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Shut up already!
Did you even read the article? I didn't think so. You just read the headline and made dumbass assumptions from there. Glad you don't run Apple.
On the educational website for schools, there aren't any discounts listed. Maybe this is only for students and staff, and not institutions? The iPad Retina is still $499, iPad Mini is $299 still , and the iPad Mini Retina is $399 still.  Maybe they haven't updated the site yet?     EDIT:   If you buy the 10-pack with or without AppleCare+ it is discounted to $479/iPad       This is a great thing and they're doing it at the perfect time. This is when schools...
I'd rather see a link that points to the lack of expanding the RAM in an iMac leads to falling sales.Obviously, Apple doesn't see it as adding value or else they'd do it. Just because you want it, doesn't mean everyone else does.More like sales are lagging because desktop sales in general are lagging as people are buying notebooks and tablets instead.
Aren't they the most innovative company out there according to certain people?I mean all talk and no actual products makes you incredibly innovative./s
Changing RAM in a 27" iMac is fairly painless and requires no tools. You've never even able to change the hard drive/flash in an iMac so why would you expect this to happen? 9/10 people could care less about changing either the RAM or hard drive.
 Thanks for running through who these people are for those that don't know. I just didn't want to run my post out.  People always come and go with every company no matter who or how important you are (or think you are). We all have to remember these are changing times too and sometimes the people who were great at Apple maybe aren't so great for what's coming down the road. So Apple has also hired some pretty great people these last few months. 
 Yes, because nobody important ever left Apple when Steve was CEO of Apple.  -Bertrand Serlet-Tony Fadel-Jon Rubenstein-Sina Tommaddon-Ron Johnson These are just a few of the big names that have all left Apple under Steve's wing, most of them being related with the Mac side. I'm so tired of this Tim Cook shit people keep spewing out.  What really big names have left Apple since Tim was here? Scott Forstall was fired, so he doesn't count. 
 Yes, because iMacs, Mac minis (2yrs w/no updates BTW), Mac Pros, MBA, MBP's, AppleTV,s, etc aren't made by Apple anymore, right? The iPhone is the only product Apple makes anymore I guess. *shrugs*
 BINGO! Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner! Somebody finally gets it! :)
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