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  Yeah I don't think so....
  I don't think its quite that ready as of yet. I still see bugs here and there that need to be fixed before it becomes GM status. 
Its news if you live in Brazil...
  Not quite. I wouldn't expect this lower cost iPhone to be made out of aluminum. That requires a lot of extra engineering for the antennas and things like that. Its more of an iPhone 4S with a plastic shell instead of an aluminum one, not really anything like the 3G/3GS.   And who said they were going to stop making the the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 once the new regular iPhone arrives?
Plastic is much easier to get the signal in and out of the phone without losing quality or the signal itself. It wouldn't necessarily require massive antenna testing and engineering like the most recent versions of the iPhone did. I would like to see colored anodized aluminum like the current iPod Touch however like I said I think that would be expensive. Its a little different creating an aluminum iPad, even with LTE vs an aluminum iPhone where you hold it differently,...
This is why you don't buy a 3rd party battery. Spend the extra $10 and get a genuine Apple battery.
I'm thinking GeekBench isn't optimized for a the architecture in the new Mac Pro.
  I'm sure the LASD is going to spend $30 million on iPads and not have a clue as to what they're going to do with them. /sarcasm   Usually if not always with major projects like this, there is some massive planning that goes on. Its not as simple as just hand out iPads and say here you go, now use them!    Apparently you haven't been in a classroom lately. Everything is going this way if it hasn't already. I work in IT and run the entire Mac Dept at my school and were...
Would be great if they would just try to do nationwide coverage. I'd rather pay more for better service. I can't even get 3G coverage here on Sprint and most of the time I'd be roaming. 
Microsoft does not have the ecosystem Apple does. This is why everyone else fails. Plain and simple...Microsoft is relying on running desktop apps on a tablet which is not working as you can see. Unless there's this new and amazing set of apps for Windows 8 then I seriously doubt Microsoft will ever be even remotely successful in the tablet space.
New Posts  All Forums: