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  Believe it or not, there are people who think all tablets are iPads and that there's no difference between an iPad and an android tablet except the price. When a parent goes to purchase a "iPad" for their child they sometimes cheap out and get the $79 android tablet because it looks the same, and is cheaper. They don't know what the difference is. I'm not saying this is everyone out there, but there are more than a few uneducated customers. 
I hear version 1.1 will be released later this week to fix bugs...   /sarcasm
Now if they'd only support more than Gmail....
  True, I use dropbox. If there's one thing I wish iCloud had, it was a dropbox (iDisk anyone?) style drive I could mount to store my files. I think this is one of the biggest things missing on iCloud. Not all of my files are iWork files so keeping this iWork only seems foolish to me. 
  The way it should be. Whenever possible, technology should be a non-issue for customers. It should work this seamlessly. 
Do they not care about the Mac anymore????
  And silly comments like these are why Apple shouldn't care about its stock price. It should just be doing what it needs to do and not what stupid stockholders think is best for the company when they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to running a company, especially one like Apple. Ignore shareholders!!!
  Maybe they have a history, but they're not repeating history right now. I have yet to see anything within the past couple of years. Before, it was one after another and now its nothing. Hardware bumps don't keep you in front. 
  Nope...not at all. 
So in other words...Apple just wants to be childish about it. 
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