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 Well I expect the panel to be on par with the non-retina one as far as contrast, colors, viewing angle, etc which its not. The fact that the graphics seem strained by just the smallest thing is not good either, even with the highest end graphics. I'm not the only one saying these things either. Like I said though, the 5k part is awesome, just the panel itself isn't up to par with other Apple panels.  I would still wait for the next revision and see if there's any...
 I would upgrade any iMac to SSD simply so there's really nothing inside it other than a fan to fail prematurely. Its also noticeably faster. Fusion drives are crap!
When I tested one I wasn't really impressed. The screen wasn't as good as the regular 27" iMac sitting next to it. Yes, the 5k portion was pretty cool, but I don't think it was on par with colors, contrast, etc with the regular 27" iMac. It would also lose its colors at certain angles, something the regular 27" iMac doesn't do. Yes, I know its an IPS 5k panel, but there was still some noticeable color shift. I also noticed it WAS laggy, even with the most simple tasks it...
If Apple would have made iTunes Radio more like Spotify it would haven been far better off. This Pandora style radio just plain sucks! It doesn't work very well, I've lost an entire playlist that I had built up, sometimes my music doesn't play. It doesn't recommend music that I like even when I like a song and tell it to play more like it, etc. It just doesn't work very well. With a Spotify type system I could listen to the entire song as many times as I want (maybe...
 I assume they meant partly? Do they even read what they write, or just write and post?
My dad just picked up a 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T and he can do this with his iPhone. If part of the uconnect access infotainment system a lot of Chrysler vehicles have in them now.
 I bet he does. He had a nice gig at Apple and Apple Retail was something very successful that he built. Now he can't get anything successful going. I'm not sure if he'll ever be relevant again. 
Free with Ads of course....
 Target uses their own RedCard, but thats simply to make it so they don't have to pay the credit card company fees (like Visa and MasterCard). Thats the point the Target RedCard
 Yeah I don't know why they don't. Every Target I've been into has already upgraded their credit card system which has NFC built into it. 
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