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  We don't make the program....were just told to use it and its a program approved by the State Education Department. BTW...thanks for the legal advice!
I know Apple is looking out for us, but for some instances its kind of a pain in the ass that they keep disabling Java. I work in a school and were doing student assessment state testing and the program is Java based. It creates major havoc as testing has to go on right now. This isn't something that can be delayed just because there's an exploit. I'm going to assume I can just use ARD to re-enable it through a Unix command.
  But they say they're a software company, not a hardware company.
  Yes, if you've seen the interface of Office 2013 for Windows it looks horrible. It reminds be of a Windows 95 application. 
Does anyone really care about this overpriced crap? I really hope this isn't going to be the only version of Office on iOS when it arrives. If its not a genuine iOS app, then I bet it will fail.
  Apple is a software company...at least they say they are. As Steve Jobs always said, people who are really serious about software also want to do their own hardware. 
  This is true...as much as Windows continues to suck and not improve, people keep buying it because they've already invested in it. Its not always cheap to switch platforms, nor is it always easy. If someone has $500 worth of iOS apps, they'd lose everything by switching the Android, or Windows Phone OS. 
Hope it fixes non-iCloud email notifications that don't appear on the screen anymore. My phone just vibrates or chimes for a new email, but never shows it on the front screen before unlocking the phone. Massively annoying since I have to manage 2 exchange accounts getting emails all day long, constantly unlocking my phone just to see what email came through.    My roommates gmail account does the same thing. 
What do the British know anyways....
It seems like this would be illegal if you ask me.
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