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 Because Apple is doomed to failure, remember? This would go against that line of thinking. Only bad/negative stories are allowed! On another note, I just had a friend who had switched to a Samsung Galaxy phone from an iPhone and then was bitching up storm the other day saying how much of a POS his Samsung phone was....locking up, constantly running out of memory, horrid battery life, etc. Then he wished he had his iPhone back and now says he can't wait for iPhone 6 to...
 What exactly is wrong with Tim Cook? Who would be better? How would they be better? Tell us exactly what vision Scott Forestall had? It seems like all he did was piss everyone off at Apple. 
 SamsungInsider...with all the latest news on Samsung!
 HA! Could have fooled me. Every other article is about Samsung on SamsungInsider and not Apple. 
Why not just use glass that doesn't break?
 I bet it won't be far behind. I wouldn't be surprised to see a small update before years end. 
 I call BS!
 I agree too.  I would also love to see them purchase Square...pick them up damn it! Before Google does. Apple could use the Square technology. 
Samsung Insider...
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