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Its kind of a shame because the new BlackBerry OS isn't really all that bad considering what else is out there besides iOS. Like others have said, once you start the downward spiral, its hard to upright it. Just look at Apple...it took them quite a long time before something really caught on after their downward spiral in the 90's. The problem for them is, they really only do a couple of things...make mobile software and sell it with their own hardware. I can't really...
Haha....I was just gonna comment about the condoms.
Kool-aid man Ohhh yeah!!!!
  Yes, lets delete comments that don't agree with yours. Very nice! 
  Jesus who pissed in your corn flakes this morning?   The issue is that they go down...a lot! A hell of a lot more than Amazon and Microsoft do. Its a good service when its up and running although slow at times. They just need to make it more powerful and reliable.
Delete me....double post
  Yeah I don't think so....
  I don't think its quite that ready as of yet. I still see bugs here and there that need to be fixed before it becomes GM status. 
Its news if you live in Brazil...
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