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 You'll do anything when you've over produced any nobody is buying them. 
 You can always assume it will look good and sell well. But I just can't see how these people can make up things based off no information at all. It reminds of the Samsung commercial where everyone is waiting on line outside the store discussing what the specs of the product are before they buy it. 
  800,000 shipped and sitting on store shelves is not 800,000 sold. I doubt they even sold that many. 
I love all of these fantasy numbers these dipshits put out all the time. They have no idea what it will look like, or how much it will cost so how the hell do they come to a particular number based on hopes and dreams? Then whats worse, they believe themselves and so do others and of course thats Apple's fault because they didn't live up to these dream numbers based on nothing.    I wish I could just sit on my ass and make up stories and numbers to post to people and get...
 Simple...buy new Macs and toss the PC in the trash! :) Problem solved!
 I agree....I think the standard free amount is a kick in a nuts to consumers. 20 GB should be the standard and you purchase from there. 
I remember when Craig was taking over for all software and people had their doubts about his ability to lead in the right direction. I think he's done an excellent job at doing what he was appointed to do. He's a great presenter and has fun on stage. Judging from the line of people waiting to see him, I think others seem to like him very well too.
 Or the next Apple TV....iWatch...like iWatch TV. HAHAHA! Wouldn't that be something! It would be the biggest joke of the tech century.  I seriously doubt anything other than a watch type device would happen judging by the hires they've made in the past year and how things are shaping up for iOS 8 and how apps are build using the new Swift language. 
 I think it takes a lot less skill to assemble a Mac Pro vs tiny components for an iPhone or iPad. I'm not saying that the Mac Pro is very simple to assemble, but doesn't appear to be anywhere near as hard as mass producing an iPhone.  I also think it comes down to they probably sell 100,000 or so Mac Pros (maybe even less) per quarter vs tens of millions of iOS devices. Its a lot harder to assemble something like an iPhone in the US for this reason. I kinda think he's...
Pay is all relative to where you live. Around my area, $20-25/hr is a pretty damn good wage, especially with full benefits. What isn't good in some areas is excellent in others. 
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