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As a 1st gen iPhone owner that skipped the 3G, I decided to upgrade to the 3GS. I wasn't expecting the type of demand for this as there was for the first iPhone so I went to my local Apple store Saturday afternoon to pick one up. Unfortunately, all they had left were white ones and there was still a line outside the door of people wanting to buy that. I had to wonder whether that many people really wanted white or if they were just going to settle for it since black was...
It means you can get in the reserved line at 8am rather than everyone else who has to wait until 10am. And if that store has let you reserve it they should have it in stock.
Actually, it's exactly what you said. You may have meant something different but if that is the case I think you should have worded it differently. Having said that, I would like if there was the option for a matte display. The glossy I have now does bother me on rare occassions BUT provides more color depth. It's something I'd like to be able to compare side by side and make a decision on. It's all a matter of personal preference. I hate ultra glossy plasma TV's but...
Hahaha...nice. I'm pretty sure mechengit is a Facilities Management Lighting Engineer, although I'd ask to see his/her badge first.
Same here, got mine in late January along with the 24" Cinema Display. Since 90% of the time I use it hooked up to the display I love it. But when I do disconnect it I find the screen on the MacBook to be somewhat poor. That has me thinking about upgrading to the 13" MBPro later this year or early next year. I'm also glad they FINALLY added an SD slot. Besides that, I love my current 13" unibody. Very fast for most everything I do.
That's a cool idea. I know I'd like to see it on my screen. And if it's too much of a resource hog (which it shouldn't be) you could always select something else as your screen saver or not use one at all.
Ditto. My only fear is that a bigger cosmetic change will be made next summer and I'll want it. D'oh!
I agree. I was expecting a small design difference to indicate it's the new model. It makes me wonder if this is Apple's way of saying this is just a minor revision and wait until next summer for the big one.
Pot, kettle, black. I'm done.
The only one I see bitching here is you, and as you can see, TenoBell and dguisinger actually did provide information which is appreciated. At any rate, I didn't need to call AT&T. It seems it was just a glitch as I tried going throught the website again and it now gave me the correct pricing. Weird.As an existing customer, you qualify for the following iPhone pricing: You'll be able to choose the iPhone you want a little later in the process. $99.00* — 8GB iPhone 3G...
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