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And you think Dell is #1? Link please? Don't post things without proof!
No...those are from 2008. Read what I posted. No I know why people hate arguing with you. You can't take the time to read and understand what people tell you. All you want to do is argue.... Far as I'm concerned were done! If you want to go find an article that proves me wrong..be my guest. Of course...why would anyone want to do that. Arguing and insulting is so much easier!
How so? Education sales are education sales.....
Well of course there's no recent data...the previous school year just ended...DUHHHHH!!!!! The information I posted from the last school year.
Its not my job to do your research either.... There is no recent data...but the latest data I find shows Apple is #1 in sales.http://9to5mac.com/Apple_beats_Dell#1 for Europe as well according to the most recent data I find:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...080300408.html
Show me a link that proves it wrong....
That would ummm....Apple! Believe it or not...Yes, its Apple! Go figure!Just because they're lagging in sales, doesn't mean they're not #1. Toyota's sales are lagging too...that doesn't mean they're not #1 in automotive sales.
Apple has a 20" educational iMac (Aluminum) for $800. The MacBook is also around $800. Plus if you order a bunch, Apple will discount the already discounted price. Plus, if you're just updating the computer part, you can always get MacMini's for less than $700. Plain and simple, schools are just poor these days.
I wasn't aware Dell was the leader in education sales???? Or is this just Techstudian math?
Depending on what Mac you have...it may or may not have been produced by Foxconn Industries.
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