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Sorry, what's "screen-detachable"? Serious question. Is this like the Surface tablet with their optional cover/keyboard?
Does anyone know why Apple doesn't simply spoof the identifier rather than pass along the real useragent info on these test phones?
 Why in orbit? [imagining Apple building an orbiting facility is kind of blowing my mind.]
  From the URL, I'm seeing it was from Jan 2013. The interesting part, to me, was that it says that 100 gram ingots are the largest ingot for input into the molding process. If that's still the case it makes sense we haven't seen anything of significant size yet. I wonder if they've increased that size yet.
One could argue that all producers curate. I like the human element. I'll take the best curators, DJs and producers over any algorithm. I probably will for years and years to come.
 Buy a hackintosh to install Windows 10?? 
Poor Ballmer gets a heart attack...
Venture cap from Gimlet media and community-effort Radiotopia are good examples of big attempts to find financial footing in the podcast model. It seems like a golden age for podcasts.    I assume even the largest podcasters, in general, have access to a small pool of advertisers. This is only because the same sponsors appear on most of the ones I listen to. If this benefits the podcasters by simplifying their selling of ad spots I say "yes!" Let the podcasters get back...
I saw a dramatic headline and assumed DED's work. Seems like we have another writer with a touch of dramatic extravagance in headlines. I read the summary below the headline. Read the first line of the article "Kremlinology appears to be alive and well on Wall Street" skrrrrrrr. Stop reading right there. I have no idea what that refers to.   The results of the stock market are baffling, sure, but the analysts aren't a ruling body. This isn't a decision they made in...
How about a one year subscription to Apple Music. Nominal benefit of $120 but that would be much less actual cost to Apple. Now that I think about it, it would be cool if you could give a gift of a year membership to someone.
New Posts  All Forums: