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 I work in a 2 school districts and I see kids doing this constantly...that and dropping their phones. But to your point, they probably didn't buy the phone, their parents did. 
This is why you don't put your damn phone in the back pocket. Why would anyone think its okay to SIT on your phone? I hate when people do this.
 Stop with if Steve we alive shit. Nobody knows what Steve would have done. You don't, I don't, nobody does. Steve isn't here anymore...get over it. 
 Chrysler has a great marketing team. For the past few years they've always ran amazing and inspiring ads.  Still though, I really don't see the point in running a $3 million ad for one night. Its a waste of money. 
Why do people always think Apple is going to run a Superbowl Ad? As much as some like the ads, they really don't do much. How many of the ads do you remember from last night? How many do you remember from last year? I think its a waste of money and Apple was right not to run an ad. 
While these glass fronted stores are very cool, I wonder when Apple will try to look at ways to keep these idiot thieves from running their car into the store, ruining it and making off with store displays. Something like this, not only would it ruin the store front, but would also be very expensive to fix. What the fix would be, I'm not sure. There are very bright people at Apple and its design consultants to figure this stuff out.
 I totally agree with this. 
 Citation needed....
 Or are very flatulent....
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