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I agree. I was expecting a small design difference to indicate it's the new model. It makes me wonder if this is Apple's way of saying this is just a minor revision and wait until next summer for the big one.
Pot, kettle, black. I'm done.
The only one I see bitching here is you, and as you can see, TenoBell and dguisinger actually did provide information which is appreciated. At any rate, I didn't need to call AT&T. It seems it was just a glitch as I tried going throught the website again and it now gave me the correct pricing. Weird.As an existing customer, you qualify for the following iPhone pricing: You'll be able to choose the iPhone you want a little later in the process. $99.00* — 8GB iPhone 3G...
Perhaps. It would be nice if the website were a little clearer about it. Instead it just says I'm "elligible" to pay full retail price of $699. So generous of them! Must be a customer loyalty reward lol
Way to add to the conversation cameronj. I thought there just might be someone here that knows about it and could answer the questions before I spend an hour on the phone with some new AT&T employee. Obviously you are not that person.
I purchased the 2G the day after launch, so it's been almost 2 years, but when I go to upgrade through Apple's website it tells me I am eligible for the full retail price. WTF?
Precisely....all I want to know is what the thing is going to look like...flat back or rounded, metal or plastic. Really I just want a flat back. The aluminum looks cool and is sturdy but if it causes reception issues like some have claimed, then I can do without it.
What are you, a parrot? You're repeating the exact thing I initially said to you! Anyway, keep your misguided, off-topic signature - I really don't care anymore. Good day, sir!
Different opinions are fine - but sometimes they're just completely devoid of any logic and those do tend to hurt my head. Your portrait of Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq as these wonderful, fun-loving places until the big, bad U.S. came along is so completely untrue it's difficult to know where to begin - hence, the headache. Of course you don't need to change your signature for every thread, but when you're posting in an Apple forum you might want to try to keep your...
The only thing more mind numbing than your post is your signature. This is not a political forum so take your political statements elsewhere - especially when said political statements are completely idiotic.
New Posts  All Forums: