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Ahhh....another day, another cheap iPhone rumor. Eventually someone will be right because we have just about every month between now and the end of 2014. 
I've always thought Apple's spam filter sucks. I constantly get spam that should have been blocked. It used to work quite well, then iCloud came to life and the spam filter when down into the toilet.
  I agree! 
  I recently purchase a 23" Dell Display with an IPS panel in it. Its an awesome display and only cost me $159 on sale + price match. It goes well with my Mac mini. If I were to get a Thunderbolt display for my Mac mini, I would have been better off just getting an iMac. It suits my needs well. It doesn't look all that bad either. Sure, its not aluminum/glass, but its not completely cheap looking either.    Dell Display
Perhaps this new Thunderbolt display will be released alongside a new Mac Pro?
  This doesn't mean Apple needs to make a phone for someone who can't afford it. All you did was show that technology gets cheaper over time, but thats still doesn't mean Apple needs to make a cheaper device, Mac, etc. So I guess by you're thinking, Apple needs to take the Dell approach. Lets just make something as cheap as possible so we can get our products into as many hands as we can. That worked out very well didn't it?
  Who cares about the stock price...unless you're a shareholder. Apple is doomed! 
  Even Steve Jobs has stated more than a few times they aren't interested in market share numbers. This is only something "experts" are interested in. If Apple wanted to be #1 in market share all the time they could be in the race to the bottom with a cheap phone, tablet, Mac, etc. This isn't anything new.    Quite honestly, Apple should just do their own thing and I too wouldn't really care what shareholders want. Shareholders are only out for their own best...
  I'd like you to explain how Apple is "so far behind their competition"? You can only innovate so fast. Its not about getting something out just to get it out. I think you need to get it mostly right when you release it. Apple can't afford to release absolute crap. 
  So in other words...you want Apple to be in the race to the bottom which is exactly what they have never done and sounds like they'll never do. Apple can't be everything to everyone, everywhere. 
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