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 I think they could bring back a modern version of it. Doesn't need to be the old looking one like the 80-90's. I really like the logo they use in their invitations. 
 Listening to your negative BS is more painful...Tim actually does a pretty good job. He's come a long ways in a very short time. 
I would just love for it to be all Mac related. I guess I'm kind of an old Apple fan, but I love the days when there was 1.5-2hrs of new Mac stuff. I miss those days. I enjoy seeing new iPhones, Apple Watches too, but I really miss an all Mac event.    Lets hope the stream works better this time too...
I'd like to see a real Server OS (like 10.6 Server), not an add-on to an existing desktop OS. They also need to fix Remote Desktop. It needs to be totally re-written. The app now is basically unusable which sucks because it used to be a really good app.
 Or Mac mini which hasn't seen a true update in 2yrs. Screw iPods!
Yeah that's true..
They could also just do an internal release too so only Apple internal gets the update. They've done this in the past too.
It's not abnormal for Apple to do this. I'd say the absolute last release before the official public release.
 He might as well shut down now then. If available, I bet they sell 10M in the first weekend, if not the first week of sales. Again, if inventories are available. 
 Looks like the first GM of Mavericks was Oct 4th and it was released on Oct 22nd. That being said, I doubt you'll see it before any kind of Apple Event which I expect sometime within the next week or two. 
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