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  Which is why I think the whole cheap iPhone thing is stupid in the first place. 
It was probably more like they couldn't afford the iPhone and was giving a BS reason to not carry it. Plus they wouldn't make as much money off the iPhone as they do the cheap android phones. 
  Well if you don't have some kind of solution then you can't bitch about it. Why is it Apple's responsibility for YOUR phone?
  So what could they be doing better?
I think every iPhone should come with a personal body guard... /sarcasm
  Because its a stupid idea. I think this bigger phablet thing is just a fad like netbooks were.
So they've purposely created shortages to make it appear as if the phone is selling really well. 
The most expensive cup of coffee you'll ever have. Its currently up to $14,333 as of 2:46 PM EST. It would be nice if someone without this kind of money would have an opportunity to do something similar. 
Hey...whatever continues to drive the stock price down. Might as well get it as low as possible before miraculously praising them again to get the stock price back up. 
  Why do you need access to the RAM? These days I really don't see it very necessary. If you order the iMac with the proper amount of RAM in the first place then its a non-issue. I support over 100 Macs in a school district and have never needed to touch the RAM slots. 4GB of RAM was more than enough for anything they've used them for, including photo editing, iMovie, graphics design, etc.    If something were to go wrong well then thats why you have AppleCare. I've had...
New Posts  All Forums: