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Piece of crap??? I love it! Everyone who has seen mine immediately wants one. The only thing Apple has failed to do here is advertise it since the software update that made it so much better! Why in the world they develop a great product and insist upon treating it like a "hobby" is beyond me. Videos play really quickly on it and if you just wanted to use it to rent movies it would be great. But I also love the way it integrates my iTunes library onto my TV. Have...
Normally, I'd disagree and say everyone is reading too much in to one story. But, with Jobs' failing health, high-priced computers in a weak economy, sloooow updates to hardware, and a lackluster Macworld...things are looking a little gloomy. Of course, I say all this b/c I want to buy more Mac stuff and hope they'll update their hardware and lower prices
Sounds like you really want the SSD so as long as money isn't too much of a concern I say go for it. Let us all know how you like it and if you ever have any problems with it. Good luck and enjoy!
If I were you I'd make an appointment to see someone at the store and bring it in. The last thing they want is to have you with your iMac issues right next to people they are trying to sell iMacs to. Hopefully that will get better results. Good luck!
You're right Italiankid, I was being conservative on the estimate as to not anger anyone here. Federmoose...the feature differences aren't that great...in fact, in some areas, such as RAM, they are inferior. Yes, the OS is much better (which I don't think we need to differentiate from the UE since the OS controls the UE) but not THAT much better that we shouldn't expect the hardware to be reliable. What is wrong as a consumer to demand that a premium product deliver...
Agreed. If I'm paying $300 premium or so for a computer, I expect that its quality and lifespan should exceed that of the lesser priced competitors. In the rare case that it does not, the company should take care of it. Say what you will about Microsoft, but at least when there were problems with the 360 they extended the warranty for 3 years. This is obviously a manufacturing defect that Apple should cover for the life of the system. I hope Apple does the right thing...
Hahaha, excellent point.
My opinion? Nice, but overpriced. While the display is beautiful, as are the aesthetics, $900 is just too much of a price premium for the Apple name. Lower it to $600-700 and then we can talk.Did you really just say that? No offense, but your logic leaves a lot to be desired. By your rational, why have a built in CD/DVD drive when you could simply hook up an external via USB? If you have multiple cameras, as most professionals and many amateurs do, you don't want to...
Yeah, sorry I got a little off topic there...but you're right and I've been very pleased with the card so far. That's one reason I'm so big on getting a card reader in the new iMac...that would just be the icing on the cake of an otherwise great computer.
I hear that. As for the price on the 16GB SDHC card...got it at Amazon with free shipping.http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-Clas...0504775&sr=8-1 or for other optionshttp://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw...b+sdhc&x=0&y=0 But I guess I'll be getting a card reader so I can use it on my iMac \
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