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My feet and wallet tell me when I need to replace my shoes. Why is this necessary????   Whats next, sensors built in to tell me when I need to wash my clothes or take a shower?
I think this could be used in more than just mobile phones. For example, Chrysler uses a QNX based OS to run its uconnect touchscreen radios which work very well and are very responsive. I happen to have their 8.4" screen in my new Dodge Dart and it works flawlessly. The next gen also supports apps which I could see being very successful in the automotive space. This is just one example. You could see this in other devices, appliances, etc.    I think its way too...
  Its definitely a taste thing...with every design you'll get people who love it and people who sorta love it and buy it anyways, and then you'll get people who hate it. Well...and then you'll get people who hate it, but buy it anyways because its an Apple product. But I do hear you on the iPhone design. I like the current designs a lot better than the previous ones. I've had the original iPhone, 3G, and my 4S and I like the 4S design better than any of the other ones.
  Looks like a magic mouse with a screen on it. I think it also looks too close to the Galaxy SIII on the front. 
  You also need to make a device thats useable and quite frankly, Microsoft totally missed the mark on this one. Sure it may be new and different from anything else, but that doesn't necessarily mean its better. For one, the attachable keyboard is one of the worst keyboards I've ever typed on. So it may be cool, neat, different and all that but at the end of the day it doesn't make it a better tablet.    Windows 8 while is more usable on a tablet because of its design, I...
I would shut Dell down and give the money to its shareholders...
This is what happens when you use Apple Maps....
I don't have an iPhone 5, but I do notice my iPhone 4S doesn't get anywhere near the battery life it did with iOS 5. I was almost never below 50% and now I'm sometimes down to 19% by the end of the day. I'm down to 86% already from 100% about 1.5hrs ago. I've only talked on the phone once for about a minute. 
800 customers isn't really much compared to the millions of customers out there. 
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