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Seems like hear this at least once a year....   I would actually like some kind of spotify type setup with iOS and would be free (w/ads). I refuse to pay to steam music!
I think this would go great with some kind of new AppleTV that supports apps. Then you could have games right on your TV. 
  Who pissed in your cornflakes today? Way to cover their ass for them. Good job!   And oh yes..I'm just a troll because I badmouthed Apple! *gasps* God forbid Apple not do something right and they get called out on it. Never mind the countless times iCloud goes down, the fact that both .mac and mobileme were complete failures, etc, etc. But I'm a troll.... *rolls eyes* I guess I should now say to stop drinking so much koolaid.    And since my signature bothers you so...
Why is it that Apple just plain sucks are doing cloud stuff? They always have and apparently always will.
BestBuy needs more than just Samsung coming into their stores. In my opinion, its not a very good buying experience. They up sell the hell out of you.  They usually don't have a clue about whatever it is you want. They just sound like they do. They nickel and dime everyone and overprice everything. Everyone I know just goes into BestBuy to look and then buys it elsewhere. 
    I bet you've never seen a 4k TV have you...
  No...why would you think that? What does the iPhone 5s have to do this with announcement?
  Yup...you are correct!
  Believe it or not, there are people who think all tablets are iPads and that there's no difference between an iPad and an android tablet except the price. When a parent goes to purchase a "iPad" for their child they sometimes cheap out and get the $79 android tablet because it looks the same, and is cheaper. They don't know what the difference is. I'm not saying this is everyone out there, but there are more than a few uneducated customers. 
I hear version 1.1 will be released later this week to fix bugs...   /sarcasm
New Posts  All Forums: