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HAHA! I suspect the fact that you can now purchase one off Apple's online store has a lot to do with the shorter lines. I myself would much rather just pre-order one and have it shipped to my house which is what I've done. Its currently on the FedEx truck for delivery.
That link should work for any phone. You may have to do a full restore on your phone.
You need to keep trying to connect to the iTunes Store. It took me about 6-7 times and I kept getting the same error. Eventually it worked! With everyone and their brother trying to update/activate at once its putting a strain on the servers.
http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....1_Restore.ipswSee my post above for the directions on how to update through iTunes when the file was downloaded manually.POST 155
If anyone is having issues downloading the update or just wants to download it manually (not through iTunes) click the link below. You will have to take the .zip off it (DO NOT expand the zip file!) and then launch iTunes and hold down the option key while clicking check for update and it will pop a sheet down asking where the file is. Just point finder to the file. http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....1_Restore.ipsw
I had to restart my phone in order for it to activate.Also, it took a few tries to get iTunes to connect to the iTunes Store before my iPhone would fully appear in iTunes and show whats on my iPhone.
I think this is a smart move on Apple's part. Now they won't have hundreds of thousands of iPhone 3Gs activations going on along side of the millions of iPhone 3.0 OS updates and activations.
Thats why you make backup images....
Yeah I agree. Even if Apple set a price of say $49 or $59 for everyone it would be a lot more clearer for everyone. I don't think too many people would complain about paying that much other than the regulars who always whine and complain about everything.
I've never once had any issues doing an erase and install. Especially now that I have Time Machine. Its really a non-issue. Even when I didn't have Time Machine all I would do is drag my home folder to my external HD and then drag back what I needed from it when restoring information. The only pitfall I see is you have to reinstall your apps. I don't necessarily see this as a pitfall even. Yes, it takes a little time to get them back on and updated, but sometimes its well...
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