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Actually, he's correct in that Wii U sales have been pretty Pii U. Sorry, couldn't resist But really, they have been pretty bad.
He/she said they are worried that if they get an ATV now a new one will come out a month later.  My point is that it won't matter which he/she gets, new or old, because they are likely to be virtually indistinguishable. There's no point in waiting for one with a physically smaller A5 processor (unless you're really into that type of thing lol.)  Apple's statement said, in essence, there's nothing to wait for.
Go ahead and get one now. Doesn't look like there are going to be any other major changes that would make previous versions obsolete.
How is he holding the middle one in the second picture? I'm not that drunk am I?
I love my Mini as well.  I find myself using it much more than my full size iPad's. Part of it is the size but the weight is very important too.  However, I do miss the retina screen a lot, especially with smaller text.  If they can manage to make it only a little thicker and heavier then we have a winner.  As long as it doesn't get so heavy as to where you no longer want to hold it in one hand for long periods of time.
  That's like saying, "Other than my Ferrari's engine and, it doesn't have too much about it that is any stretch for even the most basic sports car."
  Agreed, they need to make up their mind.  I love my Apple TV and I love my XBox but they are such different devices.  If Apple TV allowed games to be played on it and they made a controller and all that other stuff but kept it to only being able to play little iOS games then I would see it eating up a lot of the Wii marketshare, but not XBox or Playstation.  XBox is a hardware powerhouse capable or running large, immersive and very detailed games.  A slightly modified...
  Thank you!  I couldn't agree more. It's lunacy.  I compare it to people's views on Lindsay Lohan.  The president of her fanclub probably says, " There is nothing wrong with her, she's the greatest actress ever and everyone that says otherwise is just a hater or troll!"  A family member that loves her says, "She has some issues she's working through but she is a great person and great actress and we're here to support her."  An ex-lover says, "She's the worst person in...
  Your user name is quite appropriate.     Two reasons: One, most people already know what features are missing and two, knowing he's likely to be he doesn't want to sound as if he's piling on. The man still loves Apple but it's a rational love unlike some around here.     He didn't specify iOS. I think most would agree that iOS is still far ahead of Android but not so much in the hardware realm.     Oh, gee...maybe because he's the co-founder of Apple?  I'd say his...
So about that IGZO display and Apple...
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