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 I'm well aware of how a fusion drive works thank you very much. Its still a gimmick and flash storage is always better. End of story! YOU WILL NOT CONVINCE ME!
 I would believe him. Its not as great as it seems. The 5k yes its awesome, but the quality of the panel, no. Thats the most important part of the entire 5k iMac is the 5k panel. I'm sure I sound like a troll too, but so be it. The truth hurts sometimes...Some people here just can't take Apple criticism. 
 Maybe it works for you, but its just a gimmick to me. Get the flash storage and be done with it. Use external storage whether its cloud based or external HD if you need more space to store things. 
 They aren't as fast as SSDs, and the speed is ONLY on the SSD portion of the drive which is very small at 128GB if I remember correctly. So if you have lots of stuff, you may not even experience the speed as Apple's technology would move it to the rotational hard drive which is slower. It also still has rotational storage internally. Fusion drives simply provide Apple time to install flash storage in all of its products when prices get cheaper. I personally wouldn't ever...
 Apple's front will always be clean and simple. The majority of people won't be plugging in multiple cameras. They plug their devices in once and leave it. I think this is a case of you wanting Apple to cater an iMac around your needs. 
 Well I expect the panel to be on par with the non-retina one as far as contrast, colors, viewing angle, etc which its not. The fact that the graphics seem strained by just the smallest thing is not good either, even with the highest end graphics. I'm not the only one saying these things either. Like I said though, the 5k part is awesome, just the panel itself isn't up to par with other Apple panels.  I would still wait for the next revision and see if there's any...
 I would upgrade any iMac to SSD simply so there's really nothing inside it other than a fan to fail prematurely. Its also noticeably faster. Fusion drives are crap!
When I tested one I wasn't really impressed. The screen wasn't as good as the regular 27" iMac sitting next to it. Yes, the 5k portion was pretty cool, but I don't think it was on par with colors, contrast, etc with the regular 27" iMac. It would also lose its colors at certain angles, something the regular 27" iMac doesn't do. Yes, I know its an IPS 5k panel, but there was still some noticeable color shift. I also noticed it WAS laggy, even with the most simple tasks it...
If Apple would have made iTunes Radio more like Spotify it would haven been far better off. This Pandora style radio just plain sucks! It doesn't work very well, I've lost an entire playlist that I had built up, sometimes my music doesn't play. It doesn't recommend music that I like even when I like a song and tell it to play more like it, etc. It just doesn't work very well. With a Spotify type system I could listen to the entire song as many times as I want (maybe...
 I assume they meant partly? Do they even read what they write, or just write and post?
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