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  So in other words...you want Apple to be in the race to the bottom which is exactly what they have never done and sounds like they'll never do. Apple can't be everything to everyone, everywhere. 
  Yes, I know...but one could always wish!
This may sound stupid, but sometimes I wish Apple could just buy back all of its stock and go private. Then it could focus on Apple being Apple and not having to worry about all of these stupid things like this.
I'd like to see something on iCloud where I could just check a box (and confirm it) so it marks my phone as lost/stolen which notifies Apple. Maybe make this part of getting AppleCare+ if they wanted to charge for it. Use some type of confirmation in case you mark it as lost/stolen by accident. 
Waaatttt???? Hahaha!
I think Guy says it all....   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR_wX0EwOMM&feature=player_embedded
  Very true...its about the experience and it should be the same across the board...something Android has never been good at. 
  Bottom line...The link below is why Apple doesn't need to listen to anyone, especially its competition. I think they know what they're doing. You're not running Apple for a damn good reason. This new "wonderful" HTC phone isn't going to put even the hint of a dent in Apple's iPhone sales. The only thing it may hurt are other android phones.    http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/02/20/apples-iphone-5-and-iphone-4s-are-worlds-two-most-popular-smartphone-models
  Yes, my point exactly! 
  I've had 3 Android phones...never again. All 3 with different flavors of Android. I wasn't impressed with any of them. One of them actually was a Nexus phone. I always keep going back to the iPhone. Not because I'm a fanboy, but because I think its just a better overall experience from the ground up. Android is much like using Windows vs OS X in my opinion. They're trying to be everything to everyone and you can't do that and continuously be successful. 
New Posts  All Forums: