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I think they'd be a decent carrier if they actually had coverage outside of cities. I used to have them and they were just okay. They're still on 2G data where I live while everyone else is at at least 4G LTE. Maybe once they get some subscribers they'll spend some money and build out its network throughout the US. 
Its amazing that manuracfurers today cannot get this right. They're trying to use 2 smaller (sometimes 3) screens, have hidden menus, require the use of buttons under the screen (or a stupid knob/touchpad), etc. They just don't get simplicity.  Yes, uconnect isn't exactly always the prettiest system in the world, but 9.9/10 times it just works and works well. Thats whats important to me. When I'm driving down the road I couldn't care less how pretty it is. You're not...
Why not just use the voice commands to call someone? It works like a charm, even if you have to tell it a number to dial.  Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat is on the list of supported CarPlay manufactures. I suspect you'll need to get a new car with a supported connect system in order to use it. Maybe if you have the current 8.4A system that has the apps on it you may see a software update, but if you have the one under it like me in my Dart then you're probably SOL. 
Ever use Chrysler's 8.4" uconnect? I love it and it's praised by everyone as one of the best infotainment systems out there. It's easy to use and very responsive to anything you throw at it.
  Fair enough...it just doesn't suit everyone's needs for the reasons stated in my reply because its Apple only. There are times when you're not able to use a Mac, or Safari doesn't work with a particular website or whatever. I happen to need to use multiple platforms a day so it just doesn't suit my needs and nobody I know uses it either for the same reasons.  I also don't want my stuff on Apple's servers....I'd rather it be on my stuff. 
Because 1Password is 50x better... iCloud Keychain is fine until you're off Apple's stuff whether is a different browser, or a PC, etc...then you're screwed! Its also not compatible with all websites...believe I've tried it before. I've ran into more than a few (don't ask which ones!) that didn't support it, or it wouldn't prompt to autofill the password. I also don't want anything stored at Apple as much as I trust them. 
I didn't know anyone actually used iCloud Keychain....
The other thing I wish they'd fix and it may not necessarily be an OS X issue, is Apple Remote Desktop. Without this, I cannot upgrade my work Mac to Yosemite so I'm still using Mavericks until its resolved. I actually wish they'd just rewrite the entire app. With every update it gets worse and worse.
 Well since it didn't happen until after installing Yosemite, nothing else is running except apps that are included with OS X (I don't use many 3rd party apps). There are others having the same issues as well after installing Yosemite. So unless we all have the same bad app installed, then its an OS X issue. 
 I think AI compressed it down so it didn't take so long to load (they already have issues with photos loading as it is!). That being said, it does look kinda dark for my tastes. 
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