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Sorry if this has already been addressed in here and I missed it, but has anyone noticed how there is no place to review the display on the Apple store like there is for the other displays and accessories? I figured by now there would be some reviews by people who have actually been using it for awhile but there isn't even the option to review it there. Strange. I'd be interested in reading them.
I agree. From a consumer standpoint, what really troubles me isn't even that Apple has not given us MMS - it's that they haven't even responded to all the inquiries about it. Would it be that difficult to release a statement saying "we're not going to support it and here is why." Why is Apple just ignoring us on this? I can come up with a conspiracy theory involving AT&T but I won't go there. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth too. It makes me wonder what else they...
I don't know why so many people seem to have a problem with the chin. The current iMac is beautiful. I really don't know how it could be improved upon aesthetically. I can only hope that Apple will not listen to the suggestions here of losing the chin and making the screen thicker. That's just ridiculous. Sure, you could lose the chin and make it almost as thick as a CRT monitor but why would you want to devolve into a big, ugly hunk of plastic?
good point
Already asked and answered so I'm not going to go over it again. And one more thing...I think the guy you were quoting was pointing out the hypocrisy of your statement, not agreeing with it.
Never mind.
I don't think anyone claimed to know what's best for you. You are still claiming MMS is not needed when many, many people use it. As for the, "you shouldn't have bought one" argument, MMS was rumored to be an update that would come soon after launch. I purchased mine the week of launch and have been waiting fairly patiently for over a year and a half now. Am I not allowed to ask for a very simple, highly used feature (except for you) to be made part of the update? Or,...
Glad to entertain It just makes me roll my eyes when someone says MMS isn't needed and suggests emailing to whichever carrier. Like that's practical.
Oh, I see. I need to tell all my friends that don't have smartphones that they should buy one and use email and that MMS is outdated, OR if they insist on using their primitive MMS, instruct them how to format the address so it goes to my email. If I were a self-centered snob I might go that route. But I'm not and I won't and I believe most people are not going to do that either. And your link to a "workaround" (originally written in 2006) for outbound messages is...
Hopefully, this is the last time I have to have the MMS vs. email conversation but I doubt it. They are not the same and are not interchangeable. I'm not talking about sending a photo to 10,000 people. I'm talking about being able to receive a photo that someone has sent to several of their friends while they are out and about. I should be able to view it without going to a stupid website that only works half the time...just like EVERY other phone is able to. And I...
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