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Kind of annoying that they recognize the improvements of a 7200 RPM drive in this iMac but other models, even the 4K iMac, get the painfully outdated budget 5400 RPM relic. It's an arguable trade-off in a battery-operated device but def not in a desktop.
 Ah. I see. I didn't think about the distinction between hands-on impressions and a proper full review, benchmark, etc. Yeah - now that you mention it, it is odd.
 There were reviews out within days of the announcement. What are you looking for? Also, the Apple TV is the third panel rotating through on the Apple home page. http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/9/9297131/new-apple-tv-update-remote-2015-hands-on-video-photoshttp://appleinsider.com/articles/15/09/12/hands-on-apple-tv-2015-with-tvos-apps-remote-featuring-touch-motion-siri
 Agreed. It has improved and there is a lot of benefit from using a single provider for the various components, asking Siri to pull up directions, etc. Just my own experience. I do want it to work and I'm glad it works well for plenty of others.
 Not an echo but a re-assertion that it's still unreliable. I won't itemize the times I've entered an address into Apple Maps only to find it routing me to another state or when it found an identical address 90 minutes away instead of the same address 15 minutes away. I get it -- these things are complicated and there are bound to be places they just get it wrong. How many 123 Main Streets are there in the country, right? But for me, it's burned me a few times when trying...
The only reason this might be news for AI is that Waze is useful while Apple Maps is still unusable. Hate to say it but c'mon, already. Aesthetically it's very pleasing but maps data still is unreliable. It's hard to trust that you'll get where you want to go. 3D flyovers is really captivating. It's stunning and really fun in a Google Earth exploring way. Besides that there is no reason to use Apple Maps over the competitors for turn-by-turn.
"the hybrid Fusion Drive has a significantly smaller flash partition". What? That's a bummer if true. Update: looks like it's slimmed down from 128 GB to 24 GB SSD on the 1 TB option. That might be enough for light use but even moderate use will use all of that up. A Fusion Drive is great engineering but the diet will make a difference in performance. The 2 & 3 TB drives will retain the 128 GB SSD.
Long live iOS Tips. This really isn't a helpful tip but I have found some of them really helpful like the recover closed tab option in Safari. Also interesting to know how 3D Touch covers some of the same needs as this.
I cannot wait to place my order for one of these. Seriously. I haven't purchased an Apple product on day one in a few years but I'll be ready whether it's order or pre-order.
They would somehow have to figure out how to do the interactive bit. Periscope seems like it would be disappointing without interaction. It would be like viewing your email in-box or better, your twitter feed, and not able to reply/retweet, etc.   That said, the attention from Periscope for Apple TV makes me think there are some big changes afoot. TV is changing indeed. Things are going in a lot of directions and there's room for Apple to be the leader here. A lot of the...
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