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 Yeah, MacLife is what MacAddict turned into. I was trying to think what it was called when I was posting earlier. Same magazine I was talking about. :)
 I remember subscribing to MacWorld (and MacAddict) back in the day. Eventually, I got tired of getting them so I canceled everything. I was also stuck with getting rid of every issue. I remember MacAddict used to give you a CD with little programs and/or trial versions of different Mac apps. Like everything, it fades away as usage goes down. Everything goes away eventually if you don't keep up. Sometimes, depending on what you're doing you can't keep up with the times...
Phil Schiller?
I know...it was a joke. 
Yes...especially for Apple. They can do an Apple Event when their products are ready to be released and stream it to millions of people on their website, and invite the press for the keynote. This not only is probably cheaper for Apple, but also they can do things on their time and not be forced to release something that isn't ready just because they're the opening keynote address. 
If Steve were alive this wouldn't be happening...
I guess we'll never know of these mysterious bugs Yosemite has...Love it when people just comment vaguely and then leave. 
 Why does it look far from likely? Yosemite is ready to go. Yes, there may be issues but its ready to be released to the public. The last few updates have been very stable for me. I don't think it was ever meant to be available on the 16th anyways, but thats always possible.  iOS 8.1 well its ready when its ready. They'd best not rush a release and screw up like 8.0.1. 
 I think you're exactly right. If they do introduce a 4/5k display iMac, I'd be very interested to see what it costs. In the back of my mind, I kinda thinking it will just be a regular iMac update. I'm not sure quality IPS 4k panels are cheap enough to put in an iMac. At the same time, it looks to me like Yosemite is really aimed at retina type graphics. I don't get my hopes up for anything during an Apple event...makes it more exciting for me. Apple releases what they can...
New Posts  All Forums: