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  Uh what?
  All it did was make the outdated interface look more crisp. I wouldn't say thats an advance in the UI. It still doesn't change the fact that iOS 6 looks pretty damn similar to iOS 1.0.   Even with OS X...the overall look and feel is the same, but its been updated many times so in my opinion, isn't going stale. This is what I'm going for. 
  Because its only a matter of time before something better comes out. I think his point is...you should never rest on your laurels or else you'll turn into a Blackberry. Don't think it can't happen to Apple. 
I tend to agree that the UI of iOS is outdated. Not much as changed since the original iOS. I'd like to see some differences. Maybe Jony Ive can make this happen in iOS 7. No sweeping changes so it makes it harder to use, but just changes to refresh the interface. I'd like to see some new features as well. Except for Siri (which isn't a big deal to me), there really hasn't been anything earth shattering coming out of Apple these days. You can only sit and watch yourself on...
  So in other words...you want Apple to make OS X backwards compatibility with older hardware? I think this is where Microsoft fails. They try to make everything backwards compatible and it hurts their progress. Apple is always pushing forward and I think thats a good thing. I think it creates less of a hassle for Apple and makes it so they can keep pushing forward with new technologies. Anything thats 4yrs old or newer runs OS X 10.8 just fine, even with 2 GB of RAM. If...
From my experience OS X updates don't decrease performance. If anything, they make them faster. This isn't Microsoft Windows here...
  Why does the Mac need to run faster? Its pretty damn fast as it is, even on a older Mac. You could just install it for yourself and find out. Each person has a different setup from everyone else so people experience different things for different reasons.   According to the iCloud status page, Apple acknowledged the issue with logging in and it has been fixed since 6:02pm EST.    On a different note: Jesus folks...its not like Apple releases a completely and total POS...
  I have approx a $8,000-9,000 last gen Xserve Xeon Dual Quad-Core with 32GB of RAM, 3 TB of storage (3x1TB), and 128 GB Flash storage sitting behind me that doesn't support 10.8 Server. It happens dude....get over yourself already. 
As a matter of fact they did test this release. It was in beta since November of last year! Its the longest time span between updates since OS X has been around. I think 13 betas were released to beta testers. I think this is of more an iCloud issue than a 10.8.3 issue. 
  A little searching would make you feel like an idiot now wouldn't it....Obviously if there's a large thread about it on the Apple discussion forums among other Apple forums then there's an issue. Its only a non-issue because its not happening to you...you're not the one who just purchased a $2,200-2,400 laptop only to have fans spinning at over 6,000 RPM constantly and Apple is doing nothing about it. Some stores are even refusing to replace the laptop. 
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