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It doesn't. Thats not what I said. Or, you misinterpreted what I said. I meant, build assembly plants in the US for Apple products like there used to be would be great for workers looking for jobs. And it would get Apple out of the Made in China crap. Apparently its a bad idea...everyone loves made in china shit in the US. So just never mind the idea....
I'm glad you don't run anything with our country.... Your thinking is the prime reason we are in the position were in today.... But whatever...moving on.....
So we should keep jobs overseas and leave US citizens looking for jobs? You do know millions of jobs have been shipped overseas right? The tax breaks would be to build the facilities like Apple got for building a data center in NC. Not a tax break for paying for the salaries/benefits of US workers. Of course they would still be up to Apple to provide.
I think its time Apple bring its production facilities back to the US. Give the US workers much needed jobs, bring back made in the US. I'm sure Apple would get some massive tax breaks if they wanted to do so. And I'm not blaming Apple for this. It just seems like Apple is having all kinds of issues now days. I do feel bad for the worker. I mean what if he really did just misplace it and doesn't know where it is. Killing yourself over something so silly. Almost not worth...
I'm beginning to think Intuit is the new Microsoft. They push back products year after year and then release shitty products that work half ass.
I didn't think the motion sensor was on the hard drive, but rather on the logicboard. I know the SMS sensor isn't hard drive specific. Unless the Hitachi hard drives have a SMS sensor on them. Unless there's a sensor on the hard drive, I find it hard to believe its a sensor issue. If it was, it would be happening to any configured MacBook Pro.
I bet you will see an aluminum MacBook replace the current white MacBook, possibly still without FW. MacBooks are still great for schools and general everyday consumers who wouldn't care about the loss the FW on a laptop. It would be great if they could sell this for around $899, but I believe thats just wishful thinking. Perhaps thats what they're trying to do? Create a lower cost laptop?
What I would do is get the standard drive and then buy your own SATA HD. The HD's are really, really easy to change in both the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Then you can even opt to get a 7200 RPM 250GB HD if you so wish. And it wouldn't cost you very much either. Wouldn't cost you anymore than $80 USD for a 7200RPM 250 GB notebook hard drive. You could put the standard drive in an external enclosure or just keep it in the box until you get read to sell it. Or just sell it.
Care to explain why?And the 12" PowerBook G4 shouldn't have been called a PowerBook?I know a few people who have been dying for Apple to replace the 12" PowerBook since they dropped it. This seems to fit the bill and the sales show it.
I'm strongly thinking about selling my Aluminum MacBook and 24" iMac and just get a 13" MBP with the 24" LED Cinema. I haven't yet decided though. The 13" MBP is probably one of the best laptops Apple has released in quite a while. Everything about this laptop is awesome!
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