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  We could just ignore your posts too since they usually don't have anything worth reading, but we don't for some reason....
I hope they fix the battery life issues with the iPhone 4S. Running it on mine kills the battery life. I can only sometimes get a full day out of the battery vs always all day with iOS 6.
Does anyone really care about this shitty game? Its been completely ruined! Thanks EA! Good job!
Apple maps is nice, but it still doesn't do things as well as google maps sometimes. There's still work to be done. Its getting there, but its not quite there yet. There are still places that are in wrong spots, so it gives incorrect directions. I do like the interface of Apple maps better though.
Yeah, this sucks and everything, but most people won't care when they come in to buy one of these. Its not like they bought it because its supposed graphics powerhouse in the first place. 
Just a pet peeve...Why is Apple always referred to as "the iPhone maker". Well never mind they make all kinds of other successful products too. Can you editors come up with something else to describe Apple other than the maker of the iPhone?
  You can call it crap all you want, but I'll bet the farm these will sell very well, especially to the younger people. 
It may be a big deal, but I'm not sure it will take off. We'll see how much car manufacturers want to give up. 
  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Steve wasn't the end all of master decision makers at Apple. He didn't always have the best ideas. 
  I think so too...its only a matter of time. Maybe other manufacturers will follow suit and Google would be really screwed!
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