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 These are the little tweaks here and there that could get fixed. I was saying I doubt you're going to see another major overhaul of the UI.  I think your font thing depends on what your background looks like. Mine is perfectly clear and easy to read, even with the smaller/thinner font size. However, that doesn't mean it can't be fixed to be more easy on the eyes when a specific background is used in further updates down the road. 
 I doubt you're going to see another overhaul of the UI in iOS. I think what you see in iOS 7 is what you're going to get for a while. It may be tweaked here and there like it is in iOS 7.1, but nothing major. You'll eventually be forced to use iOS 7 so you might as well update now and get used to it. Its not really that bad. 
Looks nice...I do wish they'd update the photo(s) for some of the stores. There are some that are completely out of date and don't even look like what the photo shows because they'v been renovated and changed around. Heck, the closest store to me (eastview) still shows the original iPone and fatty iPod Nanos in the window. Thats how old the photo is and the store doesn't even look like that inside anymore. 
Why don't they just focus on making their software worth a fair fee? I think cost is part of the issue, but more so the OS itself.
 I don't want Apple buying companies for the sake of buying them. Many people also wish Apple would buy Twitter and Pebble, but if they don't have a use for them, then its wasteful to and hurtful to buy a company without a purpose. 
 I meant if you're passionate about something don't give up on it just because its hard, or you can't think you'll be able to do it. Hard work pays off in the end. If the job at Apple was a dead-end job then you shouldn't have taken it in the first place. Sounds like you just took it because you wanted to be able to say you work for Apple. 
Either way, Apple is doomed. I haven't seen any signs of doomness, but Apple is still doomed somehow. 
 I hope so too. Jony has played just as much of a part of Apple's success as anyone. He just never gets recognized for it, although I think he likes it that way.
You don't always have to be at the peak to succeed. It depends on what you want to do. You'll never be given the chance if you give up on yourself.
Sorry, didn't know the grammar police was here.
New Posts  All Forums: