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Analysts believe Apple is in a race to the bottom to compete. Apple has no momentum huh? They've only out sold Samsung last quarter. Where do they come up with this shit? Apple has a low cost phone...its called the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. What's next, Apple pays customers to buy an iPhone? I don't believe Apple can be in every market available, just like Macs aren't. Sure, there's some lost revenue, but that doesn't mean one company wins over another.
Well of course! You have to do something to keep the battery life above 30 minutes. That doesn't mean it gets better battery life. 
But it still runs Android.... And quite honestly, is it really necessary to have a quad-core CPU in a phone? Seems like a battery eater to me. Even if Apple puts one in the next iPhone I won't oooo and ahhh over the stupid CPU. The current CPU is more than powerful enough. These guys really need to focus on the experience, not the actual hardware itself. This is what separates Apple from the rest.
I'm sure this will be top news for all news sites...like its the end of the world.
    I can see a retina iPad Mini replacing the iPad 2. I also believe the iPad 2 will be phased out on the next update. Its getting a bit old. 
Yeah these are knock off photos...
I'm also not sure if Apple can afford to do another "S" type upgrade. I can't see them succeeding with this every other year a major update comes out. I don't think NFC is really all that important....until Apple releases it. So far, I don't see a lot of people using NFC, however if Apple does include this in the next iPhone it will start to take off a little better than it has. It seems as if Apple is the driving force for certain things like this.    I would really...
Apple seriously needs to improve its cloud services. Apple has always sucked at anything cloud based. I don't know why they have such a hard time with this. They have very brilliant people working at Apple yet they can't develop a reliable cloud service.    I agree on the Siri front too...it could use some improvements. Its great for some things, not so much with others. I do think they're working hard on it and will get it right. 
  Very good question...features are one thing, but implementing them into a positive and useful user experience is another. This is what iOS does better than Android. Also, as with OS X, Apple isn't always the first to implement a particular feature, but when it does, its usually better than anyone else's solution. 
New Posts  All Forums: