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 Well remember the 15" MBP Retina has a true Core i7 not a dual core like MBA has, even when upgraded to a Core i7. It also has a 15" a screen, and its a retina. Also, the graphics are more intensive as well. The fact that they were able to pick up an hour with all of this stuff is amazing in itself IMO. 
 Because no one at Microsoft or Nokia has a F&^%! clue as to what they're doing. Nothing like partnering with someone who releases a product that competes against your own. 
 Haha..thats funny! :)
 They should do that anyways. Nobody cares about a crappy Windows phone, even if Apple didn't have an event schedule for today. I still think Apple did this on purpose. Its not the first time they've scheduled an event on or near a competitors event. Apple knows they'll get the press and the others won't.
 I think this is how Apple uses their website now. Everything they've done now has been full screen on the front page. Still pretty cool though to see it on the front page at full screen. I hope they continue to do this. 
 I was just gonna post that! :(
It will be live streamed...   http://www.apple.com/apple-events/october-2013/   Its now on the front page
I just hope they stream it to other Apple devices as well. Its nice to see it live for those who aren't at their Apple TV, which I can assume is most people since they're at work. 
Not sure why all the negative about iOS 7. I love it. No problems at all for me on my iPhone 5C. I'm not sure why people are hating it. I'd like to know the reason(s) and not just "it sucks". I personally think iOS 6 and below was getting a little long in the tooth as far as the design. Its looked the same far too long and the glassy icons and other parts of the UI were just getting really old. The other parts of iOS 6 like the green felt in Game Center, leather appearance...
I hope it works better than the OS X version. The OS X version crashes constantly. All you have to do is look at the screen wrong and it will quit unexpectedly. 
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