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 And everyone else on here who thought it was a stupid idea and that they wouldn't sell. We just didn't give it enough time. I don't see the C model going away anytime soon and I think this just enhances this point. I wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of upgraded 5C at some point.  I think it just goes to show that ONLY Apple knows whats best and what it seems people wanting. Just because 1 or 2 people don't see it, doesn't mean Apple doesn't know what they're doing....
So Mac sales were up....where are all the whiners from the one thread a couple weeks back bitching about the prices of Macs and thats why Mac sales are down? What do you have to say to now?
Well I guess Tim Cook should be fired.... *shrugs* ONLY record profits, higher iPhone sales, and higher Mac sales.
 I doubt the Mac mini will have a regular processor in it down the road. Everything Apple is pointing to smaller, thinner products. If they were to change the design, I'm thinking it would be about the size in terms of how large of a square, maybe the size of the USB superdrive. It would obviously be a little taller to better dissipate heat. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they put the ultra low voltage Core i5 in it with something like Intel Iris graphics. Or, down the...
 I'd like to see more than just a processor update. At this point, I'd like to see a complete design change. Perhaps, maybe this will be something they surprise us with this fall.  I would almost think they'd put something like the low voltage Core i5 like whats used in the MacBook Air, and the $1099 iMac. Then they could make a smaller package, with a smaller built-in power supply. 
 And that explains everything! 
 So in other words, you don't really shop anywhere because it sounds like you have a complaint about everyone in the world? But...I have a feeling you're stretching the truth a little there. 
 And what does that have to do with buying an iPhone or MacBook Pro? Honestly, you'll never really see his work at Apple anyways. How many times did you hear about Katie Cotton before news of her retirement?
 Why not just use Quicken 2007 if you don't like Quicken Essentials?
 We meant under the main building...not the surrounding buildings. 
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