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Pay is all relative to where you live. Around my area, $20-25/hr is a pretty damn good wage, especially with full benefits. What isn't good in some areas is excellent in others. 
 I would almost wait for the next rev of chips now as long as they're not going to be months and months away. If so, just release it with the current Haswell chips and then later on upgrade to Broadwell. I would like to see Iris Pro graphics on at least the $799 version, but I'm not holding my breath.  I'm thinking the Mac mini is under going a major overhaul, with an even smaller design, maybe the size of the superdrive as far as how large the square is. It might be as...
 Yes, I'd like to know as well. WWDC is about developers and for once it was 2hrs of nothing but great stuff for developers. If you expecting hardware announcements, they can come at any time. Apple doesn't always have to release hardware at WWDC.
 *sighs*...you must be bored!
 No it clearly says 10.10
 Yes...I support a school building out in the sticks that doesn't have cell service in that area for any carrier. When I had my android phone on T-Mobile, I could use wifi calling as T-Mobile supported it. This would be great to see happen with Verizon as that building does have WiFi coverage in the computer lab (1Gbps fiber connection too). 
With Apple starting to open up iOS more and more, I think there's getting less and less reasons to jailbreak your iOS device. I don't do it anyways because I don't need to, but I'll make the assumption that its getting less and less necessary with newer iOS releases. I'm sure there are still things you can't do in iOS 8, but it looks like those things are going to come. 
I just want to use a Swype keyboard. Thats the one thing I really liked when I had my Android phones.
In case anyone was wondering, I was able to upgrade from 10.7.5 to 10.10 (DP) without any issues at all. I had a test Mac that only had 10.7.5 installed so I ran the upgrade and it worked fine. I can test from 10.6.8 if anyone is interested?
New Posts  All Forums: