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Of course NYS would never do this. NYS is the tax king!
 Probably not a lot, especially since chips are putting out less and less heat so there's less stress on the cooling system and they don't require as much power. Now cost? That may be an issue. I'm not sure what the cost difference is between a dual-core i5 and a quad-core i5 like whats in the iMac. I'm not sure if they could use a quad-core i5, still sell it at $599 (USD) and make the profit they want on it. They do sell a quad-core i7 Mac mini and a Mac mini server with...
I use a Mac mini as my primary Mac. So does my dad. They're more capable than most think.  Nobody ever said the graphics card in the MacPro could never be upgraded. 
 Yes, that features those too. There are many reasons to keep the older model around. I still wish they had the 15" model. Being able to expand the RAM, put your own SSD in it I think are huge. You can keep it going for quite a while because of this. I have an Early-2011 15" MBP (non-retina) and I was able to upgrade the RAM and the hard drive to an SSD. I still have the option to put a larger SSD, and more RAM. 
 What difference does it make? Either you are going to wait and buy the new product or you're not. Nothing was backlogged significantly last year except the Mac Pro and what would that matter anyways. What difference does it make whether its backlogged Apr 2013 through Nov 2013 if they released the MacPro in late winter of 2013 instead of the fall of 2013.  As long as Apple gets everything released and shipping before the holiday buying season thats really all that...
 When Apple has no chips to upgrade to, how exactly are they going to make something worth while? Everyone in the industry is in the same boat. This kinda reminds of the old PPC G4 days when there really wasn't much to upgrade to. I remember when new Macs used to actually be slower than the previous ones in certain configurations. 
 Because people still want optical drives? FireWire ports? Ethernet Ports? Yes, you can purchase these for the MacBook Air, but then it actually makes the MacBook Air more expensive. These are still popular in educational settings as is the MacBook Air. I actually wish they still sold the 15" MBP non-retina. We have teachers that want MacBook Pros and the 15" non-retina MBP was the perfect solution. Now, no teacher can get one because they don't offer a 15" solution...
 8GB should be very easy for Apple to do. RAM prices have go to be dirt cheap because of the quantities they purchase. These days, no reason not to do 8GB standard for at least the very low end. Anything lower is just a joke. 
 What about supporting Macs? Servers for more than just iOS devices. I have 150 Macs to support. 
 8GB should be plenty. I use a non-retina MBP with 8GB of RAM all day long at work with Safari, Mail, Apple Remote Desktop, Workgroup Manager, Server, Messages, Spotify and sometimes even Parallels and it runs fine. What apps are you using? Normally OS X is not a memory hog. 
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