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  Don't worry, some people like being jerks on here.  On that note, I ordered mine through the Apple this morning (8am EST).  It said two weeks initially but now I can't log in due to system difficulties on their end.  I'm sure I'll catch some flack for ordering it since I criticized the screen size and design but I was planning to get it all along.
  What?  Pretty clear.  I was accused yesterday of whining before it was released (even though I prefaced all my statements) and that I should wait until it's released.  Well, it was released and it's exactly as the leaks showed. How is that making things up?  This has been really fun guys but I do have a job and I can't argue with you all day when you are so biased and keep talking in circles.
  So is that how you become a moderator here?  Discourage and ridicule the expression of any views that contrast your own?  People are making very valid points as to why this hardware upgrade is underwhelming...that is not trolling.
  This is exactly how I feel.
  Exactly!  I'm beyond underwhelmed with this.  (I say that because I love Apple and know they can do so much better.)  This is a huge miss.  Saying they didn't go wider because you should be able to hold the phone is a cop out.  It's not as if people are dropping Androids and Windows phones left and right.  The fact is Apple got lazy.  25 months to stretch a phone????  Sorry, that's lame.  Yes, they'll have huge sales numbers but anyone not already locked into the Apple...
  Oh well, no surprises.  It's exactly as it was in the leaks. I wonder if NOW we're allowed to have an opinion on it ;)  Probably not.
Right, because anyone who says anything critical about Apple is a troll. Unbelievable.
Wait, you can't have it both ways. You got upset with me and the article I linked because people were anticipating being let down and you thought they should "quit whining" until they see it. Now you're complainging about what people "might" say once it is released. Could it be you really just can't stand anyone saying anything negative about Apple?
Agreed. And that is how I am...I'm hoping to be surprised.
    Thank you dasanman69.  It's nice to see someone else here that doesn't feel threatened by very light criticism of a product.  And to answer your last question, it's become apparent that no, you cannot be in any way critical of Apple here without being lambasted.  It's scary really.  I have my own "wishlist" for what I want in a new smartphone and they are features many others are asking for.  But, since it's looking like Apple isn't going to grant those wishes I now...
New Posts  All Forums: