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Can't see why....I usually see Apple's stock go down after a product announcement.
People actually buy this? I'm stunned!
 Except an iPad isn't an iPhone so you're experiment doesn't mean shit. iPads aren't stored in pockets, taken out many times a day, photos taken with it, etc, etc. I'm sure there are people (like me) who don't have a lot of apps, but most will take photos, store music, etc on their phone.
 No, but he doesn't understand that. He's so far into the Apple koolaid its not funny so its not worth arguing with him. 
I disagree, you're completely missing the point....but explaining anything won't change your mind so its not worth the time. 
 Why would Apple release a phone they don't plan on supporting with future OS upgrades? Thats just silly thinking. This is what Android phones do.  An average user isn't going to screw around with uploading photos here, music there, etc, etc because the phone they bought doesn't have adequate storage for their needs.  The regular 5C is what parents are buying kids today in the US. This is all I see kids using around here. Its cheap enough on contract. You can get a 16GB...
 An average user isn't going to do this. They want the photos on their phone, they want to be able to watch movies, store music, etc, etc. Not store it elsewhere and rely on always having an internet connection. Yes, these are solutions to the low storage, but an average user isn't going to do this just to make their phone work. They'll just get frustrated by not being able to have their stuff on their phone. 
 Basically its for people who will basically use the phone as a feature phone because otherwise its pretty much useless. Basically all you'll be able to do is browse the internet, get email, chat and talk on it. Everything else is pretty much a no because you'll run out of storage in a heartbeat. 
I agree...I'll go out on a limb and predict 10.10 this fall (Sept/Oct). Apple should be able to pump out 2 more updates after 10.9.3 before then. 
 People buy what they can afford. Just because they bought a 16GB phone, doesn't mean they don't need more space. It most likely means this is what they could afford because if you paid and extra $100 for 16 more GB and then I'd say most opt to get AppleCare+ which is another $100, then all of a sudden you have a $500 phone (on contract). I'm gonna go out on a limb and an average user cannot afford a $500 phone, or even a $400 phone if you wanted to nix the...
New Posts  All Forums: