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So were gonna see a Quad-Core Xeon based Mac mini with up to 64GB of RAM, and NVIDIA 980 graphics right?
Just curious, what is your fear of the cloud? 
 I bet he's thinking if Steve here were, this wouldn't have happened! Because nothing bad ever happened at Apple when Steve was around. /s  Hell I'm running the latest public beta and its running great. There's always bugs here and there but I think its ready for prime time. Its nothing 10.10.1 can't fix. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see any more public releases before the final. 
Does the out of warranty price include labor? If not then it's significantly more and therefore AppleCare is cheaper.
 I hear ya...photos on this site take FOREVER to load on this site. I'm on a connection getting a 400mbps download and they still load at least 10-20 seconds after the page loads. 
Are we really that impatient and just can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow? The media sounds like a bunch of kids whining to their parents to be able to open their Christmas presents early. Lets just wait folks. Doesn't anyone want to be surprised anymore? To me, this is what kills Apple's keynotes sometimes. Everybody usually already knows exactly whats going to be announced before its even announced. Ruins the entire thing. I try to stay away from Mac...
I don't know why Samsung would have rushed to get their products out anyways. First doesn't mean better (in fact its usually the latter). Apple isn't always the first to do something, but they're typically far better than the space they just entered/upgraded. Don't announce things until they're ready and well thought out. The products they released the other day are just shameful. If thats "The Next Big Thing", then Samsung is in trouble and we'll really see if thats true...
Um...whoever said the phone will ship the day of the keynote...or even if orders are available. This seems kinda stupid and a waste of time if you ask me.
 This is exactly what I was thinking. Apple is going to enter the home automation space and the building is a living room/kitchen, etc area where they can demo it. Maybe this ties with with both iOS 8, iPhone and iWatch.
 its probably hard for many of us to imagine, but think back to before 2007...before MacWorld when Steve announced iPhone. How many people really said they wanted a smartphone in their pocket? Yes, I'm sure there were more than a few who did, but I bet not as many as there are today. I know for one, my dad probably thought it would be a cold day in hell before he had a touchscreen smartphone in his pocket.  So I can kinda see that maybe Apple will create a market like they...
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