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 Never mind, you don't get it and apparently you never will. *sighs*
 Nobody ever said they stopped selling anything. The point was, nothing ever gets updated until the very very end of the year. There are other good times throughout the year where people want to buy things for different occasions, or just buy them in general. So yes, they can buy what's currently available to them at Apple, or they can choose to go elsewhere and not buy Apple products because something better is out somewhere's else, or something newer is out. You can't...
 Apple sells more than just iPhones...remember?
 And thats fine and dandy, but what about the other 11 months out of the year? 
 Or they lose out on the sale altogether because they bought something else not Apple because something new came out from a competing company thats better in their eyes. 
 So who is a better CEO for Apple? You have no idea of the intentions of that purchase. You're making accusations based on rumors and yet you want to think that Tim is a horrible CEO and Steve would be better as if Steve never made any boneheaded moves when he was CEO. Yes, Steve was an angle and never made any mistakes. Get over it, Steve isn't here and never will be. He wasn't always perfect either and made more than his share of mistakes. People praised him so much...
 So I guess in your eyes its perfectly okay for Apple to continuously release nothing from January-September and then in Oct, release everything they've been working on? I do realize things take time and you want to get it mostly right from the start but you have to release things throughout the year. Not everyone is going to wait until Oct to buy the next iPhone, or whatever other thing they're looking to get. Some will just say screw it and either buy the current Apple...
Didn't we all see this coming. This alone will kill sales of these devices. As cool as something like the Nest Thermostat is, I don't believe people will want a Google Ad on their thermostat and I doubt most would pay extra to not have ads. This is something that shouldn't have ads in the first place. Nest killed shot themselves in the foot as soon as they partnered with Google.    I don't need a Kraft Mac n Cheese ad running on the fridge when I go to open it. My...
 You're absolutely correct. If Apple were reported as on top, we'd be having a totally different conversation. Some people here just can't take Apple criticism. 
I don't know why they still offer a measly 5GB of storage still. Most everyone else is significantly higher at no extra cost. This should be their next step. 
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