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If Apple releases a watch...then hell will be frozen over. 
Apple better block Safari and Chrome now....They block everything else for their users. 
  We don't control our firewall. Our ISP does and its not feasible to control websites based on that. Hard to explain here in a forum. Flash is set to update, but students don't have rights to install anything (and for good reason). Were are not going to give a student a right to install anything. Thats just not good policy. Teachers don't even have rights to install anything. Schools are hurting for money as it is, they aren't going to hire some kid to install stuff....
  Yes..I use ARD to push the Flash and Java updates out. However, it requires that all of the Macs be turned on and they're not all in one building. They're in separate buildings, 4 or 5 miles apart. You cannot use ARD to turn Macs on. This only works with the Xserve. This is part of the pain it the ass part...along with I just updated flash last week or the week before and now its blocked again. So I have to start all over again. I also just read someone found another...
  You obviously have no idea what its like to work in an IT environment. Its not as simple as just upgrade the Macs all the time. Its a huge pain in the ass to do this. This isn't a consumer situation where sensitive tax data or whatever is stored on the Mac's HD.  There isn't any sensitive data on a workstation and any environment where there would be wouldn't have flash installed anyways, possibly Java as well. There's really no reason for a server to have flash...
  While it may be good for the end user, from a person who runs Macs in an educational IT environment its a very large pain in the ass. It seems like every other god damn day I have to push out either a Java update or a Flash update. And, I can't just disable Flash and Java altogether as both required for many different educational programs and websites.    Apple's getting the blame anyways because Flash never works because they keep disabling it. Not every users knows...
  I guess so...I'll have to check the AppleInsider Monthly Bulletin which came out yesterday. 
  They've been testing this update since November. Not that it really matters to me, but this is a little ridiculous. There better not be any major issues with this update.    My concern is if there is an issue down the road...am I going to have to wait 4-5 months for a fix because they want to keep releasing betas of the next update?
Ahhh....another day, another cheap iPhone rumor. Eventually someone will be right because we have just about every month between now and the end of 2014. 
I've always thought Apple's spam filter sucks. I constantly get spam that should have been blocked. It used to work quite well, then iCloud came to life and the spam filter when down into the toilet.
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