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  Its no worse than using any other cable company...
  Yup!   I still wish Apple would give the option to download an MP3 file. Any song I buy gets converted to that anyways so they aren't really forcing their format on me. Sometimes I'd buy from Amazon just so I could get the mp3 format because I'm too lazy to convert it. 
Yeah I agree, if it never supports anything other than gmail, then it will be a worthless app. I'd like to try it, but until it supports iCloud it will never get used by me. 
Not really a big deal in my opinion. Its not like your phone dies or something. Whats another 4 months.
Oh great...another crappy internet service from Apple. I can't wait. Maybe they should fix iCloud before they start releasing more stuff like this.    I agree though...I bet its iRadio or whatever they want to call it. 
  All of that doesn't mean squat if it goes down every other day. 
*sighs* Apple just plain sucks at cloud stuff. 
So why don't they just make it web based?
I used to own a Motorola Cliq which ad Motoblur and included FaceBook built-in. It sounded nice at first, but quickly became just another annoying widget on my phone. It came to a point where I hardly ever used the motoblur portion of the phone. Unless you're a teeny-bopper who lives on facebook I don't see this going any further than motoblur did and that even included twitter. 
I agree there's needs to be a way to block messages from users. 
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