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 Because they're not smart enough to do that, nor should they have to be. Simply put an 8GB iPhone is stupid. Its not enough space for anyone anymore. 
 This is why selling an 8GB iPhone is stupid for any country. You're not the only person who is going to run into this issue when the final is release to the public. I just had to deal with someone today who had an 8GB iPhone 4 and they basically had to remove everything off their phone just to finally install the iOS 7.1.1 update. And BTW...this is a person who is incredibly untech savvy. What filled the phone up? Photos! Like I've said in every other thread when this...
I don't know why they don't make Dark Mode the default of the OS anyways. I think it looks so much better. I've always adored the UI of Apple's Pro Apps because of the dark interface.
 Gmail sucks...end of story! I switched away from them a couple years ago.  I wouldn't trust Google any further than I can throw them. 
 More like just a site that pushes out terribly edited things not related to Apple (Samsung Insider) and BS like this. Nobody else spews out this bullshit stuff. I swear AI gets worse and worse everyday. 
Yet more bullshit predictions based on nothing! Why do these get posted? Who really cares about bullshit predictions based on hopes and dreams that are wrong 99% of the time?
I don't see it being as small as the AppleTV, but I could see it being about the size of the USB SuperDrive (only taller). That would be significantly smaller and impressive, especially if they can keep the power supply internal.
It's hard to constantly update your machines when there isn't much to update to.If Apple were to release a Retina iMac with just a small increase in speed and the same or similar graphics, people would be bitching up a storm.On another topic, I too think Apple has something in the works for the Mac mini. I still believe it will be smaller in design. There's teslly no need for it to be that large anymore. It's current size was mainly to accommodate an optical drive which is...
That looks amazing! Retail stores typically have a common theme. It's not really old and outdated at all. The design is a trademark of an Apple Retail Store...why would you want to change it?
New Posts  All Forums: