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 This is my question too...WTH are they going to offer and how is it going to make money for them and not someone else? The only thing I could see is a separate section for google only stuff like if they make another pure Google Android phone, the Chromecast thingy and stuff like that. I guess maybe they could have another section for regular Android phones but other than maybe making money off advertising from using the phone, I can't see how it will make any money for...
Thats great for all the people who don't use OneNote. I mean seriously, who actually uses this???
I'm thinking a lot of people already switched to iWork. Not only can you use this on your Mac, but also any iOS device AND, you can sync all of your things with iCloud for easy access between Macs and iOS devices. I think the current iWork suite is adequate for most people's needs. Maybe not the hard core Office people, but a general everyday user its more than adequate.
 iTunes Match does not allow you to have unlimited skips. You're still restricted the same as if you didn't pay. Sucks, I would pay the money to have unlimited skips.  I would much rather use Spotify. iTunes Radio never seems to work right still and I want to choose the music, not it chooses for me and I have to play with this silly skip thing all the time. 
All I see for new iPhones in my area are 5c's. I have yet to see a 5S in the wild around me.
I really haven't had any issues with 10.9. The first posters sounds like they have something wrong with the install. I would try reinstalling. I run many Macs with 10.9 and all of them have been flawless. Now if your issue was a widespread issue I'd think differently. 
 I never said Apple should make something for me. I work in IT and mange both Macs and PC's (Primarily Macs). Yes, the Mac side doesn't require CDs and DVD's, while the PC side does. Also, there are still pieces of software that ship on CD's and DVDs.  I don't bemoan anything. Show me where I do this, or did you just pull this out of your ass like the rest of the post with no meaningful facts.  Well good for you in not needing to use a CD drive. Different professions...
 Now now...don't overload him with useful information. He might have something negative to say...oh wait!
 The thing though is that technically you're not supposed to use MCX with 10.9 clients. I've ran into some issues when doing there where mcx settings don't push out like they're supposed to. Workgroup Manager has been deprecated since 10.8 and really now in 10.9. So if you have new clients that can't take anything other than 10.9 you're screwed and have to use Profile Manager unless you're lucky and mcx is working for you.  I have yet to try Server 3.0 as I don't want to...
 Why not just not respond unless you have something useful to add instead of sounding like an asshole every time you post. 
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