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  Correct, its a desktop. It may not be sitting on your desktop, but its still classified as a "desktop" computer. And, you don't have to be a Professional to use a MacPro. I've owned both a PowerMac G5 and a MacPro simply because of its upgrade capabilities (video card, hard drives, etc). There are more reasons to own a MacPro than just being a professional. The fact of the matter is, there are many who use an iMac for "Professional" tasks as its more than capable for...
Please make it smaller and cheaper....I bet it will sell well.
  Well if you say it, then it must be true! 
  As much as I'd love to agree with you, I will sadly admit it is very handy to be able to run Windows in a VM on my Mac and virtually full speed. But I do get what you're trying to get at here hehe...
  Its still the same OS, I never said they were running different OS's. You can't tell me that the AppleTV, iPod Nano, and Shuffle doesn't run iOS can you? Either way you look at, its still iOS just with a different interface tailored to that specific device. The interface doesn't make the entire OS. Its the cohesiveness of everything regardless of the UI design.  That being said, AppleTV or any other device doesn't need the full 5GB installation...that doesn't not make...
  I live right next to Corning, NY...its the next town over and drive past the world headquarters everyday on my way to work. The Corning Museum of glass is absolutely awesome if you ever get a chance to go there. They'll even let you blow your own glass design if you so choose to, or you can watch the pros do it.    Granted, the stuff in this article isn't physically made in Corning, NY but its still cool to live by where this stuff is invented. 
I think OS X and iOS will be merged together eventually. Its already rumored Apple wants to takes its desktop OS and move it to the ARM architecture and merging iOS and Mac OS together would pave the way for this to happen. They're already getting closer and closer together as it is. Its only a matter of time before 2 OS's become 1 OS. By then, you'll have everything you need, possibly without the need for Windows. It would truly have full control of its own hardware and...
  Jesus, its not like the fans will cut your fingers off if you accidentally stick them in there. When I had my MacPro, I can't recall them spinning very fast to begin with. 
  Yes, there are still a lot of Java Mac educational apps, but what do you do? We can just sit around and hope they make a real OS X version of the app. Some developers are just lazy and take what they this is the easiest way out.
  You obviously don't understand what its like to work in an educational environment. You don't always have choices in the matter. If its something you're mandated to do (and use) then how can you blame the school? In some instances, you do what you're told.    There are a lot of Java based educational apps for the Mac. In some cases its how they make platform independent educational apps. 
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