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I bought a Gateway there back in the late 90's. I enjoyed the experience and liked how they gave you a mug, a mousepad and a little squeezy cow thing. Silly little trinkets but it made you and the product feel special. They just never figured out their place in the market or created enough differentiation in their products. Plus Dell was popular at the time.
A few things: It doesn't look like the price point hurt too much considering they sold out of launch day units in a matter of hours.  Black sales are slower than the white sales.  I have to wonder if this is a realization that the anodized aluminum is very prone to scratching, which could hurt resale value. I assume the ease of scratching the slate is also why the aluminum hinge on the smart cover is now covered in material. I ordered the 16GB version. ...
The fact that you can't easily add more ram is a deal breaker for me, especially since Apple charges ridiculous prices to add more when you're configuring it. I bought my mid 2011 iMac with 4gb of RAM and then purchased another 8gb myself for $50. Apple would have wanted $200 for that. Apple knows people do that so rather than lower their price on memory to a reasonable amount they took the option away to add it ourselves. To me that is just a cheap move on their part....
  A couple weeks ago I viewed Captain America via Amazon Instant using the "apps" in my Blu-ray player.  The quality was just OK but it was free so no big deal.  This weekend I rented The Avengers on my Apple TV and man the quality was great!  They sure do their "hobby" better than anyone else.  It was very close to Blu-ray quality.
Screw the iPad mini....Lions can spray something 7-10 feet behind them??? This is new information to me.
I really didn't see any posts here or in the Apple forums that were doing it either.
        This article and the replies is a glaring example of why this site has gone to pot.  This article merely pointed out a glitch.  It was not overly-critical of the iPhone or Apple.  Again, it pointed out a glitch - which is helpful to others who have experienced it as they know that there is not something wrong with their screen and it's an easily fixable software issue.  Yet the replies are almost all about how it shouldn't have even been pointed out.  Excuse me,...
You make an excellent point - you CAN be a fan of Apple and not applaud every single move they make. It's called being rational. The "moderator's" reply to you is immature and insulting to everyone's intelligence. He does not speak for us although he claims to. Unfortunately, he's a bit of a dictator who doesn't tolerate opinions that differ from his. Hence, this post will likely be deleted shortly.
Yes, I miss it coming with the dock but was happy to pay for one. (The iPad dock did have issues though.) I charge my phone overnight and always kept it in the dock next to my nightstand. It was a nice clean set up rather than trying to get the bare cord to not fall off my night stand. If they needed to raise the price due to low sales I would have paid more.
Considering the delay in getting this out to 3rd parties, I don't understand why Apple chose not to make a charging doc.
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