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I wish this made the entire UI dark mode too...such as Finder windows for example. I do use this as my primary setting though. I really like it.
Told you, but you didn't want to listen...LPDDR RAM is soldered in RAM. There's no such thing as an LPDDR DIMM (or SODIMM). 
So...anyone been to a retail store yet to see if these are on display? Nobody seems to know and you can't call the retail store...goes to a call center right now. 
Does anyone know if these are in the store yet on display? Calling your local Apple Store will get you no where because it goes to a call center and they don't have a clue. 
Typically LPDDR3 RAM is soldered to the board which is what the new Mac mini has. Just because you don't want to believe it doesn't make it true.
 $2299 if you're eligible for the educational discount. Even better deal! Its practically steal IMO. 
Looks like the RAM soldered to the logic board. Better get all you can afford. One other thing to note...it doesn't look like it comes with the HDMI to DVI adapter anymore either. Its listed as an add-on for $29 and when you look whats in the box it says Mac mini and Power Cord.  
Well ordering an iMac yesterday and having new ones arrive today is a little different than ordering one right now at 9am EST and having new ones come out a couple hours later. That kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Apple is not like other companies... Who knows...maybe they are updating the store and don't want transactions going on at the same time. 
Well I would think it's so people don't buy products the same day new ones arrive. I don't necessary think it's a technical issue as to why they take the store down.How would you feel if you bought a new imac this morning and Apple came out with new ones in the afternoon. Yes, you can cancel it but it's just as easy to close the the store temporarily.Not everyone follows Apple news so not everyone looking to buy an Apple product today knows of an Apple event today.
Gazelle is a ripoff. They don't offer shit for values. This article isn't even worth the time it took to write.
New Posts  All Forums: