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  Why yes, because it should be perfectly okay for any company to copy someone else's hard work and make billions. Don't blame Apple, blame Samsung for doing this and the court system for allowing it to happen in the first place which is continuously allowing millions of copied devices to be sold. 
I think the expense keeps devices and consumers way as well. It may be fast, but its also expensive. If I remember correctly FireWire was the same way with both devices and price when it first came about and has sense gotten cheaper. I'd like to think there will be more devices in the future as its a great technology.
  I think he was hinting that they should have just waived all charges until June 30th, meaning free phone/data usage until June 30th which would help them greatly given the fact that not only did they lose everything, possibly a lot financially as well. 
I would really like to see the iPhone come in anodized colored aluminum/glass. It would really set it apart from previous iPhone designs. I'd even go for the same colors as the iPad Touch...or very similar colors. I'd hate to just see black, white, and gold or something silly like that. I would take an orange or green one! I can upgrade next month, but I'll wait for the next iPhone before doing so.
I didn't see that coming....
Considering the fact that 3G and now 4G has been out for some time and there still aren't any upgrades in site I'm not holding my breath. Its the ole thinking of well it will cost more than they'll get back in revenue to do it so until they're forced to do it, you'll never see it. I think this is why you see large gaps in coverage in many areas around the US.    I'd like to see data caps either eliminated, or at least increased to a respectable amount. The bottom line...
And how many tens of years will it be before this is implemented in a wide scale. There are many areas of the US still not connected with 3G, let alone 5G depending on what carrier you have. While the technology sounds great, if its expensive as hell then I don't see anyone using it anytime soon. Where I live, if you have anything other than Verizon you're stuck on 2G and I don't live out in the boondocks either.    In my opinion, the US STILL is not ready for...
  Which is why I think the whole cheap iPhone thing is stupid in the first place. 
It was probably more like they couldn't afford the iPhone and was giving a BS reason to not carry it. Plus they wouldn't make as much money off the iPhone as they do the cheap android phones. 
  Well if you don't have some kind of solution then you can't bitch about it. Why is it Apple's responsibility for YOUR phone?
New Posts  All Forums: