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 Regardless, the 64 bit tests killed which if you're using a Mac Pro, it certainly does matter. If it didn't then there wouldn't have been the push to 64-bit. And don't BS me and say it was only for the 4GB barrier either. We should all know better.  I wasn't rude....if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. 
Ugh...I hate that Apple does this. I know it's great for consumers and I totally agree with it for them, but for enterprise folks like myself this turns into a nightmare. I wish there was the option to opt out based on serial #. Unless, someone can think of a good solution for doing mass deployment updates of flash. And no, not using flash isn't an option and Apple Remote Desktop sucks now and doesn't work worth a darn. They ruin that program with every update unfortunately.
 32-bit? Seriously? LOL!!!! Anyways, if you look at the score, the Mac Pro blows it away, even in 32-bit multicore. Longer bars are better son. Regardless, who cares about 32-bit performance when everything you want to do is 64-bit?  Apple can't cater to everyone and it knows more than you do, what its customers want. Just because it doesn't doing what you and/or your work place wants, doesn't mean they're not doing what customers want. I just love how just because you...
 Citation needed...I would love to see how this is occurring!  There are stores that still sell floppy discs too, that doesn't its main stream. I bet your mom or sister couldn't care less about taking the PC or Mac apart to upgrade it. You're just thinking about how Apple can cater itself to your work environment. That doesn't mean everyone else wants this. Just because you want it, doesn't mean everyone else does. 
 I'd like to see more Apple ads...they could have gone after Microsoft again after the Windows 8 fiasco, but they opted to focus on iOS devices instead.   This was one of the points I was getting at. When you buy a Mac it will last a very long time. You can still use a 2007 Mac with OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Many times, all you have to do is upgrade the RAM and if you feel frisky, just slap an SSD in place of the hard drive and its like a whole new Mac.  
Considering Apple doesn't even make the Xserve, I not familiar with really any schools using Xserves unless they've previously had it. Most use Mac mini servers (such as mine). There really isn't much you can do in a school that severely taxes a Core i7 processor. Even now, unless you have the last gen Xserve, Server isn't even supported.  Comparing Dells to Apple's offerings is like comparing apples to oranges. No, its not the same. Try again! If you don't like Apple's...
 Its only irrelevant because it invalidates your piss-poor argument that Macs are too expensive. First of al, we don't know for a fact that sales are declining. This company that is typically WRONG is estimating Apple is losing sales and neglects to add in iPads as computer sales when they did for every other manufacturer in the list. That being said, maybe they are, but on the flip side, they're not losing customers. If they're simply not upgrading, then they're...
 Don't be ridiculous...The Mac is not going away anytime soon.  Apple would never not put excellence into anything it releases. This isn't how Apple does things and never will be. Your argument there is nonsense...why would Apple make a Mac that would be designed to fail and/or go out of date faster so it sells more Macs and risk its reputation? In today's world, its actually the opposite which is I think one reason why you may see a decline in Mac sales. When you buy a...
Bahahahahahaha!!!!   The next big company is already here...Apple! 
 I used to like when they sent you the floppy discs. I was always like, thank you AOL for a free floppy. Now I can erase it and put whatever I want on it. 
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