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Yes, I always thought this was BS. If Apple really wants to stand behind its products, it should be a complete 1yr warranty. 
 But what proof is there that the almost 200,000,000 people bought the phone because it has a larger screen? There are other reasons why people don't buy iPhones. 
 This also makes me think Apple is really trying to phase out the 30-pin dock connector as well. We've heard the iPad 2 is also on its way out very soon which I think would make all of Apple's iOS devices using the lightning connector. 
 Keep wondering...
 Oh but I thought this discussion was over? I have yet to see that you have proof that they don't need more than 8GB of space. Its a 2 way street there buddy. 
 I only said it once...
 HAHA...its over because you can't be mature enough to have a discussion without insulting someone.
 It would be exactly what they want until they realize they can't do what they wanted on it because its out of space. Or, maybe they want to do other things with it and then realize that they can't for the same reason. Other than getting their phones over to the lightning connector, this does nothing for a customer.  The updates are a couple hundred megs to download, but it requires over a GB of space to install. The iOS 7.1 update required I think it was 1.9 GB of free...
 Yes, we know Tim Cook said this. You don't have to keep repeating it. We're not retarded! This doesn't mean they expected it to ship as well as the 5S which is what you're implying. Nobody really knows the expectations Apple had with the 5C. 
 Then who is it for? To me, its people who cannot afford to shell out money for a phone. That doesn't mean they don't want to do anything with it.
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