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The platform was dead from the beginning. Once again, Microsoft was way late to the party and its too late to join in on everyone copying the idea of the iPad. And I don't mean that they copied the iPad like Samsung did...I just mean they're joining in the tablet game way too late and its simply too late for them. IMO, they did the same thing with the Zune.    You can't beat Apple by basically doing the same thing Apple does. You have to do something...
In some ways I'd also like to see something different added to it and not just another Pandora/Spotify knock-off like everyone else is doing. Why follow suit when you can do something better...
If its anything like Pandora I'm not even remotely interested. It needs to be more Spotify like. I'm not playing the game of skipping X number of songs, nor am I going to pay for skipping more songs. A Spotify like service integrated into iTunes and iOS would be awesome. I've already moved away from using iTunes to Spotify and would gladly come back to iTunes if a similar service came about. 
This is great news for myself. I also didn't like the fact that I would have to drive 2.5hrs away (one way) just to take some tests. Apple can better oversee its own exams anyways than Prometric which is what they're currently using. I wonder if the price will stay the same? I think its currently $150/exam and there's 2 exams (hardware and software). EDIT...I see from the AppleCare article that the prices will stay the same.
   I simply don't want to rely on wireless only and don't want to have to buy 30 thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet adapters and keep track of them if we were to get the MacBook Air. We can't purchase anything until July 1st which is the start of the next school year. 
This is also the start of the school purchasing season...at least in my area it is. Everyone is planning on their purchases for the next school year so they can be ordered, and deployed before the first day of school. Its perfect timing for most.
Very nice...I'm organizing a lab replacement now from our white unibody MacBooks. I would really like to have 13" MacBook Pros. For educational use, the MacBook Air doesn't cut it without a wired connection. Wireless isn't always the greatest thing in the world and IMO shouldn't be used as the main way of connecting to the network. There are too many variables to make it work shaky at times. 
Who really cares what Greenpeace thinks....
  Please explain your silly logic....
  Why yes, because it should be perfectly okay for any company to copy someone else's hard work and make billions. Don't blame Apple, blame Samsung for doing this and the court system for allowing it to happen in the first place which is continuously allowing millions of copied devices to be sold. 
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