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 What agenda would that be??? He's still a citizen like everyone else in the US and can have his say whether or not he's CEO of a large company. 
Yes, everyday. Don't ask stupid questions...
Give that same project to your mom and see if the outcome is the same. I hardly think you're a typical Apple user.Nobody I know can figure out how to use the newer iMovie releases. They turn to Windows Movie Maker which is more like the old iMove 6 HD. What does that say? I see more people trying to use iMovie than you do, I guarantee it. It's a sad state when people resort to Windows to do media editing even if they use a Mac. Now either everyone I work with in school are...
 Its not easy at all for a typical consumer. They've ruined iMovie totally over the years by making it too much like FCP. The old iMovie 6 HD was amazing and everyone could figure it out. Now unless you take course, or watch tutorials you won't have a clue as to what to do, even for the simplest things such as combining 2 or 3 clips together is a task in the new iMovie releases. 
Now if they'd just make iMovie easy to use like it the old old iMovie that would be great!
 Anything is possible, but knowing Apple they'll probably skimp out and offer 6GB of VRAM or something like that as a BTO. 
 Any cheap iMac is going to have Iris Pro graphics. You would be looking at a regularly priced iMac as you suggest. Whether or not it will have 8GB is doubtful IMO. Maybe 4 GB as a BTO, but I doubt 8GB. 
Yeah because everyone in the world are little darlings like yourself. I'm sure you've never sped in your life.. *rollseyes*
 This! I can maybe see them showing off iOS and OS X, but releasing other things just doesn't seem like the right place. I thought this was why they stopped doing MacWorlds? It also puts an expectation on Apple to release something.  I don't think simply building a larger venue is something Apple wants to do. I would think thats part of Apple Campus 2.  I also don't think a larger venue would be as good for developers to attend. There would be more attendees than Apple can...
Why not just use your iOS device for the remote? I think if Apple did this, that would make a lot more sense. You're very limited as to what you can do with a dummy remote anyways (IR or BT). Yes, I know everyone doesn't have an iOS device so they would have to make some kind of remote, but I think they should make it so if you used an iOS device that it makes the AppleTV so much more usable vs a standard remote with a few buttons. 
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