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 Why not just not respond unless you have something useful to add instead of sounding like an asshole every time you post. 
 I need one...use it a lot actually at work. 
In some ways this kinda sucks, but then again I can see why Apple would want to shrink its product line up and move people to the MBP retina. It would be nice to see the MBP Retina at the same price points as the non-retina one eventually.    I love my 15" MBP with the optical drive. I still need one and don't really want to carry around an external one. Plus I like having the ports I need on the side and not 20 dongles coming off it to give it the same functionality. I...
I wish Chrysler would take advantage of this. Their uConnect system is already based off QNX so it would seem to me that it would be an easy transition. I know uConnect is already pretty good, but it would be nice to see CarPlay as an option at least, even if its one of the uConnect Access Apps or something like that. 
 I doubt your wife wants to keep reaching across to the center console to use an iPad when she could have had it right in front of her. Plus, its a big distraction to the driver when someone keeps reaching for something. So no, I don't think its much safer.  Also, to add something...it would be a disaster getting people to constantly update the iPad in the car when you can just update your phone which would then as part of the update, automatically update CarPlay. No need...
 There must be a lot of bums because a lot of people have left Apple lately, probably more than we know. Not everyone stays in a company forever, even if its the magical and wonderful Apple, Inc. I'm sure its not always the greatest place in the world to work all the time. 
Somebody called this yesterday in the article about him joining the Goldman Sachs. Spot on!   Hopefully the person they're putting in place of Peter will do just as well, if not better. 
I would really like them to release a brand new version of Remote Desktop has more features and support for Mac and iOS clients. The old version needs to be scrapped and rewritten from the ground up. It's extremely buggy and right now not very useful beyond observing clients.
 I hope so...to me its a little embarrassing to say Apple's only server is basically a consumer mac mini with a Core i7. This is good for a few devices, but once you start getting up into quite a bit devices and Macs it will start to bog down depending on what services are running and what the devices/macs are using.  To be honest, Apple really needs to take their entire enterprise stuff to the next level. Remote Desktop is a completely disaster and doesn't work very well...
Now all they need is proper hardware to install this on. Not everything can run off a mac mini and its not always practical installing an iMac or something like that. 
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