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 I think you're exactly right. If they do introduce a 4/5k display iMac, I'd be very interested to see what it costs. In the back of my mind, I kinda thinking it will just be a regular iMac update. I'm not sure quality IPS 4k panels are cheap enough to put in an iMac. At the same time, it looks to me like Yosemite is really aimed at retina type graphics. I don't get my hopes up for anything during an Apple event...makes it more exciting for me. Apple releases what they can...
 No, but you can already use it as an external display which is what I was referring to. 
 OMG...you said the word Netbook. How dare you! Let the flaming begin! BTW...I do agree its a netbook. Yes, it may not be like what we know of as a netbook, but all in all, its an advanced netbook. 
Current iMacs can already do this...I can't see why they'd not leave this in. That being said, thats an awful expensive display. 
I too would like to see a retina Thunderbolt 2 Display (4k or 5k). I think owners of the new Mac Pro would like to see this as well. 
If Steve were alive, this would have happened....
Gosh, why don't you tell us how you really feel?
And then log into iCloud and erase the device while its in their hands. 
I hope they have some killer inventories built up. Looks like 20 million alone in China.
I think some are just hesitant to see how well this really works out. Its not like they have to sign on today or else they're screwed forever. They can sign on at any time. Also, for some its quite and undertaking and expensive. Many may not have planned on spending money on new POS systems at this point. Maybe down the road when they do budgets again they can figure that into their budget.    I expected this to happen. It will be a few years before everyone is on board....
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