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An easy way to solve this is to just get a portfolio case with a keyboard built in. Then you have both a case an a keyboard.    A Chromebook may seem nice at first, but you'll run into issues down the road, not to mention what apps are you going to use other than Google Docs? At least if you use a Windows tablet you have opportunities to use apps unless its Windows RT. The Google ecosystem is a bad one to get involved with IMO. Yes, Apple's is perfect, but with the way...
Yes...I don't want to listen to a phone conversation on my flight. I hope this passes. Sometimes I hate cell phones and of this doesn't pass and calls are allowed, this would be one of those times. Your god damn phone call can wait a couple of hours. Before cell phones they always did and we still survived. We will today as well.
Like it or not, it's here to stay so you might as well get used to it. I'm sure Jony I've isn't the only one who has a day in what things looks like.
 Isn't it great when the so called "experts" here know how to run Apple better than Apple? Nobody even knows the specifics yet the "experts" can have criticisms. I'm waiting for the if Steve were alive crap to start from someone. 
 This doesn't mean Apple can make it high quality. The name is already out there and is known by millions. The hard part is already done. Building a brand people known and love is REALLY REALLY hard to do. This is already done. Now, if Apple can engineer some decent sounding speakers to go inside this brand people know how can you not succeed? On another note, I doubt this was simply for its headphones business, but rather its music business. The CEO of Beats has some very...
And Apple products are not fashion accessories?
 Or that iWatch is actually the new name of AppleTV since they can't use the name iTV. Man that would really throw everyone off. 
And when you ONLY run commercials bashing the iPhone instead of trying to convince people you're phone is better because of feature A, B, and C then people get disinterested very fast. How many iOS device commercials do you see bashing what others don't do vs what the device actually does and why its good.  Of course...that would mean they'd have to do their own R&D and create some actual features instead of playing the wait and see what Apple does game. 
Patently waits for people to whine about Mail not working correctly....
 This would be a great way to combine to products into one (Mac mini and AppleTV). I'm not sure how many people though would use the Mac mini side of this with the TV as their display. I guess more people than we think do this? I for one tried and it just doesn't look all that great. Still though, I think its a great way to combine 2 products into one. Maybe this could also be the first iteration of an ARM based Mac with the entire thing running on something like an A8X chip?
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