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 So I take it you're using gmail then....
Yes I'm a fanboy because I don't have any problems.Does Apple even support that card? I know it's made for the Mac but do they make the drivers for it or does AMD? If Apple doesn't support it then this isn't Apple's fault.
 I just know that I don't experience any of these issues and neither do anyone I know that has it installed. I have it installed on a few Macs at work (school) without issues as well. Something must be up.  The thing to remember is, everyone's setup is slightly different. Different hardware, different software installed, maybe they just upgraded and it don't upgrade properly (which is why I hate upgrades and never do them), etc. So its hard to determine whats actually...
 So this so called "expert" finds 2 bugs in Mavericks and its dubbed the most bug ridden OS ever? LOLOLOL!!!!! There have been far worse releases, 10.7 Lion being I think the worst in a long time. You've been nothing but a 10.9 hater from the beginning if I remember correctly. I've ran it on all of my Macs, my friends use it without any issues and I have a few at work with it installed with no issues. I don't see the big deal.  There's no such thing as a perfect OS...even...
 I use it on my 2011 MBP and it works perfectly fine every day at work. Sounds like you have other issues besides the OS. 
It's been stable since it's release. Never any major issues here. Dunno here this is coming from. It's been one of the better releases.
 This isn't MacWorld...this is a developer conference. The general public (including investors) can't and shouldn't expect something amazing at a developers conference beyond demo'ing the next revision of iOS and/or OS X. Yes, this happens but if it doesn't we can't forget that this is simply a developers conference. Where developers can bring their code in, have it looked it, get questions answered about current code, and how to apply any new SDKs for iOS and OS X. This...
 This is what I was thinking...they just look like tiny individual app icons. I would think they'd have a separate event for an AppleTV release. 
 I agree they'd have to have region specific engineers for Europe and/or Asia WWDC actually has around 5200 attendees. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Worldwide_Developers_Conference
 I think they would be a good idea, to have a second developers conference in Europe for those on the other side of the world. Then you could have language specific Apple engineers in Europe for the individual countries and it would also help with the US one filling up. I guess one could also argue Apple should also have one in Asia as well. 
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