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 You don't need to spin it 360˚ to reach the ports. I don't see this as being a big deal. Its not like Apple didn't think about things like this. Most Apple power cords today are very flexible. You'd only need to turn it about 90˚ to see the ports. If it required powering down the Mac just to turn it, then Apple wouldn't have included it as a feature. 
 I bet this will simply just be released like the iMacs were. You don't need a special event to release an updated Mac mini unless they were going to totally change the form factor of it. You're probably not going to see anything significant as far as speed increases go anyways. Why not just get the current Mac mini?
 Or else what? Do you think Apple is just sitting on their asses attending to the Mac Pro when they feel like it? I can tell you now its probably not gonna be priced cheap. It not made for people looking for a cheap Mac. If Apple didn't care about the Pro market they wouldn't be making a new Mac Pro, or maybe any Mac Pro for that matter. They wouldn't have Macs like the MacBook Pro, etc.  I'm sure theres a lot of behind the scenes things going on and getting ironed out...
Wishes he could afford a Mac Pro...I'm very curious as to what the price of this awesome Mac will be. I'm sure it will be through the roof and people will whine and complain like they were going to buy one but now aren't. I'm expecting it to be in the $2500+ range. Remember folks...this is a professional workstation. Its not meant to for normal everyday Mac users like most of us.
I'm just talking about the US...I could careless about the rest of the world...Sorry to break your heart.
I'd like to see the 5C's sales after the holiday quarter. I see the 5C mainly aimed at the younger crowd. I've said it a few times here before and I'll say it again, the $99 price point is actually pretty good. Now you can get 2 iPhone 5C's for the price of just 1 iPhone 5S. If you have children who want phones, and/or are due for an update this holiday season you can get 2 phones for $198. I think thats huge at a time where money is hard for people. This is where I see...
 I'm thinking that Apple did this on purpose. If I remember correctly, this isn't the first time its happened. If Microsoft were smart though, they'd either release their products earlier, or wait another week or so. Nobody will even be talking about Microsoft on the 22nd, even if they release new products. It will be like a back page story. Apple has enough good stuff to release at this event to where this is all people will be talking about. 
If you were bleeding customers before, why do you think all of a sudden people are going to just fly right back to you? Seems like this is a case of blaming someone else for your shortfall. If I were a shareholder, I wouldn't buy this BS excuse. They were banking too much on Apple to cover their ass. 
I saw someone wearing one the other day...they looked absolutely ridiculous. Google likes beating a dead horse don't they. If people don't like it, shove it down their throats and then they'll like it!
If he just keeps saying there's going to be a new TV soon, he'll eventually be right. Then he can say I told you so! /sarcasm
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