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 This is exactly why I think they'd be better off doing a simple box with something like an A6 or A7 in it with amazing software running it. Can the A7 's graphics push out 4K without choking???
 I too think they'd have to do a BTO option for now until 4K panel prices come down. Then down the road when prices do fall they can have another event with the iMac with updated specs and claim victory again saying its now standard across the lineup. Like CanukStorm said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the panel offerings of today. They're awesome panels in both 21.5 and 27".  I do wonder if they did go 4K across the line if they'd keep using the 21.5" display, or...
 Yes I thought it was silly for Apple to release its own TV set rather than just a simple box that can do everything with people's existing TV's. This would get the AppleTV box into more hands because you're only buying a box which will be a hell of a lot cheaper than some $2000-$3000 smart TV. 
 I'm just wondering how they'll be able to do this without making the iMac cost $2800-$3000 or something like that. I imagine a 27" 4K panel isn't cheap. Yes, you can buy cheap 4K displays from places like Dell, but Apple doesn't exactly use bottom of the line parts.  Also, while it might be cool and everything, really for the average consumer, what benefit would it really bring other than more crisp icons and text? The only real thing I can think of is someone who is...
 This is kind of that I was thinking too. 
 I think you're right, but I still think they're getting this ready to possibly release a new product (or update an existing one). Seems weird they'd solely focus an update on simply graphics and audio mostly. 
I'm wondering if they're trying to get this release out ASAP for a product they want to release. Seems like 10.9.3 beta is going faster than normal.
 This is my question too...WTH are they going to offer and how is it going to make money for them and not someone else? The only thing I could see is a separate section for google only stuff like if they make another pure Google Android phone, the Chromecast thingy and stuff like that. I guess maybe they could have another section for regular Android phones but other than maybe making money off advertising from using the phone, I can't see how it will make any money for...
Thats great for all the people who don't use OneNote. I mean seriously, who actually uses this???
I'm thinking a lot of people already switched to iWork. Not only can you use this on your Mac, but also any iOS device AND, you can sync all of your things with iCloud for easy access between Macs and iOS devices. I think the current iWork suite is adequate for most people's needs. Maybe not the hard core Office people, but a general everyday user its more than adequate.
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