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 What display did you get, the 4k one?
 You don't have it yet so I wouldn't get too excited. Okay...well I'd be excited as hell, but you know what I mean. 
It sure as hell beats shopping at Wal-Mart. I can't stand going into that place. 
I think they should sell the company off and give the money off to their shareholders...
 I read again and you actually said "This time around, considering that OSX updates will be free and Apple prefers users be on the latest version, I'll be surprised if there is an update past 10.9.2." How is this iOS????
 They've released more than a couple bud...go back and check again. Last I knew, 10.8.5 is more than a couple. Its about average of previous releases. 
  Well for one, Apple has released more than a few maintenance updates to OS X in ALL of its versions of OS X. To think 10.9 won't go past 10.9.2 is just stupid thinking. Why would they not want to fix issues with its OS? They can't release a new OS X every 6 months. This just isn't going to happen. 
 I can 99.99% guarantee you that there will be more than 10.9.2. The dot dot updates are maintenance updates and why Apple would not go past 10.9.2 is just plain silly to think. 
 I guess I forgot to mention /sarcasm
 Only 12 Million??? Apple is doomed!
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