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There are a few individuals here that like to engage in "absurd posturing." I'd tell you to ignore them but it's difficult since they dominate almost every post. They consider saying anything even slightly critical about Apple to be heresy. Even saying you have a preference that is contrary to what Apple has made available (like finally adding a keypad to the wireless keyboard, for example) will be met with hostility. They take being a fan to a new level.
Dude, chill out. It's an operating system not your mother.
You forgot the part where I said that Windows preview works much better than Apple's. For whatever reason, Apple only let's gifs work in text messages and emails but not within preview. Same for iOS. Gifs won't even play in your photo album but stick em in a text message and they work.
I just hope the new Photo app is better than iPhoto. I know it's blasphemous to say here, but I still prefer Windows for managing photos - just put it in the pictures folder and make some subfolders and you're done. Windows preview works much better (and also plays well with gifs) and doesn't require some weird folder with cryptically named files like iPhoto does.
Amazon has a good and robust review section. They are one of the few.
I used to like it better when their reviews were sorted by most recent. That way if the app wasn't functioning right you could see posts about it there. What Apple really needs go after are the developers that spam redirects to the their app in the app store. I can visit a completely innocuous site and I get redirected to download Candy Crush Saga or some other game made by King. (It's almost always King.) I've never played any of their games nor do I have any intention...
Whenever I see POS, my brain instantly thinks "piece of sh*t" and I have to then convert it to "point of sale."
On one hand, I would love to have an Apple watch that has health tracking capabilities. On the other hand, iTunes can't even seem to get my album cover art right. I'm not sure I trust it keeping track of my blood pressure, etc.
I don't see the point. If I want to watch any of these channels I'll do that on my DirecTV. They've got channels for precocious episodes too. Why watch the same content through my ATV?
Same. And I have no problem with a bunch of low brow "reality" shows being made - there is obviously an audience for it. But they should put it on channels that don't purport to be something else.
New Posts  All Forums: