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Why doesn't Samsung just give up and cut it's losses? They haven't really won anything to date. At some point they'd have to realize they're never going to win no matter where they are.
 The only thing AI is serious about is posting articles that have nothing to do with Apple (ie. Samsung this, Samsung that) and then failing to post the real Apple news, and/or rumors.  On the other note, yes I agree. Lets get this over with already and stop these stupid lawsuits. 
 So, its still too long. Everyone has to lose and Apple has to win right?
I hope everything gets settled in the end. This is getting old and ridiculous. Time to move on already. 
I actually like the design/colors. I wish Apple would do something similar, especially with the iPad mini. 
SamsungInsider...WTH does this have to do with Apple News/Rumors? Who the F&^%$! cares!
I think they should have gotten nothing...how about that!
I know I'll be watching! Its coming fast too!
 I think you missed the /s part LOL
New Posts  All Forums: