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iCloud has been down numerous times in the past months. Don't sit here and tell me its worked pretty much 100% of the time. Stop drinking the kook-aid! We all know iCloud isn't know for its reliability and speed.I will say that I do experience Siri to be quite fast compared to iOS 6. Download speeds off the app store are pretty fast (assuming you have a fast connection).
Not for me. It just has a bar up above that says iWork for iCloud Beta coming soon.
When is Microsoft going to realize that Steve Ballmer is the issue? I think they can only rely on businesses for so ling and when this starts to go in a different direction they'll be screwed.
You shouldn't be surprised anymore...this is only like a weekly occurrence. Pretty soon probably a daily one.
Who really cares....
Finally, Apple sees how stupid the lawsuit was in the first place. Only took them 2 years!
Just goes to show you how much Apple sucks at cloud stuff. They always have and apparently don't care to fix anything. Yes, I'm a troll for going against Apple...at least I'm not a fanboy who thinks Apple never does anything wrong.
Apple is doomed!!!!   Why is this on AppleInsider in the first place? Last I looked this was called AppleInsider, not SamsungInsider.    Just because you mention the iPhone in the last paragraph, doesn't make it Mac news worthy. 
  Yeah this is what I was getting at with Apple. They're more markets and expanded themselves to be in more markets to get where they are. They would never be where they are today if they would have just stuck to making Macs. At the time, Apple didn't really have a lot cash. I mean they were totally broke, but they were exactly extremely rich either like they are now.    The iPods is what really got Apple back on the map. The iPhone also did this and its what made Apple...
Its kind of a shame because the new BlackBerry OS isn't really all that bad considering what else is out there besides iOS. Like others have said, once you start the downward spiral, its hard to upright it. Just look at Apple...it took them quite a long time before something really caught on after their downward spiral in the 90's. The problem for them is, they really only do a couple of things...make mobile software and sell it with their own hardware. I can't really...
New Posts  All Forums: