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 BestBuy has them...other than that I'm not sure where to get them in retail. I don't think the Microsoft Store actually sells anything, but I could be wrong. Someone will chime in and confirm. 
Does the new Surface even come with the keyboard they keep using in their ads? I always though it was extra?   I really can't see why people would get a Surface Tablet over a MacBook Air. Do people really want to touch their screen all day long, or at all?  Why would you want to use a stylus? Other than the ability to draw on the screen, there's really no advantage of purchasing a Surface Tablet over a MacBook Air. As we all know, the MBA can run Windows too if ever...
The Display Port doesn't have enough bandwidth...I don't think its necessarily Thunderbolt 2. Its the port they use. Display Port 1.3 fixes this. 
I don't care if its the first 5k panel or not...I don't care what the technology is, etc, etc. I'm just saying its not on par with the non-retina display in terms of quality. What is there not to understand about that simple sentence?
Yeah I only spent an hour in the store comparing the two, but never mind that. I'm sorry you wasted your money on a sub-par panel. *shurgs*
 I'm well aware of how a fusion drive works thank you very much. Its still a gimmick and flash storage is always better. End of story! YOU WILL NOT CONVINCE ME!
 I would believe him. Its not as great as it seems. The 5k yes its awesome, but the quality of the panel, no. Thats the most important part of the entire 5k iMac is the 5k panel. I'm sure I sound like a troll too, but so be it. The truth hurts sometimes...Some people here just can't take Apple criticism. 
 Maybe it works for you, but its just a gimmick to me. Get the flash storage and be done with it. Use external storage whether its cloud based or external HD if you need more space to store things. 
 They aren't as fast as SSDs, and the speed is ONLY on the SSD portion of the drive which is very small at 128GB if I remember correctly. So if you have lots of stuff, you may not even experience the speed as Apple's technology would move it to the rotational hard drive which is slower. It also still has rotational storage internally. Fusion drives simply provide Apple time to install flash storage in all of its products when prices get cheaper. I personally wouldn't ever...
 Apple's front will always be clean and simple. The majority of people won't be plugging in multiple cameras. They plug their devices in once and leave it. I think this is a case of you wanting Apple to cater an iMac around your needs. 
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