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 8GB should be very easy for Apple to do. RAM prices have go to be dirt cheap because of the quantities they purchase. These days, no reason not to do 8GB standard for at least the very low end. Anything lower is just a joke. 
 What about supporting Macs? Servers for more than just iOS devices. I have 150 Macs to support. 
 8GB should be plenty. I use a non-retina MBP with 8GB of RAM all day long at work with Safari, Mail, Apple Remote Desktop, Workgroup Manager, Server, Messages, Spotify and sometimes even Parallels and it runs fine. What apps are you using? Normally OS X is not a memory hog. 
I purchased the 2nd hard drive kit from ifixit for my mini and put an SSD in. So I have both the regular 500 GB 5400 RPM hard drive and a 120 GB Intel SSD. The kit is fairly easy to install. The Mac mini itself comes apart quite easily with very few screws. If they drop the mini, what are they gonna do about a server? Are they just going to assume any Mac can run The server app?
 This thing with the Mini kinda reminds me of the PowerBook G5. It was never updated properly and we always wish'd it arrive, but never did. I beginning to think its going to be the same way. I too would really like to see a Mac mini update. 
Decent update. I suspect the no 850M graphics is either because of thermal constraints, or they're simply waiting for a big update with them. Cool that the high end has a 1TB flash storage too. The 16GB was much needed IMO since you can't update it. 
So where are all the naysayers supporting the IDC article pissing and moaning about the prices of Apple's products and how the price is affecting Mac sales? Hmmm...where are you people? Why are Mac sales up if their products are perceived in your eyes as being too expensive for the general consumer? Please, I'd love to hear your story. :)
Oh Boohoo...first, nobody made you upgrade. Second, if the current MacPro doesn't meet your needs then go get something that does instead of bitching on a forum. Again, Apple knows the market far better than you do. It always has and always will. Stop trying to run Apple better than Apple. 
I know what you said. You're a flip flopper to make your point valid. Nothing was ignored.   So you've gone out, done the market research of what Apple's Pro customers want with a Mac Pro then? You know how to run Apple, better than Apple? Basically, this is what happened even though you'll never admit it. Apple designed, engineered, built and released a Mac Pro YOU don't like and/or maybe it doesn't suit YOUR needs so you and a couple of your worker friends automatically...
Well considering Mac sales were up this past quarter, now what do you have to say about price effecting Mac sales? I think its just more like you want a Mac for the price of a Dell and that just isn't going to happen. 
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