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  I don't mind the interface really.  It's not perfect but it's not bad.  It's certainly more feature rich than the Apple TV but that may be part of the problem.   I use to agree with Steve on this one but no longer.  I've lost too many songs via iTunes.  They are ones that I purchased via iTunes years ago but when they stop selling it it suddenly disappears from my library.  Yes, I could go back through my time capsule and try to find it but having no idea when they...
    I hope you're wrong.  I'd kind of like an iPad mini if the specs are right.
  I was thinking the exact same thing.  I was convinced the iPad mini would be 163 ppi due to supply constrains on the retina displays, bigger battery needed and especially, cost.  But it would be very odd to introduce a retina product and talk about how great the display is at the same time as a non-retina display.  Of course, Apple's not been making a lot of sense lately.
The app has serious potential. I hope they will put significant resources into fixing it. But they rushed it and now have egg on their face. They should be able to take a little ridicule until it's fixed. Hopefully that will be very soon.
Don't feel bad, W00master. You made a valid point as did the article. However, certain people here (generally those with posts numbering in the thousands) take any critique of Apple as a personal affront and get very defensive of their beloved.
I just searched "Columbia, SC" and got the one in Chile. Autocomplete did not put United States in for me. Perhaps you've been typing it a lot.
Actually, I think maestro is right on the money. If you're watching TV you are watching TV. Looking away from it is a distraction to that. I don't think Apple would be silly enough to go down this road anyway. This is just some analyst doing why they normally do😴
On a completely separate note, the last few days the following ad has been displayed to me when I visit AI.  I kind of hope it never goes away :)    
So how are the "majority" of preorders going to be arriving on 9/21? I preordered mine at 8:30am EST...5 1/2 hours after it was made available and it still shows it being delivered October 5th. Did over 1 million people really place their orders that much earlier? I sure as hell wasn't setting my alarm clock for 3 am LOL.
Yeah, I'm kind of concerned about that too but hopefully they've made it sturdy enough.Has anyone seen or heard anything about an iPhone 5 dock stand? I can't find one anywhere in the Apple site. Seems odd they would t have those ready too.
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