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A teleprompter? Seriously?   So it was scripted as to what to say. I'd like to see if Apple uses a teleprompter (which I hardly doubt!). 
 I too would be interested to see who exactly is a better fit at Apple. People like to bitch, nobody has the solution though. 
 Not necessarily. We buy things throughout the school year all the time. There isn't enough time in the summer to always get things like this done so its not super important to get it ordered only July 1st when the new school year kicks in. I just deployed a new MacBook Pro lab a couple of weeks ago. Its not really a big deal if you have your stuff together. 
 What world do you live in? Trying reaching out and touching a screen for a few hours and see how your arm feels. Tell me how many times you've pushed the hand rest up in the air by touching the screen. I think you're living in bubble with your own hopes and dreams. 
 Yeah because all consumers buy a MBA to run FCP and professionals just love using FCP on an 11" screen with a ULV processor. How about something realistic in an everyday environment. 
 Then explain, don't just say thats false. If you didn't explain, then obviously there really isn't much because otherwise you would have said something other than "That's false". 
  Why not just get an iPad with a case that has a keyboard attached to it, or just get the Apple bluetooth keyboard. This solves the keyboard issue right there.  Education market is already eating up the iPad market. I know, as I work in IT in a school district. In today's world you shouldn't need to be able to access a local server in order to see your files. There are far better ways to do things. Printing is a non issue with a small program called HandyPrint which works...
 Yes, I have and what I said still stands. There isn't much you can do on a MBA that you can't do on an iPad. A 12" iPad would make a MBA a useless netbook.   Its the next generation of netbooks (aka ultrabooks). It really doesn't do much in the end. 
 Its pretty much a netbook IMO. Apple just renamed the category. There isn't much you can do on a MacBook that you can't do on an iPad. 
I see this replacing the MacBook Air lineup. And good riddance...what a worthless netbook. 
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