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I'm thinking this will be pulled eventually...
Prepare your anus....
 That is correct. If for some reason you wanted to update you'd have to do it through iTunes and force it because to Apple, you already have iOS 7 installed. 
 As if its going to be absolutely perfect when it comes out.....Not sure why you expected this. I'm sure 7.0.1 (or 7.0.2 will be out within a week or so to fix things. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't already working on the next update. 
 Its the same as the GM that was released a week or so ago. This has already been confirmed by others. 7.0.1 has been released for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s however. 
I really don't get their thinking with these ads. They should be focusing their efforts on getting Android switchers. I hardly doubt anyone is going to switch from an iPhone to a Windows Phone. Its more likely they'll switch from an Android phone to a Windows phone, especially if they didn't like Android and wanted avoid using iOS. A person switching from iOS is more likely to switch to Android from what I've seen.   Microsoft is more of a little fish in a big pond now...
 But if they're not talking with 64-bit then it won't matter because it can't register that amount of RAM. Regardless, I don't know of a phone that is anywhere near 4GB of RAM
 Yeah I was thinking...Android I don't believe even supports 64-bit processing so whats the use? And, I don't believe there to be any kind of developer kit to make things 64-bit on Android. 
People will complain about the price of the iPhone 5c, but they will still buy it. This seems to happen all the time with these types of devices. For example, I remember when the iPod mini came out and it was $249. People whined and complained up and down about the price and I'm almost positive it ended up being the best selling iPod they had at the time until it was replaced with the iPod Nano.    Apple never stated this phone was for 3rd world countries that cannot...
  That is completely unacceptable! 
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