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I'm just talking about the US...I could careless about the rest of the world...Sorry to break your heart.
I'd like to see the 5C's sales after the holiday quarter. I see the 5C mainly aimed at the younger crowd. I've said it a few times here before and I'll say it again, the $99 price point is actually pretty good. Now you can get 2 iPhone 5C's for the price of just 1 iPhone 5S. If you have children who want phones, and/or are due for an update this holiday season you can get 2 phones for $198. I think thats huge at a time where money is hard for people. This is where I see...
 I'm thinking that Apple did this on purpose. If I remember correctly, this isn't the first time its happened. If Microsoft were smart though, they'd either release their products earlier, or wait another week or so. Nobody will even be talking about Microsoft on the 22nd, even if they release new products. It will be like a back page story. Apple has enough good stuff to release at this event to where this is all people will be talking about. 
If you were bleeding customers before, why do you think all of a sudden people are going to just fly right back to you? Seems like this is a case of blaming someone else for your shortfall. If I were a shareholder, I wouldn't buy this BS excuse. They were banking too much on Apple to cover their ass. 
I saw someone wearing one the other day...they looked absolutely ridiculous. Google likes beating a dead horse don't they. If people don't like it, shove it down their throats and then they'll like it!
If he just keeps saying there's going to be a new TV soon, he'll eventually be right. Then he can say I told you so! /sarcasm
I still think the iPhone 5C will be a huge hit this holiday season. Instead of buying 1 phone for $199, you can get 2 for that price and I think that's huge to parents who have children that want an iPhone, but are on a budget for Christmas spending. Plus, they can pick out a color, a case, etc. 
 Not true, many schools have multiple Macs in both classrooms, rolling carts and regular labs. Many Colleges use Macs as well. This is a great addition.  I would go out on a limb and say more K-12 schools and colleges use Macs than businesses. 
 Remember you could pre-order the iPhone 5C as well, which is what I did. I think you have to take into account the number of preorders Apple had for the iPhone 5C as well.  And not everyone went to the Apple Store to get a phone. I would think, most did not in fact. They went to places like Target, Walmart, a carrier store, etc. 
While I appreciate iFixit for what they do and they are useful for people like me who do work on Macs I can't see the score as a big deal. The days of people getting inside their computers are falling by the wayside. Computers today are much more robust in terms of specs vs the computers from before. They're faster processors are more than most need, even on a cheap model, have plenty of RAM and hard drive space. Only the serious people do these upgrades and repairs....
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