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Its about damn time Apple released another public beta of Yosemite.
I think Apple Stores could do more now...They're just doing the same ole, same ole, and quite frankly, unless I want to see a new product or buy a Mac (which is very rare) then I don't have any reason at all to visit an Apple Store. Nothing makes me want to go there anymore like it used to. Maybe Angela can spice things up a little more and get people back into the stores to actually buy things.    That being said, whenever I do go in, I see more people playing with the...
Nope, none at all.... /s
No evidence other than the fact they hired all of these watch experts away from some pretty high profile companies that specialize in making watches and wearables. Other than that naw, Apple's not making a wearable item at all. I mean why would they hire those people to help build something they don't specialize in?
This is a good point. For this reason alone I would think iOS 8 would be very close to GM status. They must have some kind of section of the factory that images the phone with the correct image based on the type of phone it is (carrier its for, etc).  This doesn't mean they won't do 2 or 3 more beta releases and just keep it internally before going GM status. 
 That doesn't mean there won't be further issues as a result of adding things. Sometimes you fix one thing and break something else. All in all, the more people the better. 
If this is what Apple is going to do, then there was no sense in doing the public beta program to begin with. I've submitted lots of feedback and how am I ever going to see if it gets fixed before the GM is released. Basically by not releasing public betas continuously, they're wasting people's time.  IMO, they should have been releasing updates to the public beta all along. The more people that can test this the better as it puts Yosemite in more situations where things...
I thought I heard both the DP and public betas were going to be released every 2 weeks (basically every 2 mondays), but I guess its just the DP thats getting those updates. If they're never going to release updates to the public beta whats the sense in doing a public beta. 
 There hasn't been any updates to the first public beta of Yosemite. Why, I don't know. It would seem like 6 DP releases into OS X you could have made some type of OS X public beta update. 
 Doesn't matter, a music service is a music service. They still compete against each other. You can't tell me that Pandora doesn't compete with Spotify, so why is it any different between Beats Music and iTunes? When is the last time you've tried iTunes Radio? Its actually worked quite well recently for me. Yes, it used to suck but now it works pretty well. They've stopped playing songs 2 times in a row, when you tell it not to play a song it no longer plays it, its quite...
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