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Clearing inventories....
I like Costco....wish there was one around here. :( Only thing I have is a Sam's Club which seems to be more business oriented than consumer oriented. Costco I think is more consumer oriented. 
 I agree...not only is 8GB a slap in the face for people who fall for buying this (or this is all they can afford), its getting to the point where 16GB isn't enough either. Phones are getting more and more sophisticated with higher and higher res photos and movies...this all uses up more space. Even people who aren't techies, use up 8GB pretty fast, even if they only have a couple of apps installed. They shouldn't have to delete everything just to update to the newest...
And tomorrow it will be Oct 19th. Then the next day it will be Sept 30th. People just make stuff up...   It launches when it launches! Which...is when its ready. 
 Its enough for me...1TB would be way overkill. Buy an external if you need more space. 
 Well aren't we just a perfect little angel...
 Same here...such as NY for example. Its mentioned on the NYS Tax Return to enter in all of your purchases. Everyone, and I mean everyone I know just checks the box that says I haven't made any internet purchases that didn't have tax already paid. NY gets enough of my money as it is. They don't need anymore of it. 
 Ha! And who does that? LOL
Now if Apple follows suit this iMac will be in the price range it should be. $999 is the sweet spot IMO. 
 Not a valid answer. That does nothing to explain how the iMac at $1099 with lower specs and $500 more expensive than a Mac mini is a better deal. Its not ugly, if you don't like the Dell logo then cover the fucking thing up. 
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