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You ARE NOT being charged for MMS! The plans you get don't even include SMS texting for christ sakes! Can you not read what you're getting when you buy it? SMS and MMS are NOT the same thing! SMS is for texting, MMS is for sending multimedia messages. That would be like saying a text ichat is the same as a video ichat, both represent chatting so they must be the same!
When has Apple or AT&T marketed MMS other than saying its available in iPhone 3.0 OS, but NOT in the US?
You are not paying for an advertised feature. AT&T isn't charging you for MMS. Apple and AT&T has made it clear that MMS is currently not available on the iPhone in the US. I wasn't really aware you could sue to get a feature added on. I guess everyone here who wants a matte display should sue Apple to get a 13" MBP, or 24" iMac with a matte display then......
My guess is that Apple would say you can always restore from a Time Machine backup. I know this isn't the answer some people are looking for, but I have a feeling that would be Apple's response.
The release date for everywhere is still kind of vague. If SL really is GM status, an announcement will be made very soon so people can start pre-ordering.If you really want to pay that much I can buy it for $169 and sell it to you for $299.
Far as I can tell... It would be $169 to go from Mac OS 10.4 to Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Reason why its $169 is, Apple appears to be making you purchase not only OS X, but also iLife '09 and iWork '09. Some may complain, but actually thats a hell of a deal. To buy everything separate it would cost nearly $290.
What would be the fallacy? People buy what they want...Apple isn't forcing people to buy laptops.
Fanboy expesss my ass! I guess I could call you a troll then! I just love who the fanboy term always gets thrown around here. In case you forget, Apple is a company. The purpose of a company is to make money. If something costs extra money to engineer, inventory stock, etc, any company is going to charge money for something like that. It doesn't matter how many billions of dollars a company has, they aren't going to sell things that aren't going to make them money. Apple...
Just like no matter what Apple does, people still insist on bitching about it. Were all just gonna have to realize that Apple cannot make everyone 100% happy with every product release. What looks cool to 10 million people may look like shit for 2 million people. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Or, go find something else that suits your needs, whether its another Apple product or even another brand.
Because its not free for Apple to re-engineer a way to securely put a matte panel in it? Jesus people! Apple gives people what they want and people are STILL BITCHING!!!! Do you want Apple to just give you the damn laptop?
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