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 Fullscreen isn't maximizing. Thats simply maximizing. If you want always maximized apps, use Windows 8 and you'll see how much of a pain in the ass it is to use when doing multiple things at once. 
 I know this...should be option click to go full screen not the other way around. 
I don't know many that use solely full-screen apps. I'm not really a fan of them to be honest. I actually pisses me off that the green button on a window makes your window go full-screen instead of changing the size of it. It was one of the features I reported to Apple to put back the way it was. There was nothing wrong with the Mavericks way of making an app go full-screen. 
Yes...this goes back to my comment. Not only does the Dock and Menu Bar need to be darkened, but also the finder windows, Safari windows, system pref window(s), etc. 
I wish this made the entire UI dark mode too...such as Finder windows for example. I do use this as my primary setting though. I really like it.
Told you, but you didn't want to listen...LPDDR RAM is soldered in RAM. There's no such thing as an LPDDR DIMM (or SODIMM). 
So...anyone been to a retail store yet to see if these are on display? Nobody seems to know and you can't call the retail store...goes to a call center right now. 
Does anyone know if these are in the store yet on display? Calling your local Apple Store will get you no where because it goes to a call center and they don't have a clue. 
Typically LPDDR3 RAM is soldered to the board which is what the new Mac mini has. Just because you don't want to believe it doesn't make it true.
 $2299 if you're eligible for the educational discount. Even better deal! Its practically steal IMO. 
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