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 No it clearly says 10.10
 Yes...I support a school building out in the sticks that doesn't have cell service in that area for any carrier. When I had my android phone on T-Mobile, I could use wifi calling as T-Mobile supported it. This would be great to see happen with Verizon as that building does have WiFi coverage in the computer lab (1Gbps fiber connection too). 
With Apple starting to open up iOS more and more, I think there's getting less and less reasons to jailbreak your iOS device. I don't do it anyways because I don't need to, but I'll make the assumption that its getting less and less necessary with newer iOS releases. I'm sure there are still things you can't do in iOS 8, but it looks like those things are going to come. 
I just want to use a Swype keyboard. Thats the one thing I really liked when I had my Android phones.
In case anyone was wondering, I was able to upgrade from 10.7.5 to 10.10 (DP) without any issues at all. I had a test Mac that only had 10.7.5 installed so I ran the upgrade and it worked fine. I can test from 10.6.8 if anyone is interested?
Paul is one of the biggest Microsoft asspuppets there are. In typical Microsoft fanboy'ism, he downplays everything Apple does. I see him on TWIT all the time and he always makes himself look like an ass when he talks about Apple. I guess when you're paid by Microsoft to write books for them you're supposed to do this.
Go figure....all the predictions were wrong. Just goes to show most people (analysts) don't now their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to Apple things, what they're doing, and what they should be doing.    It was an amazing keynote! Lots of surprises.
 I would smile too if I had a $1 Million salary. Sure, its not at much as everyone else, but its a start and I'm sure as he succeeds, he'll be very well rewarded. 
I wish T-Mobile had better coverage in my area. I used to have them, but their customer support and coverage sucked so I had to switch back to Verizon. 
 Not much to update to...
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