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Um...whoever said the phone will ship the day of the keynote...or even if orders are available. This seems kinda stupid and a waste of time if you ask me.
 This is exactly what I was thinking. Apple is going to enter the home automation space and the building is a living room/kitchen, etc area where they can demo it. Maybe this ties with with both iOS 8, iPhone and iWatch.
 its probably hard for many of us to imagine, but think back to before 2007...before MacWorld when Steve announced iPhone. How many people really said they wanted a smartphone in their pocket? Yes, I'm sure there were more than a few who did, but I bet not as many as there are today. I know for one, my dad probably thought it would be a cold day in hell before he had a touchscreen smartphone in his pocket.  So I can kinda see that maybe Apple will create a market like they...
 Just because something wasn't leaked, doesn't mean its not going to happen. I don't recall much if anything from the MacPro being leaked either before Apple gave us a sneak peak at it.  That being said, I'm not going to get excited at all until I see an official announcement from Apple that there's even going to be an event on Sept 9th. 
At least Google didn't buy them...thats all I can say.
 Gotta get that MacMall plug in! Wouldn't be an article with MacMall around it somewhere. Who the hell would order from MacMall anyways?
 Bahahahahahaha! I think someone needs a little history lesson! :)
These ads obviously aren't working...I don't know why they continue these stupid type of ads. If its not working by now, its never going to. If you have to spend all of your advertising dollars defending your product, then you don't have a very good product to advertise. 
Don't we already know this? Why a 50,000th article on how segmented Android is? 
Seems like it only does when switching between apps by clicking on the app to switch. If I command tab to the app I want to switch to it doesn't do it. Also, it seems to be using more RAM. I have 8GB total and with just Safari, Mail, and Messages open it was using 7.75GB of RAM. I restarted and its back to 4-5GB used but it seems to creep up doing while its not doing very much.  Seems as if Safari web content is using a lot of RAM too. It looks like its caching websites...
New Posts  All Forums: