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The most expensive cup of coffee you'll ever have. Its currently up to $14,333 as of 2:46 PM EST. It would be nice if someone without this kind of money would have an opportunity to do something similar. 
Hey...whatever continues to drive the stock price down. Might as well get it as low as possible before miraculously praising them again to get the stock price back up. 
  Why do you need access to the RAM? These days I really don't see it very necessary. If you order the iMac with the proper amount of RAM in the first place then its a non-issue. I support over 100 Macs in a school district and have never needed to touch the RAM slots. 4GB of RAM was more than enough for anything they've used them for, including photo editing, iMovie, graphics design, etc.    If something were to go wrong well then thats why you have AppleCare. I've had...
  The other difference would be the Mac mini has a dual-core core i5, while the iMac has a quad-core core-5. I would assume this is done more to keep the cost of the Mac mini down than anything else. 
  My thoughts exactly. If you were into music then you'd get a real set of speakers and possibly even a sub woofer and not rely on crappy small internal speakers that will always sound like crap. These can be had relatively cheap. You don't have to spend $500 to get good sound quality. There are a lot of 2.1 systems that sound pretty damn good for the price you pay. 
  Internal speakers always suck. I've used many iMac models are they're always crap. Just buy a good pair of external speakers and be done with it. Stop bitching about something thats easily fixed because you're too stubborn to get external speakers that will blow any iMac's speakers out of the water. Or, get a good pair of headphones like I have. Use airplay and stream your music through AppleTV to a nice surround sound system.    Waits to be called an idiot....
  No, not at all. The iPad Mini is in no way cheap. It doesn't look cheap, feel cheap, operate cheap, and its really not that cheap if you want to compete on price. 
  What do you expect? This is what you get when you try to make something cheap....which is why I don't think Apple needs to make a cheap phone. If you can't afford it then oh well. You can't always get everything you want. Apple has always said they aren't going to be in a race to the bottom and this is exactly what a cheap phone does. They're starting to compete on price, which is exactly what you don't want to do.    This is what happens when you start to listen to...
Apple is doomed!!!!
  Agreed! Screw the stock market. Customers and analysts cannot tell a company what they should release. Reason is, 9/10 times its for their own good and they of course will have some BS numbers to put behind it to prove its a widely requested feature or product. You know, if they can find 100 people requesting the same thing then well yes Apple better put it in. 
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