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 You're right...this will continue to go on for years most likely. 
Waits for all the haters to say how much iOS 7 sucks....
I hate projections...why not just wait and see what happens? They're never correct anyways, good or bad. 
 Yes, it was a from a liquid cool G5. Otherwise it wouldn't have the radiator looking heatsink. The liquid cooling was just to assist in cooling since the fans weren't adequate to do the entire job. Like I said, the true last fanless Mac was the PowerMac G4 Cube. That PowerMac G5 also has fans elsewhere anyways like all the other PowerMac G5's. 
 More like it will just make you very angry. You can't speak for others...
 Ha!  I just saw your signature...haha. John C Dvorak was always kind of an Apple hater. I remember him from the ZDTV/TechTV days. 
I don't think that was totally fanless...
 It sure does...Apple hasn't made a fanless Mac since I think the PowerMac G4 Cube. 
So if you have an Android phone you're screwed for ticket upgrades LOL. 
I think you're absolutely correct.
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