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Just a pet peeve...Why is Apple always referred to as "the iPhone maker". Well never mind they make all kinds of other successful products too. Can you editors come up with something else to describe Apple other than the maker of the iPhone?
  You can call it crap all you want, but I'll bet the farm these will sell very well, especially to the younger people. 
It may be a big deal, but I'm not sure it will take off. We'll see how much car manufacturers want to give up. 
  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Steve wasn't the end all of master decision makers at Apple. He didn't always have the best ideas. 
  I think so too...its only a matter of time. Maybe other manufacturers will follow suit and Google would be really screwed!
Maybe they can benefit from this and make actual useful apps for Android devices. Doubt it though...   Nice to see they're going all the way with copying Apple! They might as well go completely all out and start their own Samsung Retail Stores (outside of Best Buy). 
iCloud has been down numerous times in the past months. Don't sit here and tell me its worked pretty much 100% of the time. Stop drinking the kook-aid! We all know iCloud isn't know for its reliability and speed.I will say that I do experience Siri to be quite fast compared to iOS 6. Download speeds off the app store are pretty fast (assuming you have a fast connection).
Not for me. It just has a bar up above that says iWork for iCloud Beta coming soon.
When is Microsoft going to realize that Steve Ballmer is the issue? I think they can only rely on businesses for so ling and when this starts to go in a different direction they'll be screwed.
You shouldn't be surprised anymore...this is only like a weekly occurrence. Pretty soon probably a daily one.
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