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Bahahahahahaha!!!!   The next big company is already here...Apple! 
 I used to like when they sent you the floppy discs. I was always like, thank you AOL for a free floppy. Now I can erase it and put whatever I want on it. 
 I miss my .mac email address. I always thought it was cool to have the email address user@mac.com  Now its stupid with either user@me.com or user@icloud.com Guess I'm just old school. Other than that, I didn't care much for .mac. I just really liked the .mac email address. I wish Apple still supported it. :(
 RAM is not Dodge. RAM is a separate brand in itself for its truck lineup. There used to be Dodge RAM's, but once Fiat took over Chrysler, RAM became its own brand as did Dodge, Chrysler, SRT, etc. The idea was to have RAM for trucks and Dodge for cars. There's RAM truck (1500,2500, and 3500), RAM Promaster (big cargo van like what FedEx uses), and RAM C/V (basically a Caravan without windows or seats in the rear).  RAM has its own logo (the old Dodge logo), and Dodge has...
 They're all part of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), formally known as Chrysler Group & Fiat SpA. That being said, they might not all use the same exact system. Fiat doesn't use the same entertainment system as Jeep for example. Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep all use the QNX based uconnect based system, however some are using version 2 while other models are still shipping with version 1 of the 8.4" system. There are even some still shipping with the old old 6.5" uconnect...
 I hope so, because the Microsoft based system sucks very badly. Its a shame so many people fell for their marketing. 
 I know the uconnect system Chrysler uses for all its brands are QNX based. Its an awesome system that everyone loves. Extremely intuitive, responsive, and fairly compatible. I have the 8.4 w/Nav in my Dart. Its very nice. Its not perfect, but its far, far from any Microsoft based system such as what Ford uses. 
Why is the iOS update Breaking News, and the OS X one not? I guess OS X isn't important anymore to AI. 
 Damn right! People could be expecting this to go into an iOS device and NOBODY would ever expect something like this. I doubt this would ever happen in a million years, but it would be cool to see Apple release something like this and totally throw everyone off. 
Introducing, the all new iMac. Made entirely of sapphire crystal.
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