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Do they not care about the Mac anymore????
  And silly comments like these are why Apple shouldn't care about its stock price. It should just be doing what it needs to do and not what stupid stockholders think is best for the company when they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to running a company, especially one like Apple. Ignore shareholders!!!
  Maybe they have a history, but they're not repeating history right now. I have yet to see anything within the past couple of years. Before, it was one after another and now its nothing. Hardware bumps don't keep you in front. 
  Nope...not at all. 
So in other words...Apple just wants to be childish about it. 
    You can still refresh the interface without making changes, or making it hard to use. I didn't say just make it look completely different. Of course that would be stupid. My OS X example was what I was going for. The interface looks the same, but it UI has been updated a few times to keep it current. You can do both without losing people.    BTW...I like how you immediately went for the iOS vs Android thing. Very nice...
  Uh what?
  All it did was make the outdated interface look more crisp. I wouldn't say thats an advance in the UI. It still doesn't change the fact that iOS 6 looks pretty damn similar to iOS 1.0.   Even with OS X...the overall look and feel is the same, but its been updated many times so in my opinion, isn't going stale. This is what I'm going for. 
  Because its only a matter of time before something better comes out. I think his point is...you should never rest on your laurels or else you'll turn into a Blackberry. Don't think it can't happen to Apple. 
I tend to agree that the UI of iOS is outdated. Not much as changed since the original iOS. I'd like to see some differences. Maybe Jony Ive can make this happen in iOS 7. No sweeping changes so it makes it harder to use, but just changes to refresh the interface. I'd like to see some new features as well. Except for Siri (which isn't a big deal to me), there really hasn't been anything earth shattering coming out of Apple these days. You can only sit and watch yourself on...
New Posts  All Forums: