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I suppose for simple people like my dad this is perfect. But, he just purchased the $599 Mac mini last week and I bought him a 23" ISP LED Display so he's probably better off. I also put an SSD in it for him along side the 500 GB HD that came in it. I can see where this would be good for simple people to do simple things. Things are never cheap enough, however I think this should be $999 at those specs. Breaking that sub-$1000 is important for people.
This is exactly what they're noted for. They try like hell to get people to actually buy the product there but I myself too would never buy much of anything at Best Buy.
They may not understand anything. They just get annoyed by Apple to update from iOS 6 to iOS 7 everyday so eventually they press OK or Update or whatever the hell the button says. Then they get told there isn't enough space to update their phone and they have to keep deleting things until it goes away. I never said once that they understand the ins and outs of any update method.    A basic person does all of what you said, but you left out one important thing.. photos!...
 No, why assume they've had Apple products all along such as an iPod? Thats a very poor assumption. You have to think about a general everyday person, not someone tech savvy person like anyone here on AI. I see this day in and day out. I'm not making this stuff up. 
 Yeah, they'll freak out, but they'll get over it. I didn't say not make it an option to turn it back to white. I just said the dark should be the default.
 Because they're not smart enough to do that, nor should they have to be. Simply put an 8GB iPhone is stupid. Its not enough space for anyone anymore. 
 This is why selling an 8GB iPhone is stupid for any country. You're not the only person who is going to run into this issue when the final is release to the public. I just had to deal with someone today who had an 8GB iPhone 4 and they basically had to remove everything off their phone just to finally install the iOS 7.1.1 update. And BTW...this is a person who is incredibly untech savvy. What filled the phone up? Photos! Like I've said in every other thread when this...
I don't know why they don't make Dark Mode the default of the OS anyways. I think it looks so much better. I've always adored the UI of Apple's Pro Apps because of the dark interface.
 Gmail sucks...end of story! I switched away from them a couple years ago.  I wouldn't trust Google any further than I can throw them. 
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