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  Well for one, Apple has released more than a few maintenance updates to OS X in ALL of its versions of OS X. To think 10.9 won't go past 10.9.2 is just stupid thinking. Why would they not want to fix issues with its OS? They can't release a new OS X every 6 months. This just isn't going to happen. 
 I can 99.99% guarantee you that there will be more than 10.9.2. The dot dot updates are maintenance updates and why Apple would not go past 10.9.2 is just plain silly to think. 
 I guess I forgot to mention /sarcasm
 Only 12 Million??? Apple is doomed!
All I can think of is that Apple is doomed!
 I think that post is a SPAM post. It makes no sense at all and doesn't have anything do with the conversation with this article. 
So basically what he's basically saying is in the past 20yrs he really doesn't have much to show for. And, I think its quite asshole like to say he's responsible for the Xbox. Never mind the actually team that did this.    Making money is one thing (which he did do), but shipping crappy products and making money is another thing. It may be good for the bottom line in the short term (which it seemed to be), but in the long run it hurts your brand. Just look where they are...
I won't even install it anymore on my iPhone or Mac. But what do they care, they already have my money. I'm just sick of seeing it. 
I'm about Angry Birds out. They've taken this way too far. I know I'm not the only one either. I'd be surprised if they didn't make Angry Birds toilet paper. 
Things like this will make a cheap(er) iPhone a must, especially for lower income families who can probably afford a $99 iPhone 5C on contract, maybe even 2. However, if they now have to pay $500 for an iPhone 5C AND their plan rate doesn't decrease then its a 1 - 2 punch to them.    Even me, I don't really consider myself low income, but at the same time, I cannot afford to shell out $500-600 for a new phone at ANY time. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple doesn't have...
New Posts  All Forums: