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 Must be I'm missing out on something then....
 I agree...I think this will help educational customers as well as businesses deploy mass quantities of iPads. This is something Android or even Windows doesn't have. 
This sounds great! As a person who works IT in education, I always wished there was a better way to roll out a bunch of iPads at once. Right now its a huge pain in the ass, even with a Bretford Powersync cart. Its very time consuming. I'm interested in seeing more like this. 
This has to mean that Apple is doomed to failure and Tim Cook should be fired! Yup...I think so!   /s
 Audio works fine on my MBP. Maybe another restart? Reset PRAM?
 I'm actually glad Apple keeps adding more under the hood changes and improvements. This keeps the underpinnings of OS X more up to date unlike other OS's out there. This can set them up for future products and OS X features down the road.  It's easy to say 10.2 and 10.3 were more interesting because back then it was just really a baby OS and needed these so called amazing new features to make the OS what it is today. Today, its a very mature OS and nothing of extreme...
 If you don't like the products Apple is putting out then move on and go elsewhere. Why make smartass comments and complain here? It won't get you anywhere. Its not going to change anything at Apple. 
 Apparently you didn't look anywhere else on that portion of the site. And I doubt Jony Ive has anything to do with the website itself. 
 These are the little tweaks here and there that could get fixed. I was saying I doubt you're going to see another major overhaul of the UI.  I think your font thing depends on what your background looks like. Mine is perfectly clear and easy to read, even with the smaller/thinner font size. However, that doesn't mean it can't be fixed to be more easy on the eyes when a specific background is used in further updates down the road. 
 I doubt you're going to see another overhaul of the UI in iOS. I think what you see in iOS 7 is what you're going to get for a while. It may be tweaked here and there like it is in iOS 7.1, but nothing major. You'll eventually be forced to use iOS 7 so you might as well update now and get used to it. Its not really that bad. 
New Posts  All Forums: