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Because its not free for Apple to re-engineer a way to securely put a matte panel in it? Jesus people! Apple gives people what they want and people are STILL BITCHING!!!! Do you want Apple to just give you the damn laptop?
I think that figure from WWDC was 70 million OS X users. That included Mac OS X, iPod Touch OS, and iPhone OS users. I don't recall Apple ever saying how many Mac users there were. iPhone and iPod users aren't not considered Mac users. However...I could be wrong.
You obviously didn't get what I said.....
Excellent point! If Apple costs Microsoft nothing, then why is Microsoft spending millions and millions of dollars to advertise against what Apple is doing? There is some flawed logic there...
There is...but you will have to copy the AppleTV OS to the new drive. Which can be tricky if you're not used to do those kinds of things. Google will give you some resources on doing this.
Not! Mine isn't slow at all. The initial backup takes a couple hours, but other than that its fast. Snow Leopard is supposed to improve Time Machine backup/restore speeds.
In order for the iPhone to move to Verizon they're gonna have to let Apple control the phone like they do with AT&T. It sounds like Verizon wants the iPhone bad enough to where it may compromise on that. Otherwise its obviously not going to work and you know Apple isn't going to relinquish control of their own phone to a carrier.
Or it could be that Apple is doing what I posted and is going to simply expand its offerings. Make an AT&T phone and a Verizon one. This "could" explain why Apple isn't saying bad things about AT&T. Maybe it still wants them as a carrier. Giving people a choice is never a bad thing. Not everyone gets great reception with AT&T, or with Verizon. So it would be nice to give people a choice. I would take a Verizon iPhone as long as it wasn't Verizon'ized. No Vcast, Verizon...
I don't see any reason for Apple to stop using AT&T. They seem to have a good relationship. At the same time...it would be great for Apple to expand their offerings and offer a Verizon iPhone. I think it would only benefit Apple and its customers and potential customers. There are customers that are perfectly happy with AT&T and making them switch to another carrier may not be the best thing to do. At the same time, there are people who don't like AT&T for one reason or...
I don't care what they do...if I only like 2 or 3 songs out of the album I'm only gonna buy the 2 or 3 songs. I refuse to waste money on an entire album and then only listen to a couple songs.
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