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I really didn't see any posts here or in the Apple forums that were doing it either.
        This article and the replies is a glaring example of why this site has gone to pot.  This article merely pointed out a glitch.  It was not overly-critical of the iPhone or Apple.  Again, it pointed out a glitch - which is helpful to others who have experienced it as they know that there is not something wrong with their screen and it's an easily fixable software issue.  Yet the replies are almost all about how it shouldn't have even been pointed out.  Excuse me,...
You make an excellent point - you CAN be a fan of Apple and not applaud every single move they make. It's called being rational. The "moderator's" reply to you is immature and insulting to everyone's intelligence. He does not speak for us although he claims to. Unfortunately, he's a bit of a dictator who doesn't tolerate opinions that differ from his. Hence, this post will likely be deleted shortly.
Yes, I miss it coming with the dock but was happy to pay for one. (The iPad dock did have issues though.) I charge my phone overnight and always kept it in the dock next to my nightstand. It was a nice clean set up rather than trying to get the bare cord to not fall off my night stand. If they needed to raise the price due to low sales I would have paid more.
Considering the delay in getting this out to 3rd parties, I don't understand why Apple chose not to make a charging doc.
This is probably wrong but there are 7 colors bands on the invitation if you count the one running down the middle.  Signifying the 7" device? (rounding down ;) )
  Sorry for your loss :/     I agree that 8gb is too small even if you don't plan to store any videos or pictures.  Apps alone will eat it up.  And lets not forget the firmware is going to take up a gig or two.  However, It looks like Apple might sell an 8gb version just to meet a certain price point.  The customer experience will not be up to standards though.
  Ugh, must you always be so antagonistic?  Anyway, your logic is flawed.  If there is nothing to redesign because it is "screen and border" then there would be no reason to redesign iPhone's, iPad's, iMac's, TV's or anything else that is mostly screen and border.
  I don't mind the interface really.  It's not perfect but it's not bad.  It's certainly more feature rich than the Apple TV but that may be part of the problem.   I use to agree with Steve on this one but no longer.  I've lost too many songs via iTunes.  They are ones that I purchased via iTunes years ago but when they stop selling it it suddenly disappears from my library.  Yes, I could go back through my time capsule and try to find it but having no idea when they...
    I hope you're wrong.  I'd kind of like an iPad mini if the specs are right.
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