they need to focus on the big stuff and not worry about this piddly stuff. It's not as if Apple is doing poorly b/c of Jobs health.
I have the aluminum 13" MacBook and 24" LED Cinema display now. I'm not sure if I need to upgrade to the MBP. If I did, it would really only be for the improvement of the screen (when it's not conected to my Cinema display) and the SD slot. Anyone have an idea of what these are being sold for? I'm at work so can't check ebay at the moment.
Haha, that was my first thought as well. But then I'd need an iSaber. (that was quite possibly the dorkiest thought I've ever had.)
Yes, it is. But the operating conditions in the real world are often outside the "safe" boundaries in the manual. Nevermind.
What are thoughts on acceptable operating conditions? Obviously, you don't want to leave your phone on the dashboard of your car. However, with both my 1st gen iPhone and now my 3GS, I have kept it with me in some hot conditions - inside my golf bag on a 90+ degree day for example, or when I go to the pool I'll bring a bag with me and leave it in there. I've never had any issues but do you think this could be a problem? I've done this with all phones I've ever had and...
Yeah, like the Ewok's.
I don't like the look of protective cases. Oh well.
Sheesh, sorry. I was trying to conserve space on something that was already running long. It's not like my spelling or sentence structure was atrocious. Besides, just because you go more than three sentences does not mean you need to start a new paragraph - especially if you're on the same thought. There are numerous posts on here that take up less than a page yet have four or five paragraphs. That's a little overkill. If all those points aren't valid to you then I...
It would have been nice if they would have put the availability link up there the weekend it launched (when I tried but failed to get one) and not the weekend after (when they had lots in stock I guess they weren't expecting this much demand. The whole activation process was a little messy though. \ You walk into the store not sure where to go. I saw an employee in an orange shirt and stopped them and said I'd like the 32GB Black iPhone. "OK, I'm going to take you...
Brown display? Please explain.
New Posts  All Forums: