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 I hope so, because the Microsoft based system sucks very badly. Its a shame so many people fell for their marketing. 
 I know the uconnect system Chrysler uses for all its brands are QNX based. Its an awesome system that everyone loves. Extremely intuitive, responsive, and fairly compatible. I have the 8.4 w/Nav in my Dart. Its very nice. Its not perfect, but its far, far from any Microsoft based system such as what Ford uses. 
Why is the iOS update Breaking News, and the OS X one not? I guess OS X isn't important anymore to AI. 
 Damn right! People could be expecting this to go into an iOS device and NOBODY would ever expect something like this. I doubt this would ever happen in a million years, but it would be cool to see Apple release something like this and totally throw everyone off. 
Introducing, the all new iMac. Made entirely of sapphire crystal.
 These days EVERYONE I see has a cell phone....I work in 2 school districts and kids of all ages have cell phones, most of them iPhones. This is a very low income area too so its obvious they're willing to pay for the monthly bill. 
This must be why I couldn't view my online bill...
Of course they are...
 Except there's no reason to keep it. Like I said, everything else already has the iPod built into it. Why spend $199 on an iPod Touch when you can spend $199 on an iPhone, or $99 on an iPhone 5C? Makes no sense to keep it alive. 
 I think with iWatch coming, the iPod will go away. Its revenues are pretty much the lowest in Apple's stable every quarter and with people buying iPhones, iPads, and iWatches (assuming it will support some type of music) there really won't be a need for it since iPod is in all of those devices already. 
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