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 And what does that have to do with buying an iPhone or MacBook Pro? Honestly, you'll never really see his work at Apple anyways. How many times did you hear about Katie Cotton before news of her retirement?
 Why not just use Quicken 2007 if you don't like Quicken Essentials?
 We meant under the main building...not the surrounding buildings. 
 If I remember correctly, the only thing underground is parking?
Do they really need 2 photos of Bill Campbell?   EDIT...they fixed it. 
 "Bring me my brown pants!" -CEO of Microsoft
 No, it needs a couple chamfered edges to make it an Apple design. 
 Please don't speak for Steve Jobs. Nobody knows what he would have done. Its not like he always made good moves either so don't act like he's god. 
 Why do we have to go through this tax subject every time something like this is posted? Just because its required by the state, doesn't mean people do it. NY asks you on the NYS income taxes too, but nobody in their right mind ever enters anything in. We always state we didn't purchase anything untaxed on the internet. 
Oh but I thought Apple's prices were keep Mac sales down because nobody can afford them? Hmm.....makes you want to rethink that IDC story from last week. 
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