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 The point is that they already have millions of dollars, and rake in thousands everyday from various sources such as iTunes. How many more millions do you need. Why do you need to get paid for every little thing you do just because you have a famous name attached to you. This is what bothers me about some celebrities. In some ways Apple has already paid them millions with things like the iTunes music store. Why not give back to the people who support you. You don't always...
Kayne West is one of the biggest F&#^# idiots out there. His music sucks too. Maybe he's just butthurt because other artists do this for the passion and he does it for the money. Sorry for the rant...didn't mean to offend anyone here at all.    On a side note....I would really like to attend this. 
I agree, video would be a good use for this but I think HDMI is going to win that battle. It's already the standard for video and I don't see TB overtaking HDMI. Maybe connections from the display to the computer but other than that I don't see TB taking off as a major I/O kinda like FW didn't. Again, don't get me wrong I like TB and I think it's great at what it does and can have many uses but for most USB is what people will use outside the professional world.
With things going wireless and USB being sufficient for most users needs, I really can't see many people beyond professionals needing extremely fast wired I/O. This fills whats necessary for the people who really need it. Us as regular consumers don't necessarily need extremely fast wired I/O, its nice to have don't get me wrong but its not entirely necessary either. Perhaps this is the reason why its not taking off in the mainstream market. I would put it in the category...
I wonder if they'll keep these around for Educational use? I know a lot of schools buy the iPad 2 because they want a full-sized iPad, but don't have $499/iPad to shell out. The iPad mini is nice, but in my experience its just too small for educational use. 
 People are already buying more Macs than PCs. Apple is not in a race to see how cheap of a Mac they can make. I can't necessarily say Apple doesn't care how many they sell, but it from what both Steve and Tim have said in the past, its quality over quantity, not the other way around. This is something that has worked for them in the past, and I have to believe will continue to work.  The Mac Pro can't possibly get any cheaper. I'm surprised they're actually making money...
 Uh maybe because this is AppleInsider? At least they're not reporting when someone at Samsung took a dump as they usually do, when nobody cares. A backlog is just as much of news as when it clears up. People would probably like to know about a backlog. 
So when does he start selling his stock. Its obvious now that he's not able to push his weight around in money (and stock amounts) like he's done with other companies. 
 I bet Apple does.   I suppose this is misuse of company funds and they should be giving it back to their shareholders instead!  /sarcasm
 I know AppleCare is located in Austin, Texas. I know there are other things at Apple located there as well, such as sales reps and such for education. 
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