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Just use Google DNS. hahaha
 Can you make up your mind which it is?  Or maybe different parts of the page are stirring up different feelings.
The law of large numbers has to do with statistical sampling, not with determining company fundamentals. It says that as you increase your sample size you're more likely to get a "true" value. It has nothing to do with stock pricing. Or company earnings, growth, etc. It doesn't mean that as a company grows, that incremental growth becomes more difficult. Frankly, it's irrelevant for predicting what a company's fundamentals will look like at any period in the future.
"They had the insight early on to know how important human curation is." I believe this more than ever now. Playlists made by computers do tend to help me discover new artists but it always seems more haphazard than a human-curated playlist. And the human DJ can really develop a mood with a progression through that playlist. That might change one day and certainly the algorithms can be refined but for sheer personality I have always preferred a human DJ over any of the...
Weird. This is just Accompli with a new name.   Edit: It's not weird. https://www.acompli.com/
  Glad the hardware engineers have checked in with their opinions! Not sure why Apple didn't consider RAM and the effect on margins. I did not know these facts. Thanks guys! You should probably send this off to someone at Apple.
 Ack - can't imagine this would be a comfortable conversation to have before dropping that much money. (A laptop or desktop isn't a quick purchase.) "Let's see, so what you're saying is that I can save a few bucks and buy this new MBA with Apple's chip and use it for 14/16/18 hours or stick with the Intel and use all my existing software? Hmmm, I think I'm going to have to consider this a little longer. OK, well, since I'm here maybe I'll pick up a couple of iTunes cards...
I can understand that these chips are going to become more powerful. I can't see Apple adding an option for you to choose which line of CPU to include in your Mac. That really isn't a decision that would occur during a typical computer purchase. I think most people are comfortable selecting based on speed and price but add even a few other factors and this gets complicated quickly. If you're standing in the store or looking at the customization page at apple.com you're...
 I just learned something new today which made me think of my previous observation. I ran across the mathematical tool to track whether my hunch about tracking was true or not. According to the stock correlation calculator, in the last year it does match about 90% or 93% of the time compared to NASDAQ and S&P 500 (DJI doesn't seem to be working).
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