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Is it only diagonally? I ask because I've noticed it times on tumblr but just always figured it's slow response of the page loading. And with the additional length of the 5 it's loading quite a bit more with each scroll.
I want docks Apple! Give us docks!!!
  Uh, no.  There are several posts that disagree with Ireland's post.  I am jut agreeing with him.   As for the cleaning procedure, it's a little more than an assumption. There have been numerous studies showing a lack of hand washing in hospitals and huge decreases in secondary infections once hand sanitizing programs are implemented. The fact that a program must be implemented shows that there are many health care professionals for which hand sanitizing/washing is not...
  Why does the test upset you so? Ruggedness is something that someone using these devices for professional reasons may very reasonably take into account when deciding which one to buy.  All people, not just kids, drop things.  As such, it's interesting to see how these competing products react to these tests. I don't see a problem with this video at all and and I'm very, very far from being a trust fund kid. 
  I'm with you Ireland.  As for responses here along the lines of "well the Android fanboy's started it", you are missing the point. As a group, Apple fans come off as very defensive which is odd to me. If you know you're good, a little criticism shouldn't bother you.   Anyway, I can see this being a good product for physicians except for one thing...it's a big time germ spreader.  Docs are required to wash their hands or use antibacterial gel between patient visits to...
  I agree, the speaker on my "new iPad" was surprisingly poor. I always thought a lot of it was because of the fact that the rounded design of the casing causes the sound to be directed away from you. The fact the mini will have stereo speakers and they will be pointed towards the listerner more should help a lot.
But what was he experimenting on? Whether or not worsening the customer experience is a good way to increase profits? I mean, Cook and others had to know that's what he was all about. I hardly doubt during the interview he lied and said he was going to increase efficiencies and then just decided to fire people instead. I'm not a gloom and doomer but that hire makes me worry. It's not like the experience in an Apple store is that great right now anyway. Person greats you...
It was such a long time ago that I went there but I think you're right. That's why you got te little trinkets when you left...you didn't actually have your computer LOL.
Yes and it worked well...well as far as PC's go. Not embarrassed by it all. Now, my hair style in the early 90's, that was embarrassing.
I bought a Gateway there back in the late 90's. I enjoyed the experience and liked how they gave you a mug, a mousepad and a little squeezy cow thing. Silly little trinkets but it made you and the product feel special. They just never figured out their place in the market or created enough differentiation in their products. Plus Dell was popular at the time.
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