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When I first saw it I wasn't impressed but I had only seen pictures and had yet to see any video. Once I saw video of it in use I was very impressed. I really do like it a lot. However, the video of the beta user I watched also had the following link: http://youtu.be/DM8NSSzxNGM I realize that it won't be popular but you have to admit there are very striking similarities. Now, I've not used a Windows Phone 8 so I don't know if it functions smoothly but strictly from...
Fair enough.  But I think we've all seen lots of vendors deny problems or blame them on the user.  Whether they didn't do that because the problem was too big or they just chose to do the ethical thing we'll never really know.  It would seem they have learned their lesson since the failure rate for all newer units (even before the new smaller version) was within acceptable tolerances.  Could they repeat the same mistake twice?  Sure, but I think it's pretty unlikely.  In...
  You are unreal.  It's called being objective. False concern?  What, do you want to see receipts for all the Apple devices in my signature?  Some pictures of me with them perhaps?  Is your level of paranoia really that high?  Over the years I've grown so tired of defending myself from you simply because I have the ability to give credit where it's due even when it's a competitor to Apple.  To say "Microsoft just killed their entire video game console industry" makes you...
That's BS and you know it.
SOME launch versions did. They took responsibility and fixed them all and extended the warranty. Subsequent units worked just fine. I've had two and never had the slightest issue with either. Lets just put this one to bed as it really doesn't need repeating.
  Your analysis of the video game industry couldn't be further from the truth.  You might want to do a little reading on the subject before spouting out this fiction. You're completely off on the size and makeup of video gamers.  Some of this is a little dated but you get the point:  http://www.theesa.com/facts/
Why did you look at how many posts he's had?  Because if someone makes a positive comment about something non-Apple then an investigation must be done to see if they are just a shill for MS, Samsung, etc.?    Truly, if anyone here is really an Apple fan they should be saying, "Hey, this looks damn impressive so far.  What's Apple going to do to counter it...if anything."  I was really impressed by the presentation - especially when compared to the quasi-release of the...
I was thinking the same.
Actually, he's correct in that Wii U sales have been pretty Pii U. Sorry, couldn't resist But really, they have been pretty bad.
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