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Such an ignorant post.... So I'm ignorant because I happen to like glossy screens? I really don't have issues with glare and I have both a unibody MacBook and a 24" Aluminum iMac. Just because you don't like them, doesn't mean everyone else is a moron for liking them. You need to think outside the box and not just in your own little world. The fact that Apple sells millions of Macs every quarter with glossy screens tells me that people happen to like them. There is a...
I just had Apple ship mine to my house. Says delivers on or before June 19th. I've waited 2yrs for a new phone...I can wait a few hours for it to ship to my house.
I wonder if I can get an educational discount on Snow Leopard? I know, I know, I'm a cheap bastard!
Actually you can get a replacement screen for an iPhone 3G for $58. Link That is...if you wanted to fix it yourself!
I would like to see the new interface. I'm not sick of the current interface or anything. Its just nice to see something different every once in a while. Bringing back Themes from OS 9 would be great and is something I've always wished for since switching to OS X. This would alleviate people wanting a different colored interface throughout the OS.
Man it would be great to have a hi-res copy of these photos. I'd use them as my desktop background as well as my screen saver...
Too bad our moderator doesn't have the same sense of humor.....
Agreed! I don't get why everyone just has to have everything Apple releases right then and there. Apple will be selling this phone for the next 12 months. iPhone 3.0 OS is available for FREE for all iPhone users. So you will get all of the functionality of iPhone 3.0 OS. What on the new phone is so special that you just have to have it the day it arrives?I'm JUST upgrading from the original iPhone from 2yrs ago. It functioned fine and still does. It didn't automatically...
A nice addition... Can't wait for mine to arrive!
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