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This! I think the next new thing from Apple in terms of notebooks will be a 12" MacBook, dropping the Air name. 
Exactly! Its gotta be pissing Apple off to no end (again!) that their product lineup is held up by a 3rd party (Intel). This alone will make them want to use their own hardware inside and out so they don't have to rely on a co-dependent. 
 Never gonna happen! As much as I want a Mac mini update, we all know Apple's obsessiveness with small, thin, quiet things. The Mac mini will be no exception. I'd all but guarantee if there will indeed be a Mac mini update it will be smaller, use even less power, and possibly be fanless. The only way to do this is to use something like a Broadwell based chip. As much as people are hoping for a smaller Mac Pro type Mac (headless Mac) I seriously doubt the Mac mini will be...
What we need...is a Mac mini based off of this. Yes...were still bitching about this in case anyone is wondering.
 As I've said in the past, Microsoft will end up doing this revolving door of CEO things because there's so much to fix and investors are impatient. Just look how long it took Apple to come back, even with Steve Jobs at the helm. It took a few blockbuster products (iPod/iPhone) to get Apple back on the map like they are today. So...I don't hear of any blockbuster products coming from Microsoft anytime soon. This would be a problem!
I dont really get why they're trying to compare this to the MBA other than they know they can't compete against the iPad Air. IMO, they can't compete against the MBA either with this. The Surface may be decent, but its not great and its expensive for what you get. Not to mention, it has Windows 8 on it. Ew!
 Its also insecure and as soon as iCloud goes down so does the ability to access all of your data. Which is why your solution isn't as great as it sounds.   Not if you're the one prompting the autofill. It doesn't just do it automatically.  I think you need to learn and understand how to use the program itself before knocking its features and capabilities.  Storing your passwords in an unencrypted file in the cloud is extremely insecure. Password or not, its not secure as...
 This has got to be the most unintuitive and asinine way to store and retrieve passwords I've ever heard of. Not only is it more of a pain in the ass to store and retrieve a password, it doesn't autofill it, it doesn't create complex passwords, and also requires Numbers be installed on whatever you're using.  But if it works for you I guess that all that matters.  Its an extremely popular app and is only on-sale because of the recent release of the amount of passwords...
 1. You're not always on a Mac or iOS device2. You're not stuck to using Safari3. Not all websites support iCloud Keychain in fact when I tried it, barely any did. 4. iCloud keychain doesn't seem to support complex forms such as banking login's while 1Password does5. There are better complexity choices for 1Password6. Passwords for 1Password are not stored in the cloud so if iCloud goes down, so does your ability to login. I tend to believe its more secure to not have your...
 Using iOS and OS X are two different things. The 11" screen on the MBA makes everything very tiny and it doesn't meet the requirements of certain state mandates for testing.  iOS is made for the size of screen its on as are the apps. 
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