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  I don't believe Tim Cook to be there to continue innovating at Apple. There are plenty of very smart people working at Apple to do this. I think its his job to make sure the correct things go out to the public and make it right the first time, not after 3 or 4 tries. By then, its too late most of the time. While Steve Jobs was great at what he did, he didn't do everything at Apple like some people like to think. Its not like he thought of absolutely everything Apple...
  I could care less how fast their coverage is. The fact of the matter is that getting a signal in a lot of places sucks and when you do its not anywhere near the quality of coverage of the others. Of course, Ann Arbor Michigan has great coverage, its a city. Try going it a rural area outside a city and see how great T-Mobile is. 
  Thats just the issue with T-Mobile. They're coverage sucks. They're still 2G here where I live. Everyone else is 4G LTE. Unless you live in a city you're screwed. I used to be on T-Mobile with an few Android phones and their coverage was never stellar. 
Yeah, I'm sure it was that. They didn't need the iPhone anyways! 
Pfft! FOX news...enough said!
  We could just ignore your posts too since they usually don't have anything worth reading, but we don't for some reason....
I hope they fix the battery life issues with the iPhone 4S. Running it on mine kills the battery life. I can only sometimes get a full day out of the battery vs always all day with iOS 6.
Does anyone really care about this shitty game? Its been completely ruined! Thanks EA! Good job!
Apple maps is nice, but it still doesn't do things as well as google maps sometimes. There's still work to be done. Its getting there, but its not quite there yet. There are still places that are in wrong spots, so it gives incorrect directions. I do like the interface of Apple maps better though.
Yeah, this sucks and everything, but most people won't care when they come in to buy one of these. Its not like they bought it because its supposed graphics powerhouse in the first place. 
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