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Why not just shut it down and transfer customers to iTunes? No need for 2 music services. 
 Who gives a $hit about android...Fuc%$ them!
I'm still trying to figure out why there's still both Beats Music and iTunes? Why does Apple need 2 music services that compete against each other? Surely, there has to be a way to merge them into 1 service. Maybe in time...
Mine, my roommate, and some other friends using Yosemite Beta locks up constantly just by clicking on the address bar. It sometimes does it when clicking on tabs but that more rare. I expect a second public beta to be released soon. I've reported many issues and feature requests to Apple using the Feedback app. 
NEWSFLASH...no shit sherlock! I was just saying I hope they fix it soon. 
I wish Apple would release another Yosemite beta...this Safari issues in the first public beta are beyond annoying...especially the crashing when clicking on the Address Bar and sometimes Tab Bar.
It may be a desktop Mac, but its always gotten a mobile CPU. I can all but guarantee you that it will never have a desktop class CPU inside it. If you want more power, get an iMac.  I think you're better off just getting whats available for Mac mini servers right now. Otherwise, you're going to be disappointed. 
Its more than that. All year long, Apple has been unable to update its products because Intel kept delaying the release of its new processors. It goes much further than Intel just not having enough chips.  How many people here do you read about them them whining that Apple never updates its Macs, or that it updates its Macs in late Fall all the time. This isn't necessarily Apple's fault. Nothing is ever available, new technologies keep getting pushed back more and more...
This! I think the next new thing from Apple in terms of notebooks will be a 12" MacBook, dropping the Air name. 
Exactly! Its gotta be pissing Apple off to no end (again!) that their product lineup is held up by a 3rd party (Intel). This alone will make them want to use their own hardware inside and out so they don't have to rely on a co-dependent. 
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