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Yeah that's true..
They could also just do an internal release too so only Apple internal gets the update. They've done this in the past too.
It's not abnormal for Apple to do this. I'd say the absolute last release before the official public release.
 He might as well shut down now then. If available, I bet they sell 10M in the first weekend, if not the first week of sales. Again, if inventories are available. 
 Looks like the first GM of Mavericks was Oct 4th and it was released on Oct 22nd. That being said, I doubt you'll see it before any kind of Apple Event which I expect sometime within the next week or two. 
 If you actually read the article you'd know about 3/4ths the way down it says its available for pre-order now for $299.99 
iCloud Drive is much more handy than Dropbox. 
 It could be rolled out along side a 27 or larger stand alone display for the new Mac Pro...possibly for the next major revision of the MacBook Pro Retina too. 
 Well it was rumored in this article that they'll switch to AMD graphics which is why I mentioned those chips. I myself would much rather see NVIDIA chips vs AMD ones. I've kinda always been an NVIDIA fan for some reason.  I guess the thing is...could Apple fit an NVIDIA 980 or 970 into the enclosure of an 27" iMac and still meet power and cooling requirements. 
 My guess is they'll have to use something like the AMD Radeon R5, R7, or R9 mobile graphics chipset. I would think they'd use the R5 as Apple never really chooses the absolutely highest possible, even for a BTO.  http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/notebook/r9-m200
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