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Long live iOS Tips. This really isn't a helpful tip but I have found some of them really helpful like the recover closed tab option in Safari. Also interesting to know how 3D Touch covers some of the same needs as this.
I cannot wait to place my order for one of these. Seriously. I haven't purchased an Apple product on day one in a few years but I'll be ready whether it's order or pre-order.
They would somehow have to figure out how to do the interactive bit. Periscope seems like it would be disappointing without interaction. It would be like viewing your email in-box or better, your twitter feed, and not able to reply/retweet, etc.   That said, the attention from Periscope for Apple TV makes me think there are some big changes afoot. TV is changing indeed. Things are going in a lot of directions and there's room for Apple to be the leader here. A lot of the...
 Ticked off by them not making something you want? Life's too short to hold grudges.
Sorry, what's "screen-detachable"? Serious question. Is this like the Surface tablet with their optional cover/keyboard?
Does anyone know why Apple doesn't simply spoof the identifier rather than pass along the real useragent info on these test phones?
 Why in orbit? [imagining Apple building an orbiting facility is kind of blowing my mind.]
  From the URL, I'm seeing it was from Jan 2013. The interesting part, to me, was that it says that 100 gram ingots are the largest ingot for input into the molding process. If that's still the case it makes sense we haven't seen anything of significant size yet. I wonder if they've increased that size yet.
One could argue that all producers curate. I like the human element. I'll take the best curators, DJs and producers over any algorithm. I probably will for years and years to come.
 Buy a hackintosh to install Windows 10?? 
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