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 That doesn't mean they don't need more than 16GB of space. Maybe an average user cannot afford a $300 phone (on contract), plus $100 more if you wanted to add AppleCare+
 Do you have any stats to back up the bold comment above? 1 person doesn't qualify as "others" so no, I don't think others understand. Yes, I realize they offer an 8GB phone too and its a fuc$%#! joke to be honest. 
 Bullshit! I do very little with my phone. I've already explained this. So I have a few photos on my phone (like everyone else!) so that qualifies me as not an average user? What exact is an average user then? Someone who just uses the phone to make calls and nothing else? You're making no sense what so ever. 
 You're totally missing the point and apparently you didn't read what I said. The point is, 16GB isn't enough for an average user. I'm sorry you had to pay an extra $100 for something that should have been standard on the bottom end. This isn't me pissing and moaning, its me saying that 16GB isn't enough for an average user. 
 I'm an average user and I'm almost out of space. I had to delete things just to install iOS 7.1 You have to remember that the camera takes pretty good photos and they use up a lot of space. Average people are using the phone as a camera too since it takes such good pictures, and they can then post them on Facebook, twitter, etc. Yes, average people do this such as my dad who is 71yrs old. 16GB of storage on the entry level is joke and a ripoff to consumers. Its sad they...
One word: FLOP!
 I don't encourage people to use anything. The question to what iMovie is easier to use is an opinion so your answer isn't correct, or incorrect. Its up to the user and I see user after user who uses a Mac trying to use the new versions of iMovie and don't have a clue what to do. They can go on a PC, in Movie Maker and do it right away because its more like the old iMovie which was incredibly easy to use.  A lot of people just want to do simple tasks and not all of these...
 Nice fanboy response...
 What agenda would that be??? He's still a citizen like everyone else in the US and can have his say whether or not he's CEO of a large company. 
Yes, everyday. Don't ask stupid questions...
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